David McDonald of OSI Group Feels the Company’s Culture is what Drives Its Success:

Food solutions company OSI Group’s President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald sat down for a recent interview where he talked in depth about his long and successful career. When asked to explain OSI Group’s can do commitment, David responds that the goal of all OSI employees is to surpass the expectations of all customer and to remain patient.

OSI’s status as a private company is a benefit when it comes to flexibility in the way it serves its customers. OSI has been able to use its large employee force to expand all around the globe, constantly adding facilities by creating successful relationships with partner organizations. Every time OSI makes a new partnership, it gains valuable knowledge about the business atmosphere, culture and tastes of the region they are working in. David explains that his catalyst for recent success in Chinese expansion has been to establish these long-term relationships he has been talking about.

This is how OSI is able to understand the needs of the Chinese market. The flexibility he talked about earlier is very valuable in this case. OSI has been able to overcome technical issues in the Chinese market by partnering with suppliers, customers and agencies in the government. OSI has been patient throughout the process. The latest facility in China is a true representation of what OSI has invested in China. The company invested a great deal in the creation of this facility. OSI encourages its entrepreneurially inclined employees to innovate by encouraging letting the customers be the inspiration.

OSI employees love helping a client built a new food menu for instance. OSI also makes a point to always learn from its past experiences. This helps to predict how to handle future issues. OSI has a family values commitment that helps it keep its food processing standards at the highest levels. The company is always looking to adapt in a constantly changing business world. Swift change can be necessary to keep ahead in the food business.

David maintains that even after 30 years with OSI Group, he is as passionate as ever. He always strives to come up with the best solutions for customers and this is a constantly evolving pursuit. Because of this, work remains very interesting to David. OSI group is in business for the purpose of helping its customers succeed and this is what the company takes the greatest pride in.

Recent expansions and acquisitions that have happened for OSI Group under David McDonald’s leadership include:
-The acquisition of Baho Food
-The acquisition of Flagship Europe
-The opening of OSI Group’s tenth facility in China
-The purchase of the former Tyson food plant in Chicago

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End Citizens United Endorses Political Candidates Who Refuse Corporate Money

     Washington D.C. based political action committee End Citizens United has been endorsing political candidates who refuse to take corporate money for their political campaigns. One such politician who has done so is Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey. Many more Democratic politicians have made this decision as well and it is spreading across the nation.

End Citizens United says we have a big problem with our electoral system. Much of it began when the US Supreme Court announced its decision regarding Citizens United in 2010. This ruling opened the door for special interest groups and wealthy people to spend however much they so desired on political campaigns. The Supreme Court also ruled they could do so anonymously. Billionaires now control politics in the United States and this PAC wants to end that state of affairs.

The goal of this PAC is to get people elected to Washington D.C. who want to engage in meaningful campaign finance reform. They encourage their members across the nation to give money to politicians who refuse corporate money and money from billionaires as well. When speaking about Corey Booker and his decision, ECU’s President Tiffany Muller said that it is leadership like his which will help to unright the political system and restore power to the American people.

Another politician that Tiffany Muller has supported in public is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York. This senator has also refused to accept corporate money has also seen firsthand how Big Money has taken over politics. She says that corporate mega-donors manipulate politicians in Washington D.C. and control what bills are passed to a large extent.

End Citizens United has 265,000 members in the state of New York. They have connected their supporters in this state with the campaign of Senator Gillibrand in order to get her re-elected. They have 400,000 members in total who they hope will support her 2018 campaign and others like her. So far 70 politicians, all Democrats, in total refuse corporate money.

ECU also developed a Big Money 20 list which is a list of the politicians who have most sold out to corporations and billionaires. Some of the people on this list, such as Rep. Darrell Issa of California and Rep. Pat Meehan of Pennsylvania, are already no longer running for office. Among the others on this list still running for office is Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

Randal Nardone Became a Millionaire Because of Investing

When Randal Nardone realized he was great at investing, he knew he should make it his career. He also knew he’d make the most money if he relied on positive investment techniques. For Randal Nardone to do these things, he had to be sure he was making the most money and making sure people knew what he was doing. As long as Randal Nardone tried to help people, he felt good about the business and about the positive opportunities he had for success within the business. It was his way of making things better for people and making the business better. Randal Nardone liked what he did but he also wanted others to do things similarly. He chose to start teaching people about investing. He was an investment advisor.

