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Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala Has Been Nominated For Emerging Leaders Award

Emerging as one of the elites is Madison Street Capital’s very own co-founder and COO, Anthony Marsala. The original report can be seen on Benzinga, explaining the investment bankers nomination for the Emerging Leaders Award. Starting in 2010, this is the 7th staging of the 40 under 40 event. Today, the program has spread internationally with Emerging Leaders being recognized within Europe as well as the United States.

On June 10, there will be an official Awards Gala in a black tie theme for the Emerging Leaders of past and present. The event is sponsored by the Emerging Leaders Summit and M&A Advisor and will be held in New York. Anthony, along with other top M&A nominees will celebrate the victory of achieving this special title, in showcase of their accomplishments and expertise in the industry. Having dedicated the past 15 years to investment banking, Anthony is deserving candidate.

This program is about recognizing the rising M&A and financial experts for their worthwhile contributions to the industry. With his specialties in M&A, transactions and leveraged finance, Anthony was recognized by NACVA for his innovative set of skills.

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking and debt financing firm that was co-founded by Anthony Marsala. After 15 years in business, Madison Street Capital can still happily announce successful performances over the year with 42 total M&A deals closed in 2015, a 27 percent increase from 2014. With their boost in transaction late in the year, the company has secured a position in 2016 to break some industry records. Madison Capital overcomes the common struggles associated with slow hedge fund companies with their innovative strategies and professional team of experts. The company’s main services focus on finance advisory, mergers and acquisitions, M&A and business valuations.

The firm actively participates in many projects around the globe focused on create better communities for everyone. Along with supporting the United Way and their efforts, the company puts together relief programs for states in need of support. Madison Street Capital has always been dedicated to strengthening economic stability on a global level. With Anthony Marsala at the helm and the talented professionals working behind Madison Street Capital, the company as well as its COO will continue to gain more success.

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The Growing Health Emergency In Venezuela

The average person in this country probably realizes that there are several functioning hospitals in their local community. In a crisis situation, there is at least one that is available. “Venezuela’s hospitals are in dire straits” says David Osio. The hospitals in the country lack even the most meager necessities that might include soap, water, gloves, and a bed. People are not able to get the medicine that they require to treat their illness. Often, they find it necessary to turn to the Black Market to purchase their drugs. The health crisis in the country is actually quite horrifying.
President Making Changes
The medical and health crisis wages on, without any signs of improvement. However the president of Venezuela is making a few unusual changes to try to improve the economic crisis that people in the country are facing daily. President Nicolás Maduro is encouraging women to stop using electric hair dryers, in an attempt to save electricity. In a report from, he is forcing the state workers to take holidays. Of course, his methods seem a bit unorthodox to people outside of the country. Still, it is an attempt to help the country recover one step at a time. Other problems need to be addressed. Statistics show that the country is facing extremely high inflation rates and low employment figures. Certainly, the country is facing difficult times.


Madison Street Capital Makes Safe Investment a Priority

Madison Capital is once again, ahead of itself when it comes to transaction levels. In 2015 alone the company saw transaction volumes go 27% higher than 2014, per AUM measurements. The company credits key drivers such as transaction within the fourth quarter of 2015 as driving this momentum. Movement in the market is also connected to projected increases in the hedge fund M&A transactions.

This is surprising news as more hedge funds had performed poorly throughout 2015. Hedge fund industry assets seemed to do well while the rest of the hedge fund services market to lag considerably. This also affected institutional investors, who are more likely to allocate funds to alternative asset management sectors. While this strategy does not seem intuitive, given buy low and sell high fund strategies, the investors who stand behind these tactics aim for higher returns due to increasing liabilities.

Madison Street Capital seems to understand the value of smaller hedge fund allocation to these markets however, they also see a market trend. Hedge fund managers increasingly see obstacles in attracting new capital and are therefore creating portfolios below capacity levels. This also means that managers are now seeing higher operational expenditures during periods of downward pressures related to fees. This is a driving factor behind the choice of hedge fund managers. Many are looking at revenue-share stakes and PE stakes to maneuver this new and risk addled market.

