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Talk Fusion Transforms the Communication Industry

There are some people who do not like to appear in video calls. According to them, they do not have the best looks, or sometimes, some of their features make them shy. When it comes to video communication, these people are always uncomfortable, and they prefer communicating with emails and letters because they can easily and comfortably hide their faces.

However, there is some good news for this people. Talk Fusion, one of the leading communication companies in the world will be providing a new type of video communication where people do not have to show their faces. This news has been received quite well especially in the business world, and investors can now communicate efficiently and grow their businesses well.

Since it was started several years ago, Talk Fusion has transformed the lives of people in the world. People from any part of the world can communicate effectively using the latest technology, and everyone can live all their dreams.

The company has received a very good audience from many parts of the world, and many people even consider it one of the best communication app. In the year 2007, the company started by introducing a Video Email, and through hard work from the president of the institution, Bob Reina, it has managed to introduce more apps. Using the platform provided by the company, individuals can have live video chats, conferencing solutions, live meeting and so much more. The company offers most of the services that are required by many businesses, and this is why it has managed to do very well.

The company was founded by one of the people who have all the knowledge in the industry, Bob Reina. He has a lot of expertise and knowledge in the communication technology, and he has always had the dream of owning a powerful company. Reina has worked for more than two decades in the industry, and he is also believed to have natural and entrepreneurship spirit that is required for the job.

Bob Reina is also experienced in marketing experiences, and he is also a good leader. This explains why he has managed to lead his team of professionals to manage such a powerful empire.

Coriant – Innovative Network Solutions

A multi-level powerful connected experience is followed by a company called Coriant. They are responsible for providing innovative networking solutions for a rapid changing and cloud enabled business industry. They reduce the complexity of operations issues by examining and providing leading edge software and hardware solutions for everyday business needs. As a leading network operator in over 100 countries, they offer services for all mobile end users and their devices along with utility companies and government entities. They also cover all other types of business infrastructures and provide an optimal experience for all clients to meet satisfaction. Coriant has been merged and branched off from some of the highest networking companies in the industry, and the staff some of the best experts in the industry. The offer over thirty five years of experience to the industry, and work very hard to ensure the networking solutions are met every hour upon the hour for all businesses and their transactions. They understand that when a network is down, the company at stake is losing money and being able to function properly. Their staff works around the clock to ensure that the end user has the supple amount of energy needed to transport networks and maximize the value at hand.

The man who is responsible for many of the business transactions as well as the smooth process of connectivity is Shaygan Kheradpir. He studied electrical engineering quite exclusively and received his bachelor’s and master’s degree from Cornell University. He began his career at an early age and has been in the technology industry for almost three decades. He received his doctorate degree as well, and went on to become the CEO of many prominent companies such as Verizon and Juniper. He took over Coriant when it branched off and merged with another company in 2014. He oversees the daily operations of all telecommunication transactions and all networking solutions, ensuring that the networks are flowing at a high rate.

Coriant’s connectivity and innovation along with their quality compliance produce many resources for the market place and businesses. They rely on technology and the need things to work, and Coriant understands how important that is. With a reputation that can be trusted and years of experience behind their belt, companies across the world can rely on Coriant to provide the fastest, most reliable networking infrastructure on the planet. They will find that networking for their business is the last of their worries.

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FreedomPop CEO Talks About Latest Expansion Efforts

News In Major Phone Carriers

RCR Wireless is a leading news source that informs people about major phone carriers. In a recent weekly segment called Carrier Wrap, RCR Wireless journalists sat down with Stephen Stokols to hear more about the latest funding strategies that FreedomPop has been using to expand their reach throughout their market. FreedomPop is one of the largest, newest and most successful mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) in the market. They are the only successful MVNO to offer a consistent free, basic service to consumers. Their basic, free service offers consumers 500 MB of data, 200 talk minutes and text messages every month. Stephen Stokols is the CEO and co-founder of FreedomPop. In this short post, we will explore what Mr. Stokols had to say about FreedomPop, and we’ll discuss what is on the horizon for this company.

Mr. Stokols discussed some important information regarding the likelihood of FreedomPop expanding over the future years. The company has recently unleashed several new features for their users to take full advantage of, including availability for users to travel between countries without losing a signal. FreedomPop started in the United States, but it recently started offering the same great services to residents of the United Kingdom in their first international expansion to date.

