Anthony G. Petrello’s Active Philanthropy for the Medical Field Specializing in Neurological Research and Other Movements

Anthony G. Petrello is the present president, chairman of the board and chief executive officer or Nabors Industries. Besides his career in the oil and gas industry, Anthony is a well-known philanthropist in the Houston regions. Anthony’s philanthropy on is heavily inclined to the medical field due to inspiration stemming from a personal matter. Petrello’s daughter was an early-born of 24 weeks who weighed approximately over one pound. Soon after her birth, Anthony and his wife Cynthia received the devastating news that their child, Carena, was diagnosed with PVL or periventricular leukomalacia. The disease has a common association with prematurely born babies and causes serious neurological illnesses due to an inadequacy of blood and oxygen in the brain. As a result, Carena developed a chronic motor ability impairment, cerebral palsy, developmental complications, and a need for a full time personal care. Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia have dedicated their lives to providing funds to the medical field in support of research on the ignored area in neurology.

Tony Petrello set out to find the best medical facility by investigating hospitals across the nation that could help his child. He conducted research in Harvard, UCLA, John Hopkins, Europe and other locations around the world. Anthony revealed that in a bid to find a cure for his daughter, he concluded that there are few medical facilities focused on providing solutions to children with neurological complications. After years of research, Anthony and his wife found a medical facility that could cater to their daughter from their hometown, Texas.

Tony Petrello contributed 7 million dollars to the Texas Children’s Hospital in 2006 with an aim to support children suffering from neurological diseases. In 2014, Anthony Petrello donated 5 million dollars to aid in research of genes linked to early childhood brain disorders at the neurological hospital. He commented that the hospital is a leading modern technological center that is helping millions of children with top-notch medical services on Equilar. Anthony donated $5 million to build a new Texas Children’s Neurological Research Center. Mr. Petrello honored his former mentor from Yale University, Professor Serge Lang, by donating $150,000 and matching up any other donations with an equal $150,000, to support an annual prize giving of the late professor. Currently, Anthony serves as a member of the hospital’s board of trustees and actively advocates for children in need of support.

Selecting a Reliable Business Lawyer in Brazil

If you are dealing with a business dispute or corporate shareholder matter, it is imperative that you get a business or corporate attorney to represent or advise you. Business legal problems are usually complex issues and need to be addressed appropriately by a competent attorney.

After you have gotten a list of certified law firms in Brazil, the next step is to arrange a consultation. It is certainly necessary that you meet with your potential law firm or attorney in person to go over your matter. This is an opportunity for you to find out about the attorney’s educational background, credibility and reputation in the industry, and the lawyer’s courtroom style.

On the scheduled day, be sure that you arrive early and have all the details and documents you may want to present to the attorney. Be sure you don’t forget to take your list of issues or questions to review, as well. Bear in mind you will be dealing with this law firm for some time, so be sure to pay attention to the attorney’s attitude because it is essential to choose a lawyer with whom you are compatible.

If you want to be sure you are getting the right legal adviser or law firm to handle your legal matter, you will need to do your research properly. By doing some preparation work before choosing a legal adviser, you’ll certainly have a better chance of getting the best lawyer or attorney for your case.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has a earned a high reputation as a legal strategist, and he has been in practice for over 22 years. Ricardo Tosto is a business and corporate litigation attorney in Brazil, and he has represented many high profile clients. Clients include multinational companies, entrepreneurs, politicians, institutions and wealthy individuals.

He is well equipped to handle arbitration, mediation, negotiation, and litigation. He tries his best to prevent expensive resolutions and court trials, but if a favorable out-of-court resolution can not be reached, then Mr Ricardo Tosto is always willing to go to trial. He is an aggressive business and corporate litigator and reliable in court too.

Skin Whitening Cream Can Help You Get the Look That You Want

Are you tired of the appearance of your dark skin? Are you wondering how you can lighten your skin, reduce the signs of aging and otherwise get the beautiful, radiant look that you have always wanted? If so, you’ll want to give Makari, a skin whitening cream product line, a try.

