Keith Mann Leads Top Finance Company

Keith Mann is an entrepreneur in executive in the financial industry. He is the co founder of the firm Dynamic Search Partners. This firm offers hedge funds and alternative investments to individuals and companies. It also provides executive staffing services to many companies in the finance industry as well. Keith Mann has been running this… Read more

How to Fix a Bad Reputation

Online reputation management is highly recommended for success. It can help a business or entrepreneur repair their reputation and boost their credibility online. Every business owner, company executive or other professional needs to be able to control how they are perceived online. This can be accomplished by hiring the services of a reliable reputation management… Read more

LED Lighting: Good Just Got Even Greater

Light emitting diode (LED) lighting is one of the most energy efficient lighting fixtures on the market. Each year we’ve noticed LED lights become more and more dominant in homes and businesses, steadily making incandescent and fluorescent lighting soon to be obsolete light fixtures of the past. The thermal management of LED lighting is one… Read more

Fast Company looks at the Fast Growth of EOS

Some companies have the ability to grow faster than others. That is the case with EOS. This company has managed to grow at an alarming rate because the executives have mastered three things very well. The things are product marketing, product placement and product design. The idea to market the EOS lip balm product specifically… Read more