In the report from RCR Wireless, Mr. Stokols discusses that the company does not usually work with a niche in their market, which might make them different from their competitors. Apparently, according to Mr. Stokols, the application works with 25 networks out there. Mr. Stokols said that the app “runs on our infrastructure, transcends all cultures.”

The entire interview is available on RCR Wireless’ site, and it is a video interview, so you get to see the interview happen before your eyes by going here.

Sanjay Shah Adds Two New Members To The Autism Rocks Board Of Trustees


Sanjay Shah has recently added two new people to the board of trustees at Autism Rocks. Pete and Will Best are friends of Shah that have known since their time at university, and Sanjay believes these two men will add a new perspective to the charity. This article covers a recent press release from The Sunday Times that talks about the appointment. Improving Autism Rocks will help research on the autism spectrum, and Sanjay has plans to expand his charity even further.

#1: Will And Pete Best Bring Quite A Lot Of Business Acumen

Will and Pete Best are friends of Sanjay, and they bring a new perspective on business to the table. Sanjay wants to get as many new ideas for the charity as he can find, and announcing these two appointments allows the charity to change the ways it raises money. There are always new ways to raise cash, and Sanjay wants to get input from Will and Pete before makes any changes.

#2: How Does Autism Rocks Work?

Autism Rocks put on concert events according to, that are attended by exclusive guests. Everyone pays handsomely to attend each event, and the events are played by acts like Joss Stone. Sanjay works hard to invite as many wonderful guests as possible, and all the money raised by the charity is used to fund autism spectrum research. These private concert events are some of the best parties ever given, and Sanjay wants to continue to prove the offerings at every event.

#3: Why Must The Board Offer New Ideas?

Charities must test and change their ideas over the years, and Sanjay Shah believes in running his charity like a business. He wants to have as many people on the board as possible with differing views. Differing views help propel the charity forward, and Sanjay’s friends in Pete and Will Best will help change the way these events are produced. Will and Pete are just two voices on a large board, but these voices are important if Autism Rocks wants to improve.

#4: How Did Autism Rocks Start?

Sanjay Shah started in the business world by founding Solo Capital. Many successful years in the business world offered Sanjay enough money to start his own charity, and he began working with musicians to schedule concert events. He invests all the money made by Autism Rocks through Solo Capital, and Sanjay continues to schedule new musicians he has met personally.

The mission of Autism Rocks is to raise money for research, and adding Will and Pete Best to the board improves the chances of the charity raising a lot of money. The charity is poised to have a banner year with the Best brothers onboard.

No Sagging No Bagging Clothes Maiden Unveils Spring & Summer Fabletics Line


Clothes Maiden’s spring and summer line of gym-wear has just come out. It features Fabletics, which are not meant to be boring and drab, but rather inspiring. They are not meant to be see-through either. Active-wear is always popular, especially now that winter is over. This particular brand of high fashion gym-wear is modeled by co-founder Kate Hudson. Her passion is to encourage women to remain active and physically fit throughout their lives. The Fabletics clothing line is the brainchild of Hudson, who is the daughter of Goldie Hawn. Both mother and daughter are actresses.


The Spring & Summer Collection of colorful yoga pants and tops are great for running, working out, playing with the kids, or laying on the couch contemplating the universe, with maybe a little TV on the side. Although Fabletics is not really marketed as loungewear that may well be its most popular function. Because for some people, anything that feels as comfortable as pajamas is like a couch magnet.


From lounge around to high-intensity workouts, or what have you, Fabletics has new outfits every month. Expensive and cute fitness apparel is at hand. Since 2013, Fabletics has been making a name for itself as a quality purveyor of yoga outfits. The prices are reasonable and the outfits flattering.


There is a special VIP Program for the workout enthusiast. With an automatic monthly payment of $50, one of several outfits can be chosen by the pay date. If no choice is made or no cancellation is issued for the month by the payment date, then there is a charge for the month which can be used as a credit. The VIP Program can be cancelled one month at a time or on a more permanent basis. The very first outfit is $25 if the VIP route is taken.

