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YouTubers Most Visited Channels

Some YouTube channels have a huge following. They literally attract billions of viewers through the year. This is an astonishing statistic. Even more surprising, the channels attracting the most views are not celebrity channels. They are regular people that simply share their interest on a wide range of topics or make very virile videos. When you need a break at work, try checking out some of those top viral videos. The majority of YouTube fans check out the videos on the site several times a day or more. Wondering about the top channels? Let’s review a few.

YouTube Spotlight
Well, you can’t look at the favorite channels without mentioning YouTube Spotlight. This is the site’s own buzz network. They let the visitors know about the top videos spotlighted on the site. The average person might assume that this channel is number one. Well, the surprising fact is that it is not number one currently. It is in the number 3 spot.

This is a comedy channel that is rated number two. He has over 25 million subscribers and thousands join the channel everyday.

His real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. PewDiePie is the number one channel on YouTube. The Swedish based YouTuber devotes his channels to video game playing. His Let’s Play videos are famous. Basically, he shares game playing with his growing league of fans on the channel. PewDiePie is also a Major supporter of indie games.

Wengie, a famous Australian YouTuber
Wengie is the Creator of the Wonderful World of Wengie on Beauty Trends and a famous Australian YouTuber. Wengie has always had a special interest in skin care, beauty, and fashion. She decided to start a channel that was dedicated to her special interest and share her tips with others. Many might wonder about her personal inspirations. She confesses that she is inspired by life around here everyday.

Wengie is considered a marketing expert too. Certainly, her skills have driven her viral videos on YouTube to the top. The entrepreneur has also written for several well known publications. Currently, Wengie works daily on her YouTube Channel, The Wonderful World of Wengie. The fact is that her beauty channel remains one of the top beauty channels in Australia. She has also lent her talent to several recognized brands in the beauty and fashion industry. However, her deepest passion is creating YouTube channels to share her beauty and fashion knowledge.

Both My Sister And I Feed Our Pets Beneful

My sister and I both have dogs that we love and care for, and it’s funny how we compete over everything. We were walking our dogs one day and decided to let them go for a run together, and we got into a debate about how one dog was faster and stronger than the other. I asked my sister what she feeds her dog, and she gave me a dog food name that I was not familiar with. I asked her why didn’t she feed her dog Purina Beneful, and she looked at me as if I was crazy. I told her that I’d been feeding my dog Beneful for years, and it was a wholesome food, unlike many of the other dog foods out there. I told her to go onto her smartphone and look up the dog food she was feeding her pet, and funny enough; she could barely find any information about the dog food she was feeding to her dog. Not only was she embarrassed by the fact that her dog food was not a name brand, but she also couldn’t really tell me anything about it. I warned her to be careful of no-name dog foods that simply create a feed to fill a dog’s stomach because it could be dangerous for her pet. Even though she’s competitive, my sister decided to take my advice and switch the Beneful. My sister chat me on twitter the very next day and sent me a picture of a bag of Beneful that she had bought, and I couldn’t help but to laugh. I saw my sister and her dog a couple weeks later, and it’s crazy how much more energy her dog has now because he’s only eating Beneful. She also told me that she is feeding her dog treats from Beneful as well, and her dog can’t get enough of it. My sister and I do many things that are similar, even though we may compete with each other. One thing I’m glad she took my advice about is how to feed her pet, especially since she is now giving her dog Beneful.

Susan McGalla’s Strong Points

Susan McGalla is my role model. I adore her strong presence for females in the corporate industry. She has become one of the best representatives of females that are able to make decisions and build company revenues. Susan has become one of the most sought after executives of her time. She has become a marketing genius that has managed to provide a sound roadmap for lots of companies that were previously failing. This is the thing that separates her from many of her peers. She has years of experience and the insight to help companies evolve. Susan McGalla has become a master because she knows the retail industry quite well. There is a lot to be said for a CEO that can make a company that was a multimillion dollar company turn into a multi-billion dollar company. The thing that has impressed me and a lot of others about Susan of ireport.cnn is her ability to juggle all the things that have become part of her life. She is a mother, and his presence has its own set of challenges. There are also people that have seen her over the years as one of the top female executives in the industry that is dominated by men. This is another outstanding achievement. The fact that she has been able to master so many different things and still maintain this makes her one of the best when it comes to corporate executives that show leadership. I really believe that her work history is important for many other females like myself that are interested in studying marketing. There is always a lot of talk and marketing classes about the 4P’s of marketing. Throughout marketing most people are going to put their time into finding ways to cut costs and present products in a way that can also save money. This is the thing that most companies have a problem with. Even though Susan McGalla as a strong background in branding and building custom service she is also linked to a very high level of finances as well. A person that is in the world marketing cannot overstep their bounds and lose sight of the cost that comes along with marketing. That is what Susan has become good at. She knows Whether an advertising strategy is effective or ineffective. She knows how to cut costs and trim budgets on advertising that just isn’t working. This is why her skills are so increasingly important in a world of fickle consumers that change their minds often. Susan McGalla is an interesting person to discuss because she represents an alternative marketing strategy that a lot of companies like Pittsburgh Steelers cannot fully understand at first. Many companies that are unfamiliar with what it takes to market products will throw more money into brand building that really isn’t effective. What Susan does is cut cost first and then determine what is not working in concerns with the overall marketing strategy. This is a much more effective way to analyze profitability in the industry.