When others approached him about what he did, they finally joined forces. He became a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. What started out as something minor became even better and Randal Nardone saw there would be changes he could make to the industry. As long as Randal Nardone knew how to help people, Fortress Investment Group would keep growing and people would use them for all the opportunities they needed for investments.Randal Nardone saw how well the company was doing. He wanted the business to work with other businesses. The opportunity came from Softbank. They acquired Fortress Investment Group and made it a part of their business. They wanted to offer investment solutions to all their clients and did it through Fortress Investment Group. Since they knew what they were doing, they were confident in the skills they had.

They were also confident Fortress Investment Group would keep getting better even though there were some issues with other investment companies. Having Softbank behind Fortress Investment Group allowed the company to keep trying new things with minimal risk.Just because Randal Nardone started learning about investments and making the right choices, he became a billionaire. The company grew and Randal Nardone made the right choices. He also planned to give people the chance to try different things. It was his goal to give them back all the things they could use and make everything better. He also had a lot of hope for the future and used that as motivation to grow the business. Investing in stocks and running a company that helps others invest in stocks allowed Randal Nardone to achieve financial freedom.

Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Receive $80 Million in Funding

Recently, the Chicago company Tempus received $80 million in funding from a group of investors to continue their advanced technological research into cancer treatment. Tempus utilizes both clinical data and molecular data gathered during past treatments to discover common trends in the treatment of the disease that is affecting almost every life in the world today. Their global perspective is unique in that Tempus is working with healthcare organizations, physicians and drug companies from all over the place to find these trends in the treatment of the disease.

Since starting in 2016 under CEO Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus has seen rapid growth. Today, they employee 400 people and their rate of employment growth is huge with the demand for the data that the company is producing. The recent funding of $80 million came from famed investors like the Kinship Trust Company, T. Rowe Price Associates, New Enterprise Associates and Revolution Growth.

The rich story of Tempus starts with its co-founder and CEO Eric Lefkofsky, a Chicago based entrepreneur who has had his hands in many successful Chicago based businesses. After receiving his law degree from the University of Michigan, Lefkofsky began his career in startup companies by co-founding Starbelly in 1999. The initial success of this startup led to its sale in 2000 when Eric joined then as CEO. Shortly after in 2001, he would co-found InnerWorkings and stay on their board of directors until 2012.

While accumulating a lot of wealth with these first two companies, Lefkofsky would continue on by co-founding MediaBank in 2006. MediaBanks growth would lead to a merger with another large entity in 2012 to become Mediaocean. Here, Lefkofsky still acts as CEO for the company. In 2010, he would also co-found Lightbank prior to the startup of Tempus in 2016.

On top of the amazing feats in the business world, Eric Lefkofsky and his wife started a charitable trust with a focus on children and helping fund new organizations. As well, he sits on the board of directors at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, the Art Institue of Chicago and Children’s Memorial Hospital. He has also taught tech and business classes at DePaul University, Northwestern University and the University of Chicago.

Checking out Ara Chackerian

After decades of investing time and careful financial support into the healthcare industry, the name Ara Chackerian has become well known to many. His dedication to supporting cutting-edge healthcare procedures and technology is fueled by a desire to bring radical improvement to the U.S. Healthcare system. As a thoughtful philanthropist for budding entrepreneurs, Ara Chackerian is making his mark for the good of many.

ASC Capital Holdings, of which Chackerian is the Managing Director, is a major investor in early-stage companies bringing new ideas to the healthcare market. A few of the ventures in which Ara Chackerian has participated are BMC diagnostic, PipelineRx, and TMS Health Solutions. Together these companies help provide diagnostic imaging services, new programs for Telepharmacy services and new technology for the treatment of depression.

TMS stands for “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.” This technology has been specifically developed to aid depression patients who do not seem to respond to other types of treatment. TMS Health Solutions seeks to implement this service as well as educate psychiatrists, physicians, and others in the mental health field about this new type of treatment. Already the interest is growing and spreading, giving new hope in this often challenging field. For more details visit Ideamensch.

Ara Chackerian also supports numerous environmental and youth programs. One such is Limonapa in Nicaragua, a Teak plantation centered around reforestation. Chackerian has also invested in several youth development programs in various countries around the world.

Chackerian was encouraged from his youth to think deeply about the issues in the world around him. His wife has become a helpful sounding board for many of the ideas he ponders, offering new perspective about what will work best in all the possibilities. As he is faced with so many opportunities from passionate entrepreneurs, one goal is to provide basic opportunities through his various businesses and angel investing that would not otherwise be available.  Check out Medium to see more.