Founder Of Human Rights Foundation Using Viral Video Clip Interview With Fox News To Become The Face Of Human Rights Advocacy

Thor Halvorssen has been doing it big lately. This crazy smart guy is using pop culture and social media to make human rights issues more visible, and it’s working. Media has changed and the founder of the Human Rights Foundation knows this. The HRF does big things around the world. They expose the atrocities and corruption of authoritarian dictators no matter where they reign on the globe. The group also helps the afflicted, the victims of authoritarian rule. So Thor Halvorssen was a little confused on an interview with Fox News recently.

Presumably, the newly born social media star, was there to talk about authoritarian dictators and their atrocities, but the interview started with something quite different. It seems the news anchor was bent on smearing presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and his democratic socialist ideas. The stunned Thor Halvorssen had then explained to the anchor that democratic socialism is not a problem. He even threw successful democratic socialist governments at the anchor as evidence, like as Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Authoritarianism, unilateral and unchecked power is the enemy, he says, not socialism.

But the Fox News anchor kept at, insisting that socialism itself was a violation of basic human rights. The cool-headed Thor Halvorssen then reached a tipping point, hitting the anchor with stunning information — he supports the compassionate platform of Sen. Bernie Sanders and denigrates the platform of Hillary Clinton and all Republican presidential candidates. The Republicans, he says, publicly support strong-armed authoritarians such as Vladimir Putin of Russia and that is unacceptable. Hillary Clinton, the human rights rockstar continues, is even worse. He believes that she has taken large campaign contributions from dictators and authoritarians from outside the United States. He fears what a Clinton presidency would look like if Hillary turned a blind eye on the actions of dictators throughout the world in a quid pro quo response to their large contributions.

He expressed that he believes free-market capitalism is a way to fight dictators and that he does not agree with everything Bernie Sanders says, but he is not in the pockets of authoritarian dictators. The contentious interview turned into a clip shared on social media, making Thor Halvorssen an Internet sensation.

Doing Things Differently, The Lime Crime Way

Now that online shopping is becoming increasingly common, more and more consumers are buying their cosmetics products via Internet. If you’re interested in simplifying the shopping process by making your purchases online, it’s important to know that Lime Crime may be the right company from which to obtain your products.

About Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a make-up company founded on the principle of providing people with cosmetics solutions that enable them to transcend the culture of conformance in order to create an identity-building look. To accomplish this objective, the website features numerous make-up shades and products that stand out from the cosmetics that already exist in the beauty and fashion markets.

As the founder of Lime Crime, and the operator of the company twitter, Doe Deere is committed to keeping her website as cutting edge and relevant as possible. In addition to being aesthetically appealing and highly functional, the Lime Crime website features a contemporary blog through which readers can obtain up to date information regarding all things beauty and fashion related. The blog is divided into six key parts: 1. make-up 2. behind the scenes 3. eye candy 4. spotlight 5. hairspiration 6. shop.

More About Lime Crime Owner’s Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a make-up maven who loves all aspects of the cosmetics development process. Ever since she was a young woman, Deere has experimented with a wide range of cosmetics products and colors to ensure that she could develop an aesthetic that stood out from the generic looks already available. Deere loves empowering other people to use make-up as a venue through which to embrace and display their individuality. In recognizing that the body can be used as a sphere through which to construct one’s identity, Deere is passionate about using her online business as a resource that consumers can access for the purpose of building their own unique aesthetic. Moreover, Deere’s commitment to the beauty world has led her to become an excellent business woman. Because of her top notch entrepreneurial skills, she was honored by Self-Made as a leading female business owner.  Check them out on Pinterest for makeup ideas, or you can see the full line of Velvetines on the website.

Have You Tried Wen Before?


For as long as I can possibly remember, I have been complaining about my fine hair. Whether you were my mom, best friend, stylist or a stranger I met on the street, chances are you heard about my hair struggles. Thankfully, I finally discovered a product that will change all this.

One night I was watching QVC and I noticed this man named Chaz Dean. He was talking about his new product, Wen. WEN is an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment that is known to leave hair looking extremely full. I couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing. Have my prayers finally been answered? I immediately placed an order on ebay for the product.