Qnet Helps Its Employees To Succeed

If an individual is looking for a unique direct sales company then Qnet is definitely the place to start. Qnet offers its employees and its clients something that many different direct sales companies cannot offer, and that is a diverse company that is committed to helping them achieve success. Qnet is a company that strives on diversity. Qnet is diverse when it comes to its employees, its clients, and its products.

Qnet deals each day with more than 100 different countries through its e-commerce platform. Apart from that Qnet has a leadership team that is from 30 different countries and their customers are also from over hundred countries as well. Qnet considers itself to be a United Nations when it comes to network marketing and that truly is the case. The founders of Qnet wanted it to be a company that fostered an environment of diversity and acceptance. They were truly inspired by the teachings and the life of Gandhi. Gandhi was a man that believed in the importance of each and every human being. He was a human rights activist, and his life motto is what helped lay the foundation for the motto of Qnet. Qnet’s motto is RYTHM. RYTHM stands for a raise yourself to help mankind. Qnet is dedicated to empowering those individuals that are direct sellers, stakeholders, and clients to reach their full potential in every aspect of life.

Qnet sees people as their biggest asset. They not only sell products that are useful to enhance an individual’s life, but they also give all of their direct distributors the education and tools that they need to truly and deeply understand each and every part of the products that they are dealing with. In that way their distributors can deliver a product to their clients that they are well educated about, and that they truly love.

When it comes to the products from Qnet they are very diverse, and they come in a very large range. Qnet has products that are made to enhance an individuals lifestyle. They deal with products that have to do with nutrition, wellness, luxury jewelry, travel, and telecommunications. The great thing about the diversity of the products that are sold at Qnet is that they allow their distributors to deal with a diverse range of clients. Basically any facet of an individual’s life can be covered by the products that Qnet distributes. With that idea in mind, they give their distributors freeness when it comes to their selling, and their clients when it comes to purchasing their products.

Qnet is dedicated to service, teamwork, integrity and results. Qnet dedicates itself to the service of others through their operation and business model. Qnet’s team works together in a unified fashion in order for each and everyone of them to be able to reach a unified goal. Qnet is truly a unique company because it is dedicated to its employees, its clients and its goals.

Dan Newlin of Newlin Law Will Win for You

When it comes to a personal injury attorney, you should have one who is in the business for a reason. That reason being to make right the wrongs insurance companies will due to victims when they are at their weakest. Dan Newlin is this attorney. Dan Newlin started working with the Fire Department as well as the police department when he was 20 years of age in new Chicago, Indiana. Further on down the road Dan took the job of working with the Orange County Floridas Sheriff’s Office. Within a ten year span then climb through the ranks all the way to sheriff’s detective.

Making a Difference Everyday
Going above and beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions Dan Newlin has been recognized by The United States Marshals office for his superb service. After seeing the countless wrongs being done by insurance companies, Dan new that somebody had to stand up for individuals who were facing insurance tyrants alone. In 1997, Dan Newlin attended Florida State College. He graduated in 2000. Dan received his license to practice law as a licensed attorney and began helping people right away.

A Super Attorney With Super Ratings
You pay nothing unless Dan wins your case. Dan Newlin has had some significant achievements as an attorney such as securing a 24 million dollar verdict that involved a slain police officer. Also a $100,000,000 verdict for a bring injured teen. On top of these major cases, he has recovered over a hundred and fifty million dollars when it comes to people who have suffered from accidents or injuries. And new it is truly the type of attorney that you want to have on your side if you are going to court to face insurance companies.

Experience and Compassion Count
When you have a professional top notch attorney such as Dan Newlin working for you, you can be assured you have the best. If you’re facing insurance companies alone, you don’t have to. Contact Newlin Law and get representation that will stand up for you protecting your rights. Insurance companies use trained lawyers, and that’s all the more reason for you to protect yourself the same.

Sucess Tells All
When you have the track history that Attorney Dan Newlin has, you have a record of success. No matter if it’s a victory from a trial, helping the wronged as an officer and firefighter or giving to the community, Dan Newlin is the man.

