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Breaking Rules With Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a makeup blogger first and a beauty empire owner second. She has made herself up from the beginning and has continued to be one of the best bloggers on the Internet. She has made a name for herself by being unique and providing unique options to the people who work to follow her and her rules. She has been able to do this not only through her blog, but also through her makeup company where she shares the hot new looks that she has created using bold colors and bold options for her fellow unique makeup lovers.

One thing about Doe Deere that has set her apart from other makeup bloggers and makeup company owners is that she has worked to break all of the rules in the cosmetic industry. She has traded nude and neutral shades for shocking and bold shades that are sure to get a raise of the eyebrows. She has made it possible for others to truly enjoy the colors they love while putting their favorite things on their face without the word of toxic ingredients or things that could potentially harm them or their face. This has been a great way that she has changed the beauty industry and she is now working her way into the fashion industry with rules that you should be breaking.

Dressing for your age is an aged practice. If you love to wear fun pastel colors and bold prints at the same time, but you are 40 years old you should still do so. There is nothing in the world that should stop you from wearing the clothes that you love and your age should be the last thing on your mind when getting dressed, according to Deere. There is nothing more liberating than being able to dress however you want, no matter how old you are.

By always matching your colors and patterns to be perfect, your life can quickly get boring. While the old fashion rules tell you that you should never mix more than a few bold colors or more than a few patterns, you can be sure that Doe Deere thinks you should do whatever you please. Make sure that your patterns and colors are something that you love and something that make you feel confident. The key to looking great according to Doe’s rules is simply following what you want to do with your fashion choices.

If you have a bold and unnatural hair color, you may be more inclined toward black and neutral colors because that is what society has told you to do. Doe Deere tells you that you can wear whatever colors you like. While she recognizes that it can be unappealing to clash your clothing colors, you shouldn’t worry about your hair and your clothing clashing because your hair has absolutely nothing to do with your clothing. Be sure that you pick colors that you love and that work well with your personality, not with your hair color.

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Yeonmi Park: A Will to Survive

When Yeonmi Park was a little girl, her mother told her to be careful about what she said to others. After all, they lived in North Korea, and it had been made abundantly clear that free speech was not welcomed there. Yeonmi reports seeing a friend’s mother executed because of things that she had said about the government. As she grew up, Yeonmi listened to these warnings but also started to sense that there was another world outside of North Korea and the evil regime that ruled it. Little bits of other cultures started to leak into her life, as she caught snippets of Chinese television programming on her own TV. The Chinese children were well-fed and happy, which led Yeonmi to want to move to China. However, moving wasn’t possible for North Korean citizens. It was illegal, in fact. Citizens were required to receive permission from the state if they ever wanted to leave. Obviously, there would be no reason for the Parks to ever receive permission. Their situation, however, continued to worsen. Because they had been struggling financially, Yeonmi’s father had done some illegal deals with the Chinese, selling metals. When this was discovered, he was arrested, tried and then sent to a hard labor camp. Yeonmi of and her family at home began to starve as a result. Living off of grasshoppers and anything they could find in the backyard, the women became extremely malnourished. After Yeonmi pleaded with her mother for awhile, she finally acquiesced to flee the country with her daughter. They engaged the services of a guide who would take them over the border. After making the treacherous journey safely, Yeonmi and her mother arrived in China only to be sold into human trafficking. For years, they struggled in China. Because China does not grant refugee status to North Korea defectors, they lived there illegally. Eventually, it was time to make their next big moveā€”this time through the Gobi Desert to Mongolia, where they would seek asylum. This time their plans finally worked out.

FreedomPop, The Ideal Mobile Phone And Wireless Internet Service?

FreedomPop is a company providing mobile phone and wireless internet services for low prices, which is centered in Los Angeles, California. It was co-founded by Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar in 2011 and introduced to the cellular market in 2012. FreedomPop initially started off by selling 4G hotspots in October 2012, and then offered cell phone and wireless internet service plans in the United States utilizing Clearwire’s 4G network. The company provides free cellular services like voice, text and data, also offering cell phones, tablets and other broadband devices to use in conjunction with their services.

FreedomPop took advantage of Black Friday opportunities this year, giving potential new customers incredible deals on discounted mobile devices and free services, when they signed up for services through November 27. These customers were able to purchase a Motorola E smartphone for $40, that was originally priced for $230. Also, a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone could be purchased for $100, that was originally priced at $450. Devices that were offered are refurbished models, but buying these models included support for the LTE services, from Sprint’s domestic network.