Overall, Madison street capital believes that the hedge fund deal environment within the industry will continue to grow from trends seen in 2015. In fact, managers are estimating that 2016 will be even stronger. There are a few other trends that support this. Many of the new deal strategies formulated focus on accommodation of both buyer and seller. So it is easy to see that transactions do not have to be based on traditional M&A; some hedge fund transactions are done through incubator deals. These types of strategies require closer management than tradition M&A, but nonetheless, the value is there for investors.

So, it looks like the hedge fund industry will need to experience consolidation in the coming years. The targeting of stakes may not strike investors as particularly attractive, but the financial industry will likely follow this trend. Risk avoidance has always been a driving factor in investment services, however it is now at an all time importance. Madison Street Capital understands that anyone who ignores or even downplays the significance of risk will often pay for this oversight in the long run.

Madison Street capitals has given investors an integrated broad spectrum resource for both strategic and effective financial investing. Its advisory service is such that clients have grown to trust Madison Street Capital across the globe. Among its other services are financial restructuring and sponsoring.

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Sanjay Shah Founder of Solo Capital Markets And Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah is the founder and CEO of Solo Capital Markets. From its headquarters in London, England, the company provides international boutique financial services. The company was incorporated in 2011 and specializes in professional sports investments, consulting, and proprietary trading. Sometimes called Solo Capital UK or Solo Capital Limited, the company is owned and run by Solo Group Holdings. Solo Capital Partners has cash flow in excess of £30 million, assets of £67.45 million, and its net worth is £15.45 million.

As well as Solo Capital Partners has done, it’s not the only company controlled by Sanjay Shah that is successful. He also owns dozens of companies in the Cayman Islands, Malta, Dubai, the British Virgin Islands, and Luxembourg. Prior to his work as an independent business owner, Shah successfully ran Old Park Lane Capital, a company that was focused on working with natural resources. He also founded an organization which raises funds for and awareness of autism by holding concerts to fund research. Called Autism Rocks, the organization has held concerts featuring Prince, Snoop Dogg, Michael Buble, Lenny Kravitz, Drake, and many others.

Business was not Sanjay Shah’s first love. His dream had long been to become a doctor. After studying medicine, he realized he didn’t like it. He then turned his attention to accounting and financial services and worked with companies like Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch. When Shah lost his job in 2009 due to the financial crisis, he decided to start Solo Capital. Shah is also the CEO and founder of Aesa S.a.r.l. The company controls Solo Group Holdings. With a net worth of about $260 million, the married father of two considers himself retired.

However, Shah remains quite busy. He has offices in Dubai and London. He continues to be an Autism Research Trust trustee, has made significant donations to the cause through the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University, sponsors children in India, and created the website ‘Austism.Rocks’ to help raise awareness of the condition with which his son was diagnosed. Sanjay Shah is an excellent example of a life well lived.

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When Bad Press Hits

It’s no surprise that in today’s world, articles can be found with only a single click of the mouse. These articles often contain neutral information, positive information, or negative information – depending on the business or item searched. More neutral information will be found on how the cell replicates DNA than on a particular company, for example.

This is a company’s worst nightmare. Before the internet, if a company goofed up really bad, only the radio or the television news crews would be able to cover it. That assumes the goof up ever made it to the general public. If this happened, it would only take a few weeks, maybe a couple of months, before the goof up was forgotten and considered ancient history. Now, a news video, article, or even a blip in an article on something else can be found months, even years, after the initial uproar.

Bury Bad Articles is one among a host of companies that have cropped up. For a general idea of what these companies do, they essentially police bad press. As the company’s name suggests, Bury Bad Articles will bury bad news, reviews, or feedback that is negative. They give a free quote of how much it’ll cost to bury those bad articles, but defend that with statistics about how many potential customers can be lost by negative articles, feedback, etc.