By thoughtfully choosing partners and ideas, Ara Chackerian seeks to create a whole from many pieces, to tap into opportunities to connect the various segments of the healthcare community together and to make the world a healthier place for all of us.

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OSI Group, The Largest Provider of Poultry and Beef

In a 2017 report by Forbres magazine, OSI Food Solutions was listed as one of the top 100 food production companies in America. This comes as no surprise when you consider the amazing steps that OSI Food group has been taking in the past decade. They have been working hard to expand their operations and increase their production overseas. The beef, chicken, and poultry market has been growing at a steady pace for the past 10 years and it shows no signs of halting. The world is undergoing a shift in their diet. Many nations are choosing to switch to a meat based diet in the 21st century.

This is especially true in Asia. Many Chinese citizens have modified their diet to accommodate their middle class tastes. They are choosing to eat more meat as opposed to the traditional diet of rice. This switch has driven the demand of chicken and beef in China to rise well above 30%. OSI Food Solutions has taken this opportunity to increase their presence in Asia. They have cemented deals with both private and public clients to provide the country with their meals. OSI Food Solutions has made very lucrative deals with companies like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and KFC. The new demand for great fast food has been the primary driving force behind the growth of the meat industry in Asia.

OSI Food Solutions has also increased their production capacity by opening more production plants in the Midwest and improving their factories in Spain. Together, these investments have increased their production capacity by more than double! They have gone from 12,000 tons to over 24,000 tons in Spain alone. These improvements come at the perfect time because the market in Spain has increased by 3% every year for the past 10 years. The worldwide demand for meat has driven this massive growth of OSI Food Solutions.

OSI Food Solutions is a privately owned company but they have impressive deals with publicly owned corporations. They have operations in Chicago, Spain, and Brazil as well as many other countries. The operations of each location are managed by an independent regional operating officer to keep operations secure and efficient.

Learn more: https://www.mapquest.com/us/illinois/osi-industries-llc-7716434

Lime Crime’s Vegan Products are Made with Superior Ingredients for High-Performance

Lime Crime is an Internet based cosmetic company founded by fashion trendsetter Doe Deere. In addition to basing her cosmetic products on her own preference for products and colors that could stimulate a person’s creative side, she also wanted her company to reflect a compassion for animals by offering vegan products made without animal testing. In fact, the products from this company have been certified by PETA as being cruelty free. They are also made without the use of animal byproducts such as whey, beeswax and lanolin.

Although the products available from LimeCrime have been certified as vegan, they are still of superior quality. Not only does the company’s line of Matte Velvetines provide hours of luxurious color for lips, they are also designed to glide on as a liquid, which then dries to a soft matte finish. They also have a line of dazzling lip colors known as Diamond Crushers. Created to give lips a glittering effect, the colors in this popular line range from their softly feminine Pink Pearl to their boldly beautiful Black Unicorn.

The shades available for their various lines of eye colors, also inspire people to express their individuality. Their new line of Pocket Candy colors come in adorable purse-sized compacts made in fun colors of pink, yellow and blue. Each compact holds five unique shades that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of looks. They also have a new Venus XL palette of colors that combines all of the shades found in the company’s original Venus grunge palette of colors. All of these products are made with superior pigments that sweep smoothly across the skin.

As one of today’s most innovative cosmetic companies, LimeCrime also offers a full array of vegan hair dyes. Known as Unicorn Hair, these products are available in single application jars or in single strand packets. The colors in this line range from their whimsical Salad green to their delightfully playful Tweet yellow.

OSI Group has Made a Great Legacy

Osi Group has made a name for itself in the food processing industry. The company began as a meat processing firm in USA. Today, it has extended to other parts of the world. OSI has also acquired other companies as part of its growth. The company has a very long history as it is very old. It started as Otto & Sons in 1928 and after Sheldon Lavin took over, the name changed to OSI Group.

The change of name also meant that the approaches, strategies and management would also change. Since then, OSI Group was set to deliver quality, customer satisfaction and increase lean production. The headquarters are in Chicago with other plants in Geneva, California, Iowa, Utah and Wisconsin. These plants have played a big role in increasing efficiency and production.

Corporate social responsibility is an important aspect of OSI Group. CSR in OSI entails sustainability. It encompasses economic, social and environmental practices. OSI Group has come this far because of maintaining this integrity. The company has also been participative in community development. OSI is grateful to the public because it is a stakeholder of the company. Efforts of protecting the environment have also made OSI Group win awards.

