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Lime Crime: Fashion For The Artistic


If there is one thing that could be said about fashion and beauty, it is that there is a lot of room for art. People that are artistic can make the most out of fashion and beauty. This is one of the reasons that they do well with Lime Crime. For one thing, it does not hurt to have variety. Fashion and beauty thrives on this. This is one of the reasons that people are always willing to see what they can offer in fashion that is different from others. Among the different types of fashion that does well with variety are clothing, and make up.

Make up is where Doe Deere’s company, Lime Crime thrives. People are always inspired to put together something that is not only different, but artistic. People will have the opportunity to show others that beauty can’t be contained in a tiny box. Beauty not only can do good with room to breathe, but it also actually needs the room. Therefore, it is important for people to take the time to come up with their own style as opposed to trying to be someone else. This is one of the philosophies that Doe Deere lives by.


At the same time, trying to be different for the sake of being different could back fire as well. The best thing one could do is be herself. She could be herself with her choices in make up and fashion. When she takes the time to find out the types of looks that she likes, she will then be able to feel a lot better about herself. After all, beauty is not just about looking good. It is about feeling good as well. People are only going to be as beautiful as they feel.


For those that are interested in Lime Crime, there are a ton of places that carry this brand of make up. One of the places that people could shop for Lime Crime is Urban Outfitters. This place has a ton of make up as well as unique forms of fashion that people could enjoy for themselves.  There are also a ton of great articles out there exposing why Lime Crime is on the fashion precipice, including GaloreMag’s recent piece “This Brand Has the Beauty Looks Your Friends Will Copy 6 Months From Now”.  Also be sure to read about some of the Cyber Monday deals Lime Crime is running here:

How to Fix a Bad Reputation

Online reputation management is highly recommended for success. It can help a business or entrepreneur repair their reputation and boost their credibility online. Every business owner, company executive or other professional needs to be able to control how they are perceived online. This can be accomplished by hiring the services of a reliable reputation management firm.

On the net, as in the real world, perception of an image accounts for a great deal. People rely on what they read on Online Reputation Reviews to make an informed decision when they are looking for products or services to purchase. It becomes essential for a businessman or a professional to have a viable and easily visible online presence, and ensure the best possible reputation for their brand.

Online reputation management is a way to take control of how you are perceived online. It is a necessary aspect of achieving success in today’s digital environment.

In online reputation management, regular searches are run to check for mentions of an organization and to study the content of those mentions. Companies usually want to promote good references, while hiding harmful ones by resolving them or drowning them out with favorable ones, if possible.

The use of online reputation management empowers organizations to directly communicate and interact with dissatisfied clients to resolve their problems, greatly enhancing customer service while controlling their appearance online. Various organizations use social networking networks to communicate directly with potential buyers with everything from product promotions to solicitations for tips on ways they can improve.

Content is often definitive to the impression of the brand. To succeed in the face of strong competition, you need something much more than simple informative content. Highly knowledgeable reputation management professionals can design innovative and creative content, suitable to your niche, for promotional solutions and building a good reputation.

They have experienced and skilled writers who can continuously produce content to capture the attention of your potential clients. These experts pinpoint the target, and work to establish a personal connect with them. Contact a renowned reputation management team to find out ways they can help you established a great online image.


Norka Luque Using Music to Bring Inspiration to Fans

Norka Luque is a talented Venezuelan singer whose music brings hope to millions of people around the world. Through her songs, Luque inspires people to pursue their dreams in life in spite of the challenges they face. She believes that people should appreciate life as a miracle and have hope in a better future regardless of the challenges they face. Norka’s message of positivity no matter the hardships of life comes from a personal crisis she went through.


Even though Luque’s talent and passion for music were always evident even from a young age, she broke into stardom recently, about five years ago. While in school, Luque practiced ardently in piano, ballet, and flamenco. As an undergraduate, Norka took courses in Business Administration, marketing, fashion and culinary arts. Her passion for music, however, remained intact.


Her big break came when producer Emilio Estefan Jr. took an interest in her music. Emilio, one of the wildly popular music producers, gave Luque a platform to reach a global audience. This platform earned her millions of fans who were attracted by the messages of hope, inspiration, and encouragement expressed through her music. Working with renowned composers Hermanos Gaiton and Archie Pena, Luque produced the hit song MILAGRO, a mixture of Caribbean sounds and reggae tune. MILAGRO is riding high in the Latin music billboards. The inspirational song is also wildly popular in other countries around the world; key among them Puerto Rico and the United States.


