Malcolm CasSelle’s WAX Stabilizes Trading in Virtual Asset Marketplace

OPSkins is a renowned global leader in in-game asset sales and a leading bitcoin merchant in the cryptocurrency industry. The company benefits off consumers who make micro-payments makes OPSkins a prime contender for the market size and demand for a decentralized program.

OPSkins are introducing a new blockchain intended for virtual-asset trading known as the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). The platform is a P2P marketplace based upon blockchain and decentralized contracts that will enable buyers and sellers to trade more efficiently.

WAX works to alleviate two problems in the virtual asset consumer markets: Fragmentation and fraud. It uses a blockchain-activated widget that lets every user to trade their assets without having to click off their game.

Consolidation of Fragmented Virtual Assets

In the world of virtual asset trading, there is a mix of both local and international marketplaces that are constrained at the outset due to payment policies, security concerns and language that often limit their regions. WAX is focusing to unite the fragmented market by using blockchain and its application in eSports by creating a frictionless marketplace that allows traders to buy and sell virtual assets in a fraud-free setting.

WAX’s Fraud Prevention Strategy

Virtual asset markets are filled with fraud and security concerns. Traders in the centralized marketplace usually suffer from asset delivery issues from sellers. Only bitcoin can solve this problem. In centralized markets, the use of intermediaries is essential, albeit it is costly and results in a spike in the fees charged per transaction.

WAX, however, eliminates the need for intermediaries. Block=chain smart contracts take away intermediaries from goods are delivered complete and that traders keep their promises without involving a third party.

About Malcolm CasSelle

He is the President of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) and the CIO of OPSkins, the world’s leading trading platform from the digital gaming world. Designed by OPSkins, WAX serves more than 400 million online traders who buy and sell in-game products.

Previously, Malcolm CasSelle served as the President and CTO of the Tronc, formerly known as Tribune Publishing. He was also the CEO of Timeline Labs which was later acquired by Digital Media, where he was the SVP & GM. Furthermore, Malcolm has influenced many startups including MediaPass, Xfire, a partnered venture between Groupon and Tencent.

Malcolm CasSelle attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he studied Computer Science. He furthered his studies in Stanford University where he obtained a degree certificate in computer science.


The Forgotten Profits of Freedom Checks.

In 1987, in order to curb the American reliance on foreign natural resources, Congress added to the US Code Title 26, Subchapter F, a corporate tax option that created Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs).

These entities are exempt from corporate tax provided they generate the majority of their revenue from the “production, processing, storage, and transportation” of United States natural resources. MLPs are also required to distribute practically all corporate earnings to shareholders in the form of “Freedom Checks”, making MLPs a viable income producing investment option. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

Matt Badiali from Banyan Hill Publishing has spent the last two decades evaluating natural resources and their investment potential. He feels that MLP’s are an under-utilized option and that more investors should examine the profitability Freedom Checks can add to their portfolio.

Through Mr. Badiali’s research, there are 568 companies that are able to take advantage of this tax law. Mr. Badiali’s further research concludes that the best MLPs for investment are the ones who have at least $1 billion of assets in highly marketable natural resources in addition to proven profitability and hearty financial statements. As a cash-flow investment choice, an MLP can add diversity to a portfolio while generating income through its Freedom Checks. With care and caution, an MLP can prove a valuable addition to a portfolio.

The trading process of MLPs is similar to dividend yielding stocks, and like dividends, are generally paid quarterly. Unlike dividends, however, MLP Freedom Checks can be big. Because MLPs don’t retain earnings and generally do not reinvest profits, all profits are passed through to the shareholder. The size of the profit distribution is determined by the number of units a shareholder has, so initial investment size and reinvestment choices will contribute to the amount of profit distribution each shareholder will receive. By re-evaluating forgotten investment strategies, portfolio income can be increased and an additional source of cash-flow can be uncovered. Learn more:


Discover the Philanthropic and Entrepreneurial Life of Hussain Sajwani

Being a wealthy property developer, philanthropist, and renowned entrepreneur at the same time is something rare to find. Many people have tried to combine these three things in life with no success. Nonetheless, Hussain Sajwani is a man who beat all odds when it comes to achieving these three things. He owns DAMAC Properties, a multi-billion property development venture. The head offices of DAMAC Properties are based in Dubai. Although he is the one who came up with this great investment company, Sajwani is also the chairman of the company’s executive board. Through DAMAC Properties, Sajwani has worked with some of the prominent people in the world such as President Trump.