The plans offered with these devices include connection for a free month of unlimited voice calling, text messaging and one gigabyte of data. After the first free month of service, customers will transition to FreedomPop’s standard free service of 500 megabytes of data, 500 text messages and 500 voice calling minutes. FreedomPop anticipated that it would gain one million more new customers by the end of 2015 year.

FreedomPop is financially backed by Mangrove Capital, Atomico, DCM Capital, Axiata, and Partech Ventures, raising $59 million in funding revenue. Funding in the amount of $10 million was received during the summer from Axiata Group, which serves 230 million customers from several Asian countries. FreedomPop anticipates the utilization of technology, and recent funding in conjunction with Axiata’s network, operational capabilities, and knowledge to have the opportunity to offer to millions of mobile customers, free service and uncomplicated cell phone service plans.

FreedomPop’s operational model has transformed from a modest wholesale relationship with Sprint in the US, to a larger commercial partnership. FreedomPop isn’t considering a possible sale of the company, but will continue as they are with new investments because of growth potential, but a sale in the future has not been ruled out. There have been several merger and acquisition offers that weren’t accepted because of the amount of funding which was made available to the company making expansion possible.

Skout, the App to Meet New People

Recently in news, the National Multimedia has come up with an article that concerns what people can and cannot download. Among this is the GoPro app which has been named the fastest way that people can download, share, and create short video clips directly from any type of GoPro and onto social media. Social media examples include Instagram, Facebook, and much more. To make this even more interesting, one can also adjust all camera settings using a live preview. Key moments with the GoPro App can be tagged by updating the camera to the latest software.

In addition to this Amazon Video is a great interactive feature to download. Amazon even includes tens of thousands of titles that can be watched off of Amazon Prime. Videos that can be download include some of the award-winning Amazon videos like the comedy Transparent and the children’s series, Tumble Leaf. The videos that were just mentioned can be downloaded to anything whether it be an iPhone or an iPad.

Among important things to download on a mobile device is the Skout App. This particular app has been designed to help people meet each other around the world. People can talk whether there is a one hour time difference, a five hour time difference, or even a 12 hour time difference. Currently this feature is being used by millions per day. This is a safe and stress free app that emphasizes getting to know people and their cultures around the world. This particular app has the mission of letting people interact anytime, anywhere, and for any different reason.

Skout has been declared the leading app that helps and individual find new people. This app is well-known for helping people expand their social circle. Skout is currently available in 14 different languages that can be downloaded on any type of mobile device. This includes an iOS, an Android, as well as various Windows devices. This company, though headquartered in San Francisco, will continue to expand the business to other countries around the world.

One example of how interactive Skout is, is the fact that this company recently also named the top ten friendliest college towns in America. This survey that was conducted was done so with the benefit of showing the public how interactive Skout the app can really be and how effective the app is at finding similar people with similar interests.

This particular survey that was conducted by Skout was conducted using students who were between the ages of 18 and 24. The friendliest towns were chosen based upon the cities and towns where young adults engage most frequently with new friends. Some of the finding included San Fransisco, Chicago, Boulder, as well as Dallas as being some of the friendliest towns and cities in the United States. The survey was not only a campaign to promote the app, but also a campaign to bring awareness of the importance of being friendly to one another. Skout is becoming one of the most popular apps with only 8 years of experience in the app industry.

Shaygan Kheradpir Appointed As the New Chief Executive Officer of Coriant Solutions

Shaygan Kheradpir is an experienced investor and a business person who holds a master degree in electrical engineering. His father was a doctor, who acted as his mentor to undergo the education system.

  1. Shaygan got his first job opportunity in GTE Laboratories where he specialized in network control and management. He also served as the Verizon’s Communications president. In Verizon, he led to innovative deals that resulted in the development of the Company’s communication systems.

Recently, Mr. Kheradpir was signed by Coriant Solutions as the new President and the Chief Executive Officer. Sir Shaygan has contributed so much to the success of Coriant Solutions and other telecommunications services. Mr. Shaygan job profile impresses many. Sir Shaygan took the head of Coriant Solutions that was earlier directed by Mr. DiPietro.

