Sergio Cortes and Everything Healthcare

Brazil is the eighth largest economy in the world. It’s considered one of the fastest developing countries in the world with an average GDP growth rate of 2% in the last fifteen years. Brazil has a growing population and a rising middle-class society. Developing countries face challenges in healthcare, education and other sectors that affect… Read more

The Move For Healthier Eating For Pets

Passion for high quality, fresh meats that taste and smell as good as something that pet owners would put on their own table. That is what small premium dog food makers on are aiming for. These foods are good enough to eat. Not just by dogs, but by their owners as well. This is… Read more

Who Breaks The Rules? Doe Deere Does

If you follow unique fashion and culture, you are almost sure to have heard of Doe Deere. This individual is someone who has worked as a fashion blogger and who now owns her own new makeup line. This line, like her, is dedicated to the unique choices that people who are true individuals make. This… Read more