For example, the site states that 22% of potential customers are turned away if there’s only one bad article found within a certain number of pages of results on any search engine. Two negative articles causes about the same number of potential customers to lose interest. Once that number hits three, over half of the potential customers will lose interest – a whopping 59.2%. Four articles, and it’s pretty much game over as 70% of potential customers turn away.

No matter how many bad articles pop up, they can be pushed down in today’s world – both by an overwhelming amount of good press following the bad press, or by intentionally hiding those bad reviews and articles on page 10 or 20 of the search results.

FreedonPop’s Grand Plan for Signing Up With Whatsapp

According to an article released on Venturebeat, FreedomPop is in the process of putting together a grand plan to sign people up. It is also in talks with WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook. As of right now, the plan is to get people to use WhatsApp at no rate. As of right now, FreedomPop has no partnership with WhatsApp. FreedomPop does it all on its own, and at its own cost. This deal is also available exclusively in Spain. However, this is a good fit for FreedomPop because of the free services that it offers its customers.

FreedomPop has gotten its start under Sprint. The whole plan was to open up the mobile market to people that are living on a small budget. They offer free service to users that are very low on money. However, the amount of service that is being offered is very limited. Fortunately, they make it possible for people to gain more service by paying for more data, talk and texting services. The amount that they gain is relatively small compared to some of the other carriers. However, the price that users pay to use the service is very small as well.

FreedomPop is making many moves in order to open up services to people with a small amount of income. They are also making expansions in their business with new plans for their customers. Among the new plans is an actual smartphone of their own that is connected exclusively with FreedomPop. This is going to give people more options when it comes to a phone that they use for the carrier. They would no longer have to settle for refurbished material. The phone will be developed by Intel and will use their quick processor in order to present customers with a great service and experience.

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Kyle Bass Shows Lack Of Consideration For His Disciples

Kyle Bass has long been someone who likes to get as much attention as he can, and he is doing that to this day while he talks about problems in China. He says that people should be avoiding China if they want to make money on their investments, but the cold hard facts indicate that he is just talking. Kyle Bass has let his hedge fund go to waste, and he is picking up on any small thing that will be able to turn heads. He is turning heads with his China prediction, but it is only half right.

The Chinese government is looking for ways that it will be able to improve its growth, but the government is not in a position where it has to make a change today. Kyle Bass is telling people to avoid China because he thinks that that sounds good when people are listening to him. The truth is that volume in China will help keep the country going, and his opinion only looks at half the facts.

Useful Stooges reports that Kyle Bass has also been known to make other crazy predictions just because he thought they sounded good. He did predict the 2008 financial crisis, and he should be commended for that. The problem is that he has not done anything of merit since. He has not earned the trust of investors, and he has not earned the respect of analysts who are looking in on the industry. He is screaming in the wind to anyone who will listen, and that usually happens on TV. He is hoping that people will take him seriously because he is rich, but he is not considering the average people who will take his advice.

The average person who takes advice from Kyle Bass could stand to lose a lot of money, and every one of those people is going to be in a bad situation because they chose to listen to someone who is too rich for their own good. Kyle Bass is not to be trusted because he is showing that he is making decisions that are not good for the masses. He has also told people to fight drug companies on patents, to wait for the collapse of the US economy, and to bet on stocks that are not worth the money. He is gambling with money he has in great supply, but it is money that other people do not have.

Lime Crime Exceeds 2.5M on Instagram to Their Followers’ Delight

A recent news announcement highlighted the fact that makeup brand, Lime Crime, has exceeded two million followers on Instagram. As today’s consumer wants to interact and stay up to date with their favorite brands in real time, exceeding a follower base of that threshold on Instagram often is a massive indicator of brand success.

Lime Crime is known for radical lipstick shades that break the mold of the traditional colors. The colors have inspired a cult-like following, especially among social media influencers and their Instagram followers @limecrimemakeup. Although the brand is best-known for their inspired products, they have pioneered several new avenues in the world of makeup. Lime Crime introduced the world to its signature “on lip” swatch of lipstick. By showcasing not just the lipstick or a swatch on white, but how the lipstick looks on an actual person, Lime Crime CEO & Founder, Doe Deere allows buyers to feel more confident in their purchase decision from an online retailer.