Norka Luque’s philosophy regarding music is that the art should be a means of giving motivation and inspiration to the society by stirring the deepest emotions of the listeners. She believes that music should not only mirror the transformation happening in the community but be part of that change too. However, while new genres, tunes, and styles of music may be introduced and some of the present ones disappear with societal revolution, Luque says that the essence of music should never change. Music should encourage people to appreciate the gift of life above all else in the midst of life’s battles. It is message many people desperately need, and through her music, Luque is effectively providing it.


She may have started singing professionally only a few years ago, but Luque is reaching millions across the world. In a world where despair and discouragement are all too familiar, Norka’s message of hope has never been timelier.


Norka en su showcase: “Mi destino es la música”


Twenty Three Layers: An Event Planning Company To Hire

Planning An Event
Being in charge of hosting an event or party can be a lot of weight on one’s shoulders. If you are responsible for throwing an event for many people who are counting on a memorable occasion, you may want to consider hiring an event professional. By doing this, it will save you time, headaches and will help perfectly plan your event for all to enjoy. If you decide that hiring an event planner is the way to go, there are a few things to keep in mind before deciding which company to hire.

Hiring A Professional Event Planner
When hiring a professional, you’ll first want to get your thoughts in order. Making a list of your party objectives such as who the party is for, where it will be held, etc. will help you to get quotes from companies. Also, figuring out your budget will help them to know what you expect to pay once all is said and done. Once you’ve brainstormed, you’ll need to do some serious researching. Finding companies in the area will likely be plentiful, but finding good reviews, testimonials and samples of past work is what is important. Interview a select few companies that have good reputations until you’ve narrowed it down to the best one. When you’ve finally hired your professional event planner, make sure you sit down with them to discuss every detail of the party. If they are thorough, they will keep good contact with your throughout the planning process.

Finding Twenty Three Layers
While there may be many event planning companies in NYC, there aren’t many with a reputation like Twenty Three Layers. Twenty Three Layers is well known for there themed events, and for doing business with clients like the expensive car company, Jaguar. This reputable company feature full service event planners in NYC who work with you to throw the event of your dreams. You will not be disappointed in the work that they do, and they will take care of every aspect of the party planning process.

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LED Lighting: Good Just Got Even Greater

Light emitting diode (LED) lighting is one of the most energy efficient lighting fixtures on the market. Each year we’ve noticed LED lights become more and more dominant in homes and businesses, steadily making incandescent and fluorescent lighting soon to be obsolete light fixtures of the past. The thermal management of LED lighting is one of the product’s superpowers. Since LED lighting doesn’t radiate heat they can last much longer than other lighting fixtures. Each LED bulb and light fixture conducts their thermal management in a different way depending upon their design. LED lights are as versatile as they are energy efficient. This versatility lends itself to LED lighting’s functionality as an IoT device for smart lighting. LED lighting fixtures can be designed with sensors inside that can help users monitor and manage energy consumption. As the world strives to lessen it’s carbon footprint overall by incorporating systems and green technology innovation that assists them in doing so, LED lighting has come to the forefront of this shift towards energy efficiency. Commercial properties in the U.S. account for 65% of energy consumption across the nation, with 22% of that consumption stemming from their lighting sources. Although LED lighting has the ability to increase energy efficiency more effectively than other lighting fixtures, incorporating some form of smart IoT lighting application can help businesses to be even more efficient. Gooee is an enterprise IoT lighting solutions provider with applications that are most beneficial to commercial properties in the hospitality, retail, logistics industries. Their applications and systems can help these businesses see an energy savings of up to 90%.


Naomi Campbell Is The Supermodel That Every Model Wants To Be

When people mention music, everyone knows who Michael Jackson is. When people mention modeling, everyone knows exactly who Naomi Campbell is. It’s also fitting to mention that Naomi Campbell was in one of Michael Jackson’s videos many years ago named “Keep It In The Closet,” and it definitely helped her to become more of a household name, especially since the video was incredibly popular at the time. Naomi was constantly being talked about because of her dancing skills in the video, which was one of her rare performances, outside of modeling.

Naomi Campbell has done everything in the world, including modeling, acting, working with great fashion lines, and mentoring. Naomi is well known for her modeling talents because she was a model first but became so much more over time. After doing almost everything a person can possibly do in a lifetime, the only thing left for Naomi to do is to travel to outer space because she has really conquered the world. Naomi has even managed to be on not just one but two of the hottest shows that were ever produced by the Fox network, including the current show “Empire.”

With the show Empire becoming so popular and highly rated with an average of 9 million viewers, Naomi Campbell became even more popular amongst the younger demographics that watched the show on a regular basis. Naomi has even created an amazing book recently that only had a few prints, which means they were bound to sell quickly and would be treasured by those who bought them. The outline of the front of the book has Naomi’s curves, which made the book a visual success as well as a commercial success.