Makari means “beautiful” in Swahili, and this product can help you get the beautiful look that you are craving. If you feel self-conscious about your appearance because you feel that your skin is too dark or if you don’t like the dark spots or acne scars that are plaguing your skin, you should know that you don’t have to feel bad about how you look any longer. Once you give line of skin whitening products a try, you are sure to get the results that you are looking for in no time.

This product comes with lots of praise from the people who have tried it, and you’re sure to find that it gives you what you are looking for as well. You can even get a free sample through the website if you would like to try it out. It’s a risk-free way to discover a new product that you are sure to fall in love with.

A New Way to a Clean, Soft and Manageable Hair

Cleansing conditioners are a new addition to the long line of hair care products designed to clean the hair and give it softness and enhanced manageability.

Before, shampoo was the way to wash away the grime and impurities from combined hair oil and dust from the environment. The main concern was that shampoos were too harsh on the hair. Yes, they leave the hair squeaky clean, but they also leave the hair crackling dry and dull. The solution presented was the use of conditioners after shampooing, which provided some help in moisturizing, but adds to the cost of keeping the hair clean and manageable.

There seemed to be no foreseeable solution to dry, damaged hair, until the introduction of the cleansing conditioners.

Benefits of Using Cleansing Conditioners

The idea of a cleansing conditioner product was presented to the consumers to solve this hair problem, and it was immediately a big hit!

Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Cleansing conditioners clean the hair and leave it smelling good!
  1. After shampooing, hair feels soft, bouncy, healthy and very manageable!
  1. Cleansing conditioners are rich with moisturizers, they moisturize as they clean.
  1. Using cleansing conditioners cut down the time of washing hair by half! No more shampooing then conditioning!
  1. Using cleansing conditioners cut down the cost of washing hair by half, because only one hair product is used! It took the place of the shampoo and the conditioner.
  1. After using cleansing conditioners, there is no more need for a ‘blow dry’ because the hair falls naturally wavy and well-controlled.

No wonder women have changed their hair care regimen. They have eliminated shampooing and conditioning all together and switched to cleansing conditioners.


WEN Hair is a cleansing conditioner that really delivers what it promised – body and shine after just one use! It cleanses the hair, conditions and detangles it without drying it out.

All of a sudden their hair is soft and manageable after shampooing! Some women were obsessed! No wonder it is always #1 in the cleansing conditioner surveys. No other cleansing conditioner leaves the hair strands healthier, stronger, soft, shiny and very easy to care for like WEN. It is now every woman’s hair care companion! Buy a bottle of WEN and try it out yourself today!

Hair is an important asset. A good all natural hair care product that provides great results will always be appreciated by most people. Cleansing conditioners were really innovative products that most people have been waiting for, and they were worth the wait.

For more information, find WEN Hair Care on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Revolutionizing Lip Balm

In just seven years EOS has managed to revolutionize the lip balm market and has captured a significant portion of the industry sales. EOS lip balm now sells one million units of lip balm per week and continues to expand into other personal care product lines further grog their business. How they were able to get such traction is an amazing story that is now captured in an article in Fast Money which outlined the Company’s growth.

The founders of EOS identified the lip balm industry as being ripe for a new player given that the products sold now were the same that had sold for generations. In other words, modern tastes were not being met and the product was not differentiated enough which left room for a new competitor who could emerge and capture a segment of the market for lip balm. This is exactly what EOS did.

EOS noticed that the largest segment of the lip balm market, women, were not enthralled with the lip balm products that they were buying. They viewed them with a sense of bland utilitarianism. Lip balm, in other words, got the job done but did not excite buyers in any sense.

To change this, EOS began to design lip balms to meet the fem segment of the market. New colorful application cases were designed to appeal to women customers. Interesting flavors were added to their product lineup which intrigued customers and led to additional sales when they tried to sample a variety of new flavors. Finally, higher quality products and ingredients were used by EOS in their products including better quality oils like Shea butter which were organic and all-natural and organic and which provide for a longer lasting product.

While the changes EOS made to their lip balm led to them needing to charge a premium price of around $3 for each lip balm orb on, their exponential growth shows that there was clearly a need that EOS identified and were able to meet for their customers, thereby driving their growth and financial success.