His relationship with President Trump is so deep that the President on one occasion referred to Sajwani’s family as beautiful people. DAMAC Properties manages and oversees most of the Trump’s real estate investments since his government affairs and tasks cannot allow him to do so. The great passion Sajwani has for business could be associated with the business environment he grew in. His father was a successful businessman who dealt with imported goods such as pens, shirts, and watches from China. Sajwani received a government scholarship that took him to Washington University to study industrial engineering. He graduated with a degree in economics and industrial engineering from this university. This became his stepping stone to his successful entrepreneurial journey.


Don’t forget that Sajwani was once a staff member of Abu Dhabi Industries in 1981. He worked with the finance department of this company for about two years before he founded a catering venture called Bechtel. This catering venture aimed at providing its top-notch catering services to the United States military. But before it could do this, it had to rebrand from Bechtel to Global Logistics Services. Although DAMAC is a real estate company, it is good to know that it started as a catering company. Sajwani is a family man, and he lives with his family in Dubai. He is married to one wife, and they are great parents of four wonderful children. He is naturally philanthropic, and he has committed himself to helping many charitable organizations and causes. He wrote a two million check, which saw more than 50,000 children get proper clothing and food.

Hussain Sajwani: leading the property development market

Hussain Sajwani is a United Arab Emirate national based in Dubai. He is the founding father of DAMAC Properties, an international property development organization which has its headquarters in Dubai. He also chairs the governing board of the company. The DAMAC Owner is an alumnus of the University of Washington having majored in industrial engineering as well as economics. His first job was working for a branch of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company called GASCO which stands for National Gas and Industrialization Company. His position in the company was the Contracts Manager. Hussain Sajwani later started his business path beginning a company providing services in the catering sector from 1982.


The DAMAC Owner is among the first businessmen from Dubai to capitalize on the expansion of the property market sector in Dubai. Before the end of the 20th century, Hussain Sajwani developed a vast number of Hotels with the purpose of housing various business and trade individuals who entered the emirate. The DAMAC Owner later started this venture starting his company called DAMAC Properties. The company has developed to be an internationally acclaimed property development institution in the UAE.


The attribute of the DAMAC Owner and expertise in this sector of property development has led to the complete success of the company. These attributes of Hussain Sajwani include an in-depth knowledge of the finance sector as well as marketing and management. Another expertise entails his vast knowledge of the sales aspect as well as legal matters in the property development sector. The company has several known structures in cities such as Doha, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Amman, Beirut, Riyadh as well as Jeddah and London. A well-known example is a partnership with the Trump organisation to build a golf course in Dubai that was designed by Tiger Woods. He has other partnerships with companies such as Bugatti as well as fashion brands like Fendi.


The DAMAC Owner also started a hospitality department in his company called DAMAC Maison. This department would provide services to all the residents staying in the DAMAC hotels. Hussain Sajwani is also a philanthropist having donated 2 million dirhams to clothe approximately one million children in need.

BitCoin Breaks Out of AvaTrade Review

BitCoin is hot and so is AvaTrade. They have combined to give you the opportunity to make money. BitCoin breaks out of AvaTrade Review.


AvaTrade Started in 2006


The financial world was different when AvaTrade was founded in 2006. There were no “Too Big to Fail” banks or Bitcoin. Still, AvaTrade offered Average Joes the ability to make money on international assets.


You can try out AvaTrade using a demo account. This is free. You can even use Meta Trader 4 on this trading platform.


You don’t need a special license to trade Forex. AvaTrade has taken care of all of that. You only need 250 units of dollars, euros or pounds to start.


You can sign up a standard, mini, managed or Islamic account. Add an Expert Advisor, if you want. There are plenty of educational materials to teach you the Forex industry.


Hundreds of Assets


Choose from currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks or ETFs on AvaTrade review. When others were unsure, AvaTrade added Bitcoin. You can also trade Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash and Ethereum. You don’t need to worry about having your cryptos hacked on AvaTrade – they are only contracts of difference.


Add ZuluTrade to follow the experts. You can even copy their trades point for point. There are many plug-ins available at AvaTrade.