The optic vendor confirmed that Mr. Shaygan has been working closely with the Coriant Solutions as the Senior Executive Manager and an Information Officer in the Marlin Partners. Mr. DiPietro expressed his gratitude for having Mr. Shaygan back. DiPietro stated that Mr. Shaygan will lead the growth of Coriant Solutions to another economic level.

  1. Shaygan is also an innovative business person. His skills in technology and telecommunications will help generate a network center for a business venture in Coriant Solutions. The optic vendor reported that Shaygan’s strategic plans and working experience would lead to new quality and technology in the firm.
  2. Kheradpir will have sufficient time working to satisfy more than 300 clients who are in the current Coriant Solutions system. Mr. DiPietro enclosed that Kheradpir would have an opportunity to manage an estimate of one billion U.S Dollars. His primary aim is to represent the Coriant Solutions into a globally competitive market.
  3. Kheradpir proved his experience in business and technology networks while working in Marlin Partners. His expertise is expected more on his new position as the Coriant Solutions Chief Executive Officer.

For more information regarding the comeback of Shaygan in Coriant Solutions, open the following link

In conclusion, Mr. Kheradpir has contributed so much to the technological advancements made in the business industry. His new position in Coriant Solutions will raise the economy level of the Company.


Slyce is a Canadian company that is publicly traded and has been in the visual search industry for some time. It provides visual search solutions to its consumer’s using a plethora of apps available in various app stores and desktop versions for most mainstream browsers. It has developed highly secret technology that allows it to display near instant results of product searches. Customers can search any product and be directed to its location on the web. It has attracted the attention of big retailers online including Home Depot, J C Penney, Tilly’s, Marcus and Neiman.

It makes its money through monetizing of search traffic, selling the rights to that specific software, advertisements and data analytics. It is a pretty solid business model that has allowed it to grow fast.

Slyce recently announced a new contract with a Fortune 500 toy manufacturing company. It is for a new visual search product that will see it deploy its technology to sell the business’s products. Slyce is expected to double its revenue from the arrangement.

Slyce CEO while speaking at the event also announced a new product to be called Slyce Link. It is a revolutionary proprietary technology that takes visual search to a whole new level. It uses advanced visual search and simulation to display similar products in a customer’s shopping screen. It does this at critical times during the shopping experience to reduce cart abandonment by customers. It was motivated by a recent research that showed up to 85% of customers will abandon a cart due to one reason or another. It seeks to reduce that number considerably. The service is integrated into the shopping experience and is expected to act as a guide in that experience, It aims to make it as smooth as possible. It uses complicated algorithms to make a consumer aware of other products on sale.

One of its offerings is the ability to replace a product in a cart that is out of stock with another. It allows a consumer to get a similar same size product. The CEO gave the example of a red shoe number 7 that is out of stock. A customer is redirected to a new similar product. It also can email a user who abandoned his cart when its back and display find similar and show me similar buttons.

How To Find A Competent Business Law Attorney

Looking for a reputable business or corporate law attorney in Brazil? Do you want to choose a good law firm or lawyer who has great experience and skill in business or commercial litigation? Don’t select someone just because they happen to be first on the list when you have found some prospects. Make sure the lawyer certainly offers the type of service you are searching for.

Choosing a litigation lawyer, whether you are a business owner or have been named as a defendant in a corporate law suit, is a very important step that you absolutely must take carefully. Many excellent resources are available to guide and help you make a smart and informed decision, from word-of-mouth referrals from relatives, friends and colleagues to Bar Associations and Attorney directories. Generally, the more research you perform before hiring a litigation lawyer or law firm, the more likely you’ll be to select the most suitable lawyer for your situation.

Determine the particular jurisdiction in which your case, or the lawsuit against you, has been brought. You will want a to find a good lawyer who practices in the area in which the dispute or conflict occurred. Talk to colleagues and friends whose judgment you trust whether they can recommend a competent lawyer who is well experienced in your particular type of injury case.

Many people in Brazil are always raving about the quality of service provided by Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Ricardo Tosto is considered one of Brazil’s best litigation attorneys and he has been rendering legal representation for over 22 years. Ricardo Tosto represents a remarkable client roster, including large corporations and multinational commercial and investment establishments.

Mr Tosto provides top notch services in the area of business and corporate litigation, and his credibility as a lawyer has grown over the years. He is a competent attorney who ensures that his clients are extremely satisfied with his representation and the outcome in their cases. Mr Ricardo Tosto has personally mentored many of his associates and he has successful firms in Brazil.

Jon Urbana Launches Second Fundraiser, This Time for Earth Force

We’re suckers for cats, which is why we chose to give a special shout out to Jon Urbana when he decided to run a nonprofit campaign for cats to benefit ARAS. And now he’s decided to double up his efforts with a new little video plus a GoFundMe website to help a local charity called Earth Force. Each of these videos offers up some more info on the cause and what you can do to help one of our favorite nonprofits in the country.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.


FreedomPop Expands November Sales

FreedomPop has long been the forerunner in a new brand of mobile carrier that sells to customers on a ‘freemium’ basis. FreedomPop gives customers access to their core service completely free so long as the client can supply their own phone. For the past year or so we’ve seen FreedomPop move more and more toward the hardware side of things and now they are finally trying to pull people in full force with a sale that runs through November 27th. FreedomPop is offering two excellent smartphones at dramatically reduced prices in order to build up a client base for the holiday season.

So far FreedomPop, which launched back in 2012, is offering the Motorola E and the Samsung Galaxy S4 at hugely reduced prices. The Motorola E will be available for $40, where normally it is $230, and the Galaxy S4 will be available for $100, when typically it is $450. Both of these smart phones will be available as refurbished models but they will be certified and have guaranteed aesthetic and functionality promises. The phones also come with a premium enhanced FreedomPop phone plan: unlimited text, unlimited talk, and one gig of mobile data. Upon finishing out the one month of premium services customers will have the option to revert to the free service or to continue employing the $5 monthly charge.

While we are seeing the company move toward established mobile phones there is also an internal surge toward their own hardware. FreedomPop has partnered up with Intel Capital, who’ve invested $10 million into the company, as they seek to develop a WiFi first smart phone. FreedomPop has been deploying a range of WiFi hot spots all over the major urban areas in the United States and now we are finally seeing why they’ve put so much work into it. The WiFi first smartphone figures to sell at around $100 when it is released and the launch of the phone is likely to be in 2016, though no date or figures have been locked in as of yet.

As we see FreedomPop further their push toward one million subscribers stateside we can also see that CEO Stephen Stokols is aiming at a global launch. Right now FreedomPop has a tentative launch into the U.K. schedule throughout 2016 as well as an expansion into Southeast Asia. FreedomPop has partnered up with Axiata Group, one of the largest Asian telecom distributors, as a segwue into the Asian market.

Four Delicious Dog Foods from Beneful

Beneful is a dog food brand owned by Nestle that was created in 2001. It has become very popular with dog-owners because of their attention to the needs of each pet. The brand has always focused on nutrition and putting quality ingredients into each and every product they create. Every item is checked diligently by employees and tested by veterinarians. This is why the Beneful brand has become the forth most bought dog food across the entire world. Below are just a few of the flavorful dog food varieties that Beneful offers.

Beneful Originals: This is Beneful’s most popular dry dog food product. It has three different flavors: chicken, beef and salmon. This variety of dog food is antioxidant-rich and filled with all the nutrition a dog needs to stay in good health. The kibble has a mixture of both crunchy and tender pieces that are made with corn, avocado, rice and carrots. There are limited amounts of sugar and salt.

Beneful Healthy: This is another dry food product by Beneful and is targeted to help dogs on that might need help in specific areas. Beneful Healthy: Weight helps heavier dogs lose weight, Beneful Healthy: Puppy gives younger dogs all the early stage nutrition they need to grow up strong, and Beneful Healthy: Playful Life is for older dogs who are having join problems or are just slowing down in general. The Healthy products also have a mixture of chewy and crunchy pieces that are flavored like chicken, beef, pork and salmon.

Beneful Chopped Blends: Chopped Blends is a tender wet food with chunks of real meat, whether it is beef, chicken or salmon, rice, carrots and tomatoes. This product from Beneful on facebook was made for those dogs who were having trouble eating the harder kibble or would have their stomach get upset from the ingredients being too dry. Dogs who also have jaw problems love this product because it breaks apart easily so eating isn’t a chore.

Beneful Medley: This is another wet food by Beneful which almost looks like a chucky soup. It has large pieces of meat, rice, carrots, peas and tomatoes all covered in a low sodium sauce. This is also another product which is great for dogs that have trouble eating the harder kibble or just as a nice treat. Medleys comes in three different flavors: Tuscan which has beef, Romana which has chicken and Mediterranean which has lamb.