Naomi has been on so many talk shows that they can’t all be mentioned, and she has solidified herself as one of the best supermodels to ever walk the runway. With the long history that Naomi has in Hollywood and beyond, anyone who wants something done correctly, whether it’s acting, modeling, or anything to do with fashion, they would call on Naomi Campbell.

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John Goullet and His Mastery of the Entrepreneurial World

John Goullet seemed destined to make his mark in the entrepreneurial world and against some pretty stiff odds, he has. Everything has a beginning and most of the best ideas have one thing in common, they all start from scratch in one way or another. The trick to entrepreneurial success is the ability to start with nothing and end up with it all as John has on more than one occasion. Anyone with the desire to do the same can learn a lot from watching a man like him in action.

After a recent merger of John Goullet’s company Info Technologies with Diversant he has now been named as the Principle of Diversant LLC. In the world of technology, this is major news but not surprising to anyone who knows him or has worked with John in the past. He is one of those people who has had to earn every “break” he’s ever gotten in life and wouldn’t have it any other way. To his way of thinking, what you earn for yourself, you get to keep.

Diversant LLC is a good example of what John and his keen understanding of entrepreneurial principles has been able to accomplish. The company motto “Empowered by Difference” has a ring to it that makes a person think. It’s okay to be different, and very satisfying indeed when one can take that difference and surprise the world with what they do with it. Diversant will thrive under Goullet’s guidance, and anyone working with them will know that IT consultants have the cutting edge knowledge needed for success in any venture.

One thing that’s made John Goullet so successful is he fully understands that winning isn’t always a “solo” effort. It can be of course, but when you work as a team like John and his office mates at Diversant do, the goal of perfection and efficiency every time is much more likely than not. The ability and ambition to drive oneself to a goal are common enough in the business world, it’s doing so while hanging onto your sense of what’s right that sets men like John apart from too many others who don’t operate that way.

Check out John’s website here.

Securus Steps Up To Plate, Hits Grand Slam On BBB Accreditation

It seems that every company in America is trying to scam you. You can get locked into a cell phone plans that don’t serve your best interest. People slinging time shares are trying to get you into something you don’t need. And it seems just about every product that you order does not come as advertised. That’s why the public has the Better Business Bureau.


The BBB tries to safeguard the public from unethical companies looking to scam their customers, and they do a really good job of it. In fact, the next time you get scammed, just threaten to call the BBB and see what the company does. They’ll probably try to appease you right there on the spot.


The point is that people care about what the Better Business Bureau thinks. And that’s why I was surprised to see that Securus Technologies has gone through the rigorous process of getting accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Accreditation is an exhaustive process in which the BBB analyzes every aspect of a company. They hold the company up to an eight point checklist and the company must meet all requirements in order to get accredited.


Securus isn’t the kind of company that needs favor from the Better Business Bureau. They provide communication services to prisons and jails with a customer base that is literally locked up. And not many people will come to the aid of complaining prisoners if their customer service isn’t that good.


But Securus went ahead and got accredited anyway. They received high marks for trustworthiness, integrity, transparency, the honoring of promises, a commitment to privacy, and the ability to tell the truth. It seems that some companies can use the BBB to promote their image just like Securus has done. I wish more companies would step up to the plate like this.

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Fast Company looks at the Fast Growth of EOS

Some companies have the ability to grow faster than others. That is the case with EOS. This company has managed to grow at an alarming rate because the executives have mastered three things very well. The things are product marketing, product placement and product design.

The idea to market the EOS lip balm product specifically to women was a genius idea. Men can still buy the product, but realistically women have always been the ones to buy products for chapped lips. Some men have never made a purchase of any type of lip balm in their lives. So this shows that the Evolution of Smooth has the leaders that looked at the road less traveled and decided to capture the attention of the consumers that were actually buying these products. A lot of other lip balm companies have tried to get the attention of everyone. The founders of the Evolution of Smooth did the research and realized that valuable time was being wasted with marketing to people that did not even buy lip balm products.

Another thing that the EOS executives Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky had managed to do well is place the product in stores. It was at Walgreens that the EOS products came to life early. This was a great place to market the products. This is a smaller store than a Wal-Mart. People would get lost in a super Wal-Mart, but the products can be found easily in ULTA because these are smaller stores with fewer items.

The product design would then aid people in finding these products when they went to stores. The colorful product cannot help but stand out. These colorful spheres that represent different lip balm flavors can even attract impulse buyers that may have never even considered these products.

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