Profit Taking at AvaTrade


How do people make money trading Forex? They identify asset price trends. When those trends change, they execute a trade to make money.


That is what people did in November 2017 when Bitcoin started to rise. And, that is what people did in April 2018 when Bitcoin broke free from the mainstream asset doldrums. The global stock markets continue to fall, while Bitcoin is rising again.


The FX Empire issued awards for AvaTrade. When you hear the latest BitCoin news, you can make money at AvaTrade. This AvaTrade review found a Forex Broker that was not afraid to take a chance. Now, you can make money from breaking news on BitCoin at AvaTrade.

How Communication is Building A New Classroom Culture

When the Edu tech company Class Dojo started in 2011, they noticed that a lot of companies were focusing on curriculum and grades. Is this what teachers need? Sam Chaudhary, the co-founder of Class Dojo went out to the classrooms to find out. What she learned from talking to parents, teachers, and students is that they needed a place to communicate with one another. Working with teachers is one way that Class Dojo is set apart from other Edu tech companies.

Working with teachers didn’t stop with the initial idea. As the app launched 20,000 teachers provided feedback on what they like and what they didn’t. Even know Class Dojo promotes communication with their teachers. They have a facebook page where teachers can post success stories and communicate with other teachers to solve issues.

Class Dojo is a communication app. It allows teachers to take pictures or videos of the children throughout the day and send it to their parents. They can also leave messages and notes to the parents. The teacher can send the note on a field trip, or event directly to the parent. It no longer will be stuffed into the bottom of a backpack to be forgotten. They also can tell a parent exactly how their children are doing in their class. The parents can post their own concerns to the teacher. Students can get involved by contributing through their own portfolios.They can share pictures, journals, and videos about work they are doing at school. This open communication between parent, teacher, and child is creating a great school community.

The opportunity to change the classroom community has become popular in schools. Class Dojo is available in 35 languages. 180 countries use the app. It is in 90 percent of k-12 classes in the United States. The company reaches over 10 million children every day.

Learn more about ClassDojo:

Equities First Holdings: A Closer look at Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is an organization which was established 16 years ago. The organization offers its clients a variety of expertise financial solutions. In addition, First Equity also offers capital as well as various stock options.

Within the fiscal year 2014, Equities First Holdings had handled various business transactions which exceeded 2 billion dollars. It could never be argued that the company has succeeded in helping organizations and individuals secure wise investment choices within the financial marketplace. Both business as well as individual investors have benefited greatly from the services that Equities First Holdings have provided.

Equities First Holdings also has branch offices in Australia and China. The company has roughly 75 employees at the present time. In addition, information concerning the organization and their practices can be found on Linkedin, Twitter as well as Facebook. Additional information can be found at

For More info:

The Brown Agency: Central Texas-Based Super-Agency For Actors And Models

For the past three years, models and actors in Austin and throughout Central Texas have been benefiting from the work of one of the region’s top talent agencies, The Brown Agency. The organization, which was launched in 2015, draws on the combined resources of the agencies Wilhelmina Austin, JB Models And Talent and Heyman Talent-South to train and prepare models and actors and find them work with some of the best known companies in the world. The Brown Agency has found its charges work in runway modelling, print publications, marketing campaigns and in music videos, television and movies.


The Brown Agency is revolutionizing the industry in Central Texas and creating excellent opportunities for a growing number of models and actors in the region. Each week The Brown Agency holds open casting calls and signs models and actors of all ages, heights, builds and styles. They are then taught the sophistication and professionalism they need to make it in the media. They are taught the proper way to walk, talk, smile and present themselves. The staff at The Brown Agency builds on the natural gifts and style of their charges and connects them to clients from all over the world looking for what they have to offer.




Company president Justin Brown is one of The Brown Agency’s valuable resources. While working on his business degree in college, Brown had a lucrative modelling career. The Nevada native made a name for himself in New York, Los Angeles and countless places in between. He was also known for having a knack for teaching models the secret to making a splash anywhere they go. He is joined at The Brown Agency by spectacular veteran acting coach Michael B. Bonnée, the founder of Heyman Talent-South. They lead a team of professional make-up artists, photographers and stylists that make the models and actors look amazing.