Eucatex Success in the Wood and Timber Industry

Eucatex is a Brazilian family business run and owned by the family of politician and business mogul Paolo Maluf. The organization has over the years been the top wood and timber producer in the South American country. The fact that it is one of the major leading industry in Brazil has made it very successful as it is one of the primary income earners to the Brazilian economy. Eucatex has over the years spread its tentacles to capture even capture the foreign market like the Europe and Asian market. It is one of the top wood and timber products exported to Europe and Asia. However, locally it has continued to flourish under the leadership of its charismatic leader Flavio Maluf.
As his website states, Flavio Maluf is the eldest son of Billionaire and business mogul Flavio Maluf. Mr. Maluf was born in 1962 and studied engineering, law, and entrepreneurship. The collaboration of courses studied has been a foundation for the success that he has experienced running Eucatex. He has been able to open Eucatex subsidiaries in countries like Argentina successfully.

He has an extensive experience in management and has amassed over thirty years of experience since he started working for the organization. As the CEO, he has over years been instrumental to some other major strategies that have put Eucatex on the map of the world, many of which described on his Facebook page. Ingenious invention of the thin film is a major coup that has been helpful in mitigation of tree logging. The strategy is all about wastage reduction of wood. The strategy has been a major hit making even the neighboring countries to adopt it. The organization has also collaborated the local people in the planting of trees. This collaboration has led to adding value to the land and also becoming an important source of income for the business. To cap it off the organization is also involved in charity works like sponsoring football clubs as well as ensuring that talented school children get the sports facility with Brazil famed for churning footballers by millions.

In conclusion, successes are not achieved in a day, but good management means Eucatex continues to move forward. It has taken a journey for the organization to reach where it is. Flavio Maluf has been instrumental in the successes that are attributed to this group. The fact that it is a major producer of wood and timber products is a testament that his leadership qualities cannot be faulted. His continued inspiration to the organization has seen it go beyond Brazil’s borders a process that has required patience and perseverance.

FreedomPop’s New Deal May Expand U.S. Subscribers

FreedomPop provides an amazing alternative to costly mobile phone service. Now, the company is delivering a way to acquire a solid new phone at an incredibly affordable price. For a mere $49.99, buyers can own a previously-owned Moto E (2nd gen). That alone would be a fantastic deal. There’s a lot more to the package than the free phone. One full month of FreedomPop’s top service plan is being given away with the phone for free.

Itunes app FreedomPop likes to give things away. No, the company does not focus on giving away free gifts when someone pays for service. The service itself is free if customers opt to choose the basic package. The standard free monthly service plan in the United States (it is slightly different in the U.K.) is 200 talk minutes, 500 text messages, and 500MB of wireless internet data. Those who wish to expand the service can do so for a fee. Still, the free option is surely going to stand out as a fantastic deal for someone who does not use a phone as much or simply wants to stay on budget. The numbers of such persons is legion. FreedomPop boosts about one million customers in the United States.

The deal with the phone is surely being done to increase the numbers of those subscribers in the United States. Again, the introductory 30 days comes with free unlimited talk and text and 1GB of data. After that 30 days, fans can drop to a lesser monthly plan or go with the free one. A refund on the phone is available for the first 30 days as well. As for the service, it can be cancelled at any time. FreedomPop does not require any locked in contracts.

The Moto E (2nd gen) is an solid phone with many awesome features, functions, and a powerful memory. The pre-owned phone is fully certified as well. Android Authority has the full rundown on the deal. Visit the site for more info.

Exis founder Adam Sender isn’t shy about having one of the world’s greatest art collections

If you’re familiar with art collectors, then you’ve probably heard of Adam Sender. Adam Sender has built a massive collection of contemporary art over the years that most should be jealous of. However, unlike many art collectors, he isn’t too greedy to keep his collection private.

Adam Sender has been active in sharing his collection with the world including his “Home Alone” exhibition in December of 2011. If that’s not generous enough for you, how about the fact that he held this event in his own private residence in Miami. To show creativity and a unique experience, Sender filled his home with so much Art that it created a “fictional scenario” in which his collection had grown so big that he and his family had to move out of the house.

No stranger to investments, Adam Sender founded his own hedge fund in 1998 after graduating from the University of Michigan with a Degree in History and working for SAC Capitol Advisor’s LP. He also practices Ashtanga yoga in his spare time.

Around the same time he founded Exis Capital Management Inc., Adam Sender started investing in contemporary art with the help of Todd Levin. He has since put together a collection of about 800 works by 139 artists. It is spread throughout his many homes and offices in Manhattan, Sag Harbor, New York, and Miami.

Among his works, Adam Sender has amassed collections of works by artists like Charles Ray, Dan Flavin, Raymond Pettibon, Mike Kelley, Keith Haring, Barbara Kruger, Martin Kippenberger, Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman, and many more. His collection is believed to be worth more than 100 million. Not bad for a part time hobby don’t you think?

When he started out, Sender never imagined his collection would grow into such an extraordinary valuable masterpiece in itself. It just started out as a passionate hobby and grew tremendously from there.

College Help Wanted

You have made it! At last you are in the university of your dreams. No more sharing a bedroom with your little sister. You have your own apartment, a job and loads friends. You also have a ton of homework, little free time and a home that is a wreck! Someone spilled something sticky on your kitchen floor. The stove has accumulated grease and grime. And the bathroom- yikes! It’s time to post a sign that says ‘College Help Wanted’ on the school’s memo board.

Before you just pack everything up and move out, consider calling Handy Home Cleaning Services. This business knows that you are a busy college student. You barely have time to reheat cold pizza and gulp it down, much less to interview a house cleaner. So allow them to go through the process of interviewing, checking references and handling the background checks.

You can go the lectures while someone else cleans the toilet and tile floors in your bathroom. A cleaner who knows how to disinfect your toilet and get your tub shiny will be wonderful. All through class you can imagine going home and finding a spotless kitchen waiting for you. Maybe you can even make that gourmet pasta recipe tonight. When friends come over to study with you, they will walk into a clean-smelling apartment. They will wonder where you found the time to do all of the housework while also going to classes and working. Are you Super Woman? No, you are just smart.

Professional cleaners in and around your university town will be able to use their computer or smartphone to see your listing. With the swipe of a finger, a cleaner can see how many rooms you need to be cleaned and what time you need the job started. They can see the area and decide if your job fits their schedule and desired neighborhood.

Payment is a breeze for both parties. Handy Home Cleaning Services keeps your credit card on file. When a cleaner finishes up your home, they simply swipe their phone app and the money is there, ready for them to use. You don’t have to worry about catching up to them between classes and handing them cash. The cleaner doesn’t have to worry about not getting paid, or having to wait indefinitely for their payment. Everyone wins.

Try Handy Home Cleaning Services today and remove the ‘College Help Wanted’ sign from the memo board.

Jon Urbana Achieves Philanthropic Goals with Crowdrise Fundraisers Online Fund

He has taken his enthusiasm for sports and channeled it into a winning effort for saving and protecting pets through fundraising. There are millions searching for a way to make things better but Jon Urbana is already on the job. If you are looking for a way to help things get better, join Jon Urbana on Crowdrise.

Jon Urbana, a member of the FAA’s Airmen Certification Database and former lacrosse player, is quite familiar with the power of a team effort. Not only is he helping local charities on Crowdrise, but he’s also running a campaign for Earth Force on GoFundMe. On the Crowdrise site, he brings people together to change circumstances for helpless animals, offering everyone a chance to assist in helping this wonderful cause. Go to his Crowdrise Fundraiser account and donate to his GoFundMe drive to help him preserve Denver’s natural beauty, and champion this worthy goal of saving beautiful animals from euthanasia.

Jon Urbana is leading this heart-felt activity, and a personal video he made on Vimeo goes into his reasons for creating this drive. He gives his energy to the, “Animal Rescue and Adoption Society,” promoting kindness to animals. Primarily taking care of cats, he offers all profits from his Crowdrise Fundraiser account to taking care of these helpless creatures.

Also a key member of the Ellipse USA team, Urbana is no stranger to new ventures. In fact, he also owns a lacrosse camp that becomes more popular by the year.

Worthy people are able to live their dreams with the help of people from around the world. Medical bills, travel adventures, student needs, weddings, birthday and volunteer request are sponsored through Crowdrise Fundraiser efforts. Jon Urbana offers those sitting on the sofa, searching for a way to help others find a way. You can also contact Urbana through his website if you’d like to learner about ways to help. He knows there is no reason to carry the struggle alone. Millions want to take part in financing a campaign to save animals. Jon Urbana, through his Crowdrise Fundraiser, may be the answer. Keep up with him on Twitter at @jonurbana1 to find out what he’s up to.

A Crowdrise Fundraiser allows groups or individuals to raise funds. Visit Crowdrise and assist Jon Urbana in his challenge. Begin the quest today, and read his story. The millions waiting to help can, each supporter can choose a different level to donate, from as low as $50. Tell the community what you want to donate. People see things they can correct in places around the world each day. Some require a little money, others, much more. Help Jon Urbana reach his goal.

Update: a second fundraiser was announced very recently. Things are going really well for Crowdrise so I guess Jon was inspired to support another cause. Read more about it here on our latest post.