Soon, it arrived at my house. I ripped open the Wen package as fast as I possibly could and used it the next morning. Wow, let me tell you how good my hair looked. My strands no longer came across as thin. Instead, all of my locks looked super luscious.

I do have to say, though, if you prefer to wash your hair the night before a major event or like to skip washing your hair from time-to-time, you may want to opt for another product. It’s not that Wen won’t work on your hair, but it may leave your locks looking oily. You definitely don’t want that.

The best way to discover whether or not WEN is for you is to purchase it for yourself. Once you do that, you can see if there is any difference in your hair. Trust me, this is one of the best decisions I ever made. Wen has truly made a huge impact on my life and now I’m not ashamed of my hair. Instead, I like to flaunt it for the whole world to see. I think you will too.

New York Attorneys Help New York Residents and Homeless Pets

Ross Abelow is launching a gofundme page to help the local animal shelters feed the stray animals in New York. People walking in the city frequently run across dogs that have no homes. They are rummaging for food and shelter. These dogs are usually very cold. Some will hunker down under trash cans and in storm drains. The frequent snow and cold air can create a difficult life for these innocent animals. Ross is hoping that people will feel the need to help these animals. He is hoping people will donate as much as they can. The goal is to raise up to or over $5000. The money will benefit the homeless animals and the animal shelters.

In the article Ross explains the need for blankets and food. He met with the local animal shelter and learned that the abundance of homeless animals is placing a burden on the shelter. There is not enough food and blankets to support the ones in the shelters much less the ones on the street. With the help of the funds from the donation page, Lawyer Abelow can help the shelter and the ones on the street to have a better life.

Lawyers in New York are busy helping with any type legal procedure that anyone may need. Some people may call upon a lawyer for legal guidance and counseling. Others may need someone to put together a contract for them. Ross Abelow is one of the lawyers in New York that works with corporations, families, and entertainers. He helps them all draw up paperwork that is needed to make them legal in any issue.

There are lawyers that help when you have an injury from a car wreck or work injury. These lawyers can help their clients get help receiving the compensation they deserve. Lawyers can be the go-between. They meet with the other lawyers and worker’s compensation to handle your claims. Worker’s compensation is difficult sometimes and individuals need to have legal representation to file their claims.

Lawyers also help file custody papers, divorce papers, wills, and papers for purchases like homes. Litigation attorneys go to court to help their client settle cases and plead their innocence. Attorneys are bound by their client’s confidentiality. Each attorney will receive all of the facts before proceeding with a claim or case. If a lawyer is representing someone, they will need all of the facts before the claims are addressed. Lawyers such as Ross Abelow are working hard to keep things legal and above board. Call on your local attorney by visiting the Lawyerlighthouse list of New York Attorneys.

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Rob Reina And His Vision for Talk Fusion

Bob Reina and a Natural Talent
Bob Reina is the founder and the CEO of Talk Fusion. He has a natural talent for technology and an entrepreneurial nature. He is an individual who strives to move ahead and remain up-to-date with innovative technology that will empower others to fully live their dreams. He is a man who has combined his industry expertise to promote video technology that exceed expectations. Reina offers over 20 years of marketing experience and he has a fine and upstanding reputation.

Talk Fusion is Empowering People on a Global Basis
Talk Fusion is connecting people globally. This is empowering people everywhere to make their dreams a reality. This is happening because of the video technology that is continuing to expand and grow. Talk Fusion offers a suite of powerful communication products. This suite is allowing people to connect around the world. Talk Fusion began in the year 2007. The suite of products includes:
* video email
* video newsletters
* communication products
* live video chat
* conferencing solutions
* marketing and analytics enhancements

Bob Reina and Discipline
Reina is a CEO who believes in discipline. He is a team player who knows that discipline will lead to success. It is only one of the ingredients that will ensure that everybody wins. He is a former police officer who is well-informed of discipline and success. Helping other people and working together as a team will benefit everyone involved. Bob Reina had a clear vision to fully meet the future. Mr. Reina has remained aware and he has recognized the trends that continue to emerge. He has offered the innovative technology and this has led to empowerment. He also can offer his relationship marketing experience. Continued discipline and working together as a team will ensure that Bob Reina’s vision for the future will exceed expectations.