What models and actors love about The Brown Agency is that their unique looks and styles are seen as strength and something to be enhanced. The agency has models and actors with tattoos, piercings, blond, brunette, red, multicolored and dread locks, short, tall, young and old and they are able to find work for all of them thanks to the international connections that come with being part of the global The Brown Agency family. Central Texas based The Brown Agency has offices in Austin and Dallas, connections in the major markets in New York and California and major clients all over the world.


Since its founding in 2015, The Brown Agency has made the dreams of hundreds of actors and models in Central Texas come true by giving them the opportunity to work in print publications, videos, stage, screen and television. You can visit their Instagram page.

Achieve Maximized Performance and Athletic Prowess with Enhanced Athlete

If you are in the market for all natural performance and mental booster products then look no further than the complete product line offered by Enhanced Athlete. Enhanced Athlete is world renowned for offering nutritional based performance products geared towards getting the most out of your body. If you consider yourself a racecar, then only consume racecar fuel which Enhanced Athlete can help you with.


Have you ever heard of a company rolling 100 percent of its profits and proceeds back into product testing and development? Well, that is exactly what Enhanced Athlete does and it is the reason that time and time again their products outperform anything similar on the market. With Enhanced Athlete you have products that are light years ahead of anything else out there, ensuring that your peak performance is just a product away.


At Enhanced Athlete, they follow rock-solid business principles only. Enhanced Athlete isn’t a fad chaser, nor do they attempt to cater towards what’s popular in sports nutrition today. Rather, the company and it’s award-winning product line rests upon age-old science-backed research and proven nutritional knowledge. The individuals behind the huge success of Enhanced Athlete are always pushing to better themselves physically and mentally, and thus they’re always busy developing products that they themselves would take to bring their mental and physical edge to the very next level.


Enhanced Athlete has been happy to recently announce two additional companies to its leading sports nutrition company brand. These two new Enhanced brand spin-offs are Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear. Enhanced Coaching employs a huge and growing staff that features some of the top physical fitness trainers and athletes in the world. With the help of this highly talented staff base, Enhanced Coaching offers personalized and custom workout and training plans for novice to expert level athletes. Take your exercise and fitness game up a few notches with expert help offered by Enhanced Coaching. If you are in need of some of the coolest exercise apparel out there, then swing by the website offered by Enhanced Gear. Enhanced Gear has a huge selection of really awesome exercise and fitness gear and apparel that will help you stay comfortable and stylish while getting your exercise groove on.


So don’t stop bettering yourself, head on over to any of Enhanced Athlete’s web shops and find out more specifics as to how Enhanced Athlete can help you reach a more maximized physical and mental state. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed in their products. Simply read the thousands of positive testimonials posted by athletes and experienced trainers all across the world wide web.

Dr. Saad Saad Reaches out to the Needy Patients

Dr. Saad, his Education, Career Path and Activities



Apart from being a blessing to the Eatontown community in New Jersey, Dr. Saad has reached out to the children of the Palestinian region and Israel. In fact, he has been behind several medical missions in Jerusalem. He has been among a team of experts that perform free surgeries on needy children. Dr. Saad has two patents to his name and a host of pediatric surgical procedures that are used across the globe in major hospitals. In one of the recent interviews, Dr. Saad was asked what inspired him to join the medical profession. Dr. Saad Saad says that he attended school in Kuwait. He observes that although he wanted to become an engineer like his older brothers at first, he was turned away from such a prospect because he thought that owing to the extreme heat conditions his brothers were not exactly comfortable doing their job. So he figured out that if he studied medicine and specialized in surgery, he could work indoors in air-conditioned rooms. He says that owing to the heat in Kuwait, he wanted Surgery. Dr. Saad Saad went to Cairo University where he studied medicine. He was, notably, a gifted student. He was the second-best in his class at Cairo University where he graduated with Honors. Of course, Cairo University was and is still known for its rigorous study programs that few Universities can match.



His Contributions



Dr. Saad stands out prominently among his peers because he combines his medical skills and a flair for engineering to improve medical practice. He has developed several useful inventions and innovations that are already in use in operating theatres across the globe. As mentioned earlier, he also has his heart with needy children he recalls the struggles that he passed through to become a surgeon and says that he does not wish others to pass through the same. Owing to his activities to improve the lives of poor people by attending to their health problems, Dr. Saad has received several awards from agencies and governments across the globe. He was even been awarded by the Palestinian Ministry of Health for his contributions in the region. Learn more: