An Overview of Investment Banking

In the finance industry one of the most well known fields is investment banking. This is one of the most well known field of the finance industry and often plays a central role in the overall economy. Investment banking is the process of helping companies get the most out of their capital. Many deals consist… Read more

Wen By Chaz Proves to Be Transfomative

As a little girl I always hoped and wished I could have beautiful hair. I didn’t have ugly hair but I didn’t have hair like the girls in the teen magazines that I had secretly read when I thought no one was looking. I just wanted to have hair like the people I had watched… Read more

Crystal Hunt Makes Summer Magic

Paving the way from daytime television to bask in some box office ‘magic’ Crystal Hunt shines bright in the summer hit Magic Mike XXL. The sequel to 2012’s Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL has most of the fan favorites returning but also introduces a heavy female cast this go round. Hunt, widely known for her… Read more

US Money Reserve’s Commitment to Customer’s Satisfaction

U.S Money Reserve is the largest distributor of government-issued precious metal coins, bullion and bars in United States, headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company was established by gold market veterans who acknowledged the need to combine expert market knowledge, quality customer service and trustworthy guidance – aspects that are key to purchasing precious metals. The… Read more

The New Age of Whistle Blowing

For years, there has been an avenue to report hazardous working conditions and questionable conduct. The people who report these conditions and conducts are called whistleblowers, and until now, they had very little incentive to report these things. Employers would fire whistleblowers, harass them, or find other ways to discourage them from reporting misconduct. That… Read more