The makeup company is known for being revolutionary in the joining of product and social media. Lime Crime has pioneered this convergence in its revolutionary website capability to actually shop the product in fan pictures. By using user-generated content to showcase their products and allowing site visitors to make purchases directly from that user-generated content, Lime Crime has not only further converged social media and product integration, but has spurred a wave of extremely loyal social media brand advocates for their products. The article details how Lime Crime, instead of focusing on promoting its own products, showcases a majority of Instagram posts that are submitted by actual fans using the hashtag #limecrime on Tumblr. Pictures range from skilled, almost artisanal nail designs, to creative uses of varying products. These photos are also hosted live on Lime Crime’s website, feeling almost like a tribute to their extremely loyal fanbase.

Basket Ball Legend Wants To Build High End Apartments in Atlantic City

Shaquille O’Neal, better known as Shaq, partnered with the Boraie Development LLC to build high end lofts and apartments in Atlantic city. The duo wants to build “The Beach at South Inlet” apartment complex near the empty Revel Casino, and they were originally granted the loan but its now being reconsidered by the RDA. The $61 million apartment complex is not in question or are the two who are looking to help revitalize the area, so what’s the hold up? The initial review of the loan comes from the RDA’s concerns over the depleting community after the $30 million loan was given to Shaq and Boraie back in March of 2013. The Revel Casino was the first business to close its doors then the Showboat closed shop and now the Trump Taj Mahal is barely keeping its footing.

With the better part of the South Inlet being almost completely vacant the RDA wants to reevaluate if building this expensive and expansive apartment complex is in the city’s best interest financially. So far they’ve decided to extend their deadline for a decision so they can continue to mull over the details while Shaq and the Boraie Development LCC patiently await the final decision.

The Boraie Development company has been helping cities all over the North Atlantic coast of the United States for years by building and managing commercial and residential real estate. By focusing on urban areas in places like New Brunswick and Atlantic City the Boraie family has been able to revitalize areas and revamp their buildings which has created an interest for businesses to open up shop. Once business begin laying down roots the number of jobs increases thus boosting the city’s economy and giving residents more job options. As the population grows the need for apartment buildings ascends as well which is when the Boraie group steps in with their modern luxury apartment buildings.

Over the last thirty years the Boraie group has made a name for themselves in the field of business and commercial real estate along the Atlantic coast. Currently they are one of the most sought after firms in the state of New Jersey, and are well known for using their own capital as well as commercial capital from commercial banks to help fund their projects. All of their development projects are drafted, built, and managed by the Boraie Development LLC to ensure a consistent high standard.

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Yeonmi Park Reveals Heartbreaking Defection Story In Her Memoir

The memoir of Yeonmi Park, entitled “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom” has been at the top of bestseller charts on for a number of months after the North Korean defector made her way to safety in South Korea. The details of the life of Yeonmi Park are well known to many people who have seen her deliver speeches at major human rights conferences, write articles in major news media, or appear on talk shows. Despite the many occasions Yeonmi Park has taken to deliver her story to people around the world the story retains its power to shock and enthrall her followers around the world.

The chance to escape North Korea was prompted by events surrounding the father of Yeonmi Park, who was a government official providing a standard of living based in the higher echelons of Korean society. A article reveals that despite the position Yeonmi Park’s father held in the Communist party his family were subject to starvation and famine, which led to the patriarch embarking on a series of events that resulted in his fall from grace and his family living in poverty.

At this time the family decided their best course of acti was to embark on a journey to democratic South Korea on, which would require the family placing their lives in the hands of human traffickers. Yeonmi Park’s mother was subjected to sexual assault as she sacrificed herself to save her daughter from the dangers she saw around her, Park would later reveal her father had died from untreated cancer symptoms on nytlive.nytimes during his refugee journey and had given her sister up for dead after losing contact with her. Yeonmi Park was eventually reunited with her sister after she and her mother arrived in South Korea and began working to help those who remain trapped in the Communist state.