Since OSI Group started, it has acquired some other companies. The goal was to increase variety and choices for customers. Quality is also a vital goal for the company. The two companies that have been absorbed by OSI are Tyson and Baho Foods. The company has increased performance and service delivery to its clients. It has also increased OSI’s market share and the growth of the brand globally.

The owner, CEO and chairman of OSI Group is Sheldon Lavin. He has worked hard to bring the company this far. Also, the employees have also played a major role in making the company a success. OSI Group is a great place for career growth and success. The company receives freshly graduated candidates as long as they are passionate about their work.

OSI Group is a platform that promotes inclusivity and diversity. Everyone is different and their contribution is valuable to the company. By pooling all the talent from employees, the company receives the best from the workforce. OSI Group also supports employees by organizing trainings, workshops, seminars and other learning opportunities. OSI Group is glad to be a place where people come to hone their skills as they help the organization achieve its goals.

Read More: jobs.meinestadt.de/duisburg/standard?id=201028506

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Leading By Example

The cosmetics industry is one of the most fascinating and exciting industries of today. This industry alone brings in billions of dollars on an annual basis. Cosmetic surgery is at an all-time high across the globe because it offers such vast benefits. When it comes to cosmetic surgical procedures in the state of Texas, the Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center ranks at the top of the list. This medical practice was founded by Dr. Jennifer Walden. Walden is only one of a few female cosmetic surgeons who is recognized as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center is equipped with some of the finest technological-advancements. The office is located in Austin, Texas, and it offers a huge selection of services such as breast augmentation, Botox, breast reduction, lip enhancement, gynecomastia, wrinkle reduction by injection, chemical peel, laser skin resurfacing, cheek implant, chin implant, collagen injection, eyelid lift, facelift, Rhinoplasty, breast lift and many more. Dr. Walden is one of the most accomplished female plastic surgeons in the world. This extraordinary woman is a media commentator, a philanthropist, a doctor and an author. She attended the University of Texas as well as the University of Texas Medical Branch. While at the two higher- learning facilities, she was able to attain high-status. Walden has an undergraduate degree in Biology, has graduated with honors and has earned her M.D., while standing tall as her class’ salutatorian.

Walden is a people’s person. In her free time, she provides medical services for people with special needs and illnesses. She has stated that it is a rewarding experience to help those who are less fortunate. In 2016, she was the runner-up for Austin’s Woman of the Year, and she has graced the covers of many magazine publications. Dr. Jennifer Walden is setting a great example, and she’s truly leading by example in the 21st century.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drjenniferwalden

End Citizen United: Conor Lamb Should Vie for the Congress

     Conor Lamb is an American politician who is bringing change in the large country. The businessman has always had an interest in politics, and he is looking forward to grab a top position in America. At the moment, Conor is expected to run for a position in the Congress. According to news published by a popular television station, Lamb will be representing the Democrats in his district, and he is doing all he can so that he can acquire the respected position. The politician has been receiving support from the young and old in the recent times.

Just recently, Lamb was in the process of completing an interview with one of the leading platforms in America when something happened. Ted Skowvron walked from his seat and came forward to shake the hand of the politician. Ted is one of the few veterans of the Second World War, and he is currently ninety years old. Lamb was impressed by the simple gesture, and he shook the hand of the veteran with respect. Afterwards, he asked him where he was serving during the war. According to Ted, he was a ball gunner in the war, and he was mostly in the European theater. However, Ted was not interested in discussing his many years in service. His primary aim was the new president of America, Donald Trump.

The veteran seems to be disappointed by the Trump administration. While speaking to Lamb, Ted asked the upcoming politician to get into the Congress and help in kicking the president out. The veteran has even promised to come down to do the necessary if Lamb is not able to accomplish this task. Ted is not new in American politics. For many years now, he has been respected as a vocal Democrat and who has done so much for his nation. Conor will have numerous responsibilities when he is appointed to the Congress in the upcoming elections. Democrats are looking forward to bring an end to the new American presidency.

End Citizen United is a renowned PAC that is based in America. The organization was established several months ago, and its main aim is to stop black money in American politics. The institution has been supporting Democrats who are not corrupt to acquire positions in the market, and they recently approved the appointment of Conor to the Congress. End Citizen United has announced that it is prepared to make an impact in the lives of the American citizens.

For additional information, please go to http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2011/05/james-bopp-citizens-united/.