For more info, visit the EOS Facebook page and website at


Christmas Video Visit from a TEEN using Securus Technologies

I am writing this article with the permission of my mom and dad. They got signed up with a program called Securus Technologies Video Visitation. While I wasn’t there during the process of them getting hooked up, it was a miracle for me. I don’t know how they were able to do it. They made a deal with Securus Technologies Video Visitation and I was able to see my brother for the first time.I have been so hurt that he went to prison over something stupid.And I know he feels even worse. He will be out soon, but I still miss him a whole lot. We write each other every week. But then my parents came home from a visit with this good news. I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high. But with the help of the Securus Technologies Video Visitation program, they pulled it off. I was able to actually see my brother. I could hear his voice. I could see his front and back. He has gained weight in his face. He must be eating real good up in there. I couldn’t stop crying.I could see through my tears that he was holding back his tears. This felt so good. Securus Technologies Video Visitation made this the best Christmas ever for me.


My mom and dad usually go visit him alone. They didn’t want me to have any type of prison experience, even to visit my big brother. Things were bad all around. I understood their concern, but I just wanted to see my brother and touch him for myself. Now at least I can see him and hear his voice.And very soon, when he gets out, I will be able to touch my brother again. I just might hold him and never let him go.Thank you Securus Technologies Video Visitation for making this possible for me.


George Soros and The Campaign That Will Make The World Better One Step at a Time

Some of us go our whole lives wondering how we can help to make the world a better place or give back to the community. Then there are those who go out of their way to change the world for the better. George Soros loves this world and wants nothing more then to see it do the best that it possibly can. That is just one of the reasons that he gave $2 million to a cause that he deemed worthy. What was the cause that he thought was worthy of donating so much to? There was an organization filled with individuals that sat and watched as Joe Arpaio made appalling moves in the history of law enforcement and they made a decision to make it so that this man would never see another Sheriffs office again. This is the group that George Soros gave the money to. Arpaio works as a sheriff for a department located within Arizona. Ever since he his eyes caught sight of illegal immigration they have not stopped.

Why is it so important for someone not to focus on illegal immigration if they are a sheriff? This would be because that is all he is focusing on and that is endangering lives. As a sheriff his responsibilities require him to keep personal qualms out of the work place so as to help those in need but he is doing the exact opposite of that. George Soros has delegated much time researching the different campaigns he could help and he has found this one to be a most worthy cause and the people of Arizona could not agree more. With a Sheriff like this in office there is no order and without order the system can come under great many disasters.

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Polls and Troubles

Many think of problems as a stepping stone to success. Why is this? If there are no problems then there can be no success because there would be nothing to accomplish. Joe Arpaio has made himself a problem and to make the problem go away he has to loose the race. That is why this race is so important. If he is not defeated then it will be more times of trouble for Arizona and many cases will go unsolved just to keep focus on something that should not be getting as much attention as it is.

If ever there was a cause that needed a lot of coverage to maintain a good chance of winning it is this one. The organization that was given money to by Mr. Soros has put out word advising against him as Sheriff through many different channels. They have even made some ads that were put on TV just so that they could get the word spread further. Of course, these ads were attacked by Joe Arpaio but why wouldn’t they attack the truth when it makes him look so bad.

Being a man of his word George Soros wants to ensure this world gets put right again after the downfall of Jose Arpaio and along with the help of this group he is trying to ensure it goes that way. There are not many who can make many changes to the life we live but Soros can and he plans on putting all of his efforts into doing just that.

Read more from George Soros over at Bloomberg

Are You Making Mistakes With Your Haircare Maintenance

Haircare may seem to easy as long as you wash and condition our hair. This notion is right and wrong at the same time and this is why. Yes, we all have to take care of our hair by washing it as well as moisturizing it. Did you know that many conditioners ad shampoo are full of sulfates? Sulfates are basically chemicals that can destroy your hair and health with overuse. In most circumstances, too much of anything can be bad so don’t stress over it. Even the very water people use to wash their hair contains chemicals such as fluoride. Fluoride helps kill germs in water, but too much of it can literally kill your hair.

The climate in which you live gives you a heavy dose of “Oh My God.” Very humid climates will give you an afro with plenty of frizz action. Hot temperatures can literally bake the color out of hair and the sun’s exposure can make it become fragile. Winter weather is no exception either as this time of year, with it’s cooler temperatures, can make your hair lose it’s shine and bounce. We can’t really do much about mother nature, but we can find an understanding on how to lessen the effects.

WEN by Chaz is the solution to all of your haircare needs no matter the color of your skin or the content of your character. Long, short, black, or brown; (WEN) has you covered with a full line exclusive products such as:

  • Lavender Re-Moist Treatment
  • Amazon Sweet Almond Mint Re-Moist Hair Treatment
  • Styling Creme
  • Anti-Frizz Styling Cream
  • Almod Mint Defyning Paste

This only scratches the surface of what (WEN) can do for you and with the finest of organic ingredients, it will bring your hair back to life. Need Wen? visit

Updates? check out the WEN Facebook page and Twitter account.

Jason Halpern: A True Real Estate Mogul

Real Estate is one of the most popular industries of the 21st Century. No matter where you go in the modern world, there will surely be some type of development going on. Whether it’s the development of homes, businesses, or corporations; real estate is big business. Have you ever heard of Jason Halpern? If you haven’t heard of this spectacular business man than let me to you that he’s a managing partner and founder of a very successful real estate development company. JMH Development is a third generation company with more than 50 years of experience in the game.


Jason Halpern may be young, but it’s his passion and tenacity which sets him apart from the field. He found his niche in in this exclusive line of work with building in specific historic districts. This can be a bit tricky as no one really want to disturb any historic area’s sacred grounds, but Mr. Halpern does his “due diligence” very well. He builds rapports on all of his projects which is a great way for respecting any historic area or community.


JMH Development has residential and commercial properties all across the nation and many are in major cities. The company specializes in creating luxury out of any building structure. The New York City Metropolitan Area has the Halpern family name stamped all over it. This prominent building company has built hundreds of astounding residential units/apartments through the City of New York and Westchester County, New York. Jason Halpern has an eclectic vision and seems to vision things that most others can’t. With his unique expertise in real estate development, JMH Development has helped to develop many million square feet commercial space that’s considered Class A.


The new Aloft South Beach Project in Miami, Florida was a huge success and JMH Development played a huge role. This project actually was the first brand new constructed hotel since 2009 that opened on the area’s exclusive South Beach. Being more contemporary, this hotel has much larger rooms than others in the area at an average size of 360 square feet. This 235 room hotel opened in the heart of South Beach in 2015 and was a mega hit. Features of this exclusive hotel is that it’s only minutes away from The Miami Beach Convention Center, close proximity to the hottest night clubs, and has a prime waterfront location. it offers a 24-Hour Fitness Center, Outdoor Pool, and a huge 2,349 square feet of space. The future of real state development is (JMH) and Jason Halpern is steering the ship to success.


James Dondero Gives Back To Southern Methodist University

Highland Capital Management co-founder James Dondero has been appointed to a board position at Southern Methodist University’s (SMU) prestigious Cox Business School. Highland has established a long partnership with SMU, which encourages academic growth and careers in public policy. Highland Capital Management also supports the George W. Bush Library in Dallas.

“We are pleased to be a part of the Cox Business School and SMU. It is our goal to help students aspire to careers in public policy,” said Dondero.

James Dondero will be part of a 100-member board that provides strategies for the business school. The Cox School has provides tremendous growth and opportunity in the Dallas area. Highland Capital Management Towers Scholar is a yearly endowment for the top business student. Dondero says the scholarship cements Highland’s commitment to the SMU.

James Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the private equity market. Since its inception in 1993, Dondero has built a track record of putting Highland on the map with innovations like Collateral Loan Obligations. The company has offices all over the globe.

Dondero graduated with honors from the University of Virginia with a degree in Accounting and Finance. He started his career as an analyst at Morgan Guaranty. He also worked for GIC subsidiary Protective Life, American Express and AUM.

Dondero sits on the board of Banknote, AMC Entertainment, Cornerstone Health and Nexbank. Known for his generous philanthropy, Dondero supports a number of important initiatives to help the veterans and a variety of organizations for the needy.

Dondero currently resides in Dallas.

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