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Alfonso De Angoitia – A key contributor In Success of One Of Mexico’s Media Company

     Over the last 20 years, media companies have rapidly evolved in Mexico. The media trends in Mexico are emerging and interpreting the country’s political trends since the country hums with a lot of political activities. There has been complaints that media giants like TV Azteca and Televisa support official government views rather than doing critical investigative journalism. But currently, all newspapers in Mexico no longer depend on government advertising revenue.

The Televisa television closely works with the Mexican government in broadcasting its news. There are however other media TVs like cable TV and others from which you can watch 10 different news programs. The Magazine market dominates Mexico City’s media landscape. The top magazines have been Nexos, Preceso and now the Gatorpado, Emeequis, and Chilango. These magazines publish a lot of local content.

Proceso is a powerful magazine brand which has a big name in news magazine market. The Libres magazine concentrates more on Mexican’s cultural’ affairs. The Getarpo magazine is not a news magazine but deals with in-depth stories. They also feature on producing a quality paper with glossy photos and advertisements and focus on hard-hitting news and stories related to security, crime and drug trafficking. Their stories cover Latin America and Spain. The Getarpo magazine is printed to feel like a book. It is however not preferred for advertising since they do not give online business a lot of focus.

Magazines that a presence online in Mexico are the likes of El Universal which has invested more on internet news. This makes it possible for people to read news from their tablets, mobile phones and computers. They market themselves through the social media.

About Alfonso De Angoitia

Alfonso De Angoitia is the Executive Vice President of Televisa which is the largest media company in Mexico and in the entire Spanish-speaking world. Since 1997, Angoitia has been a board member of Televisa. In 2009, he was named the chairman of the Finance committee at Televisa.

Before becoming the VP at Televisa, Angoitia served as the Chief Financial Officer. Before joining Televisa, Angoitia served at White & Case LLP. Alfonso De Angoitia founded Mijares and he is the financial mastermind at Televisa.

Andrew Rolfe Enables The Ubuntu Fund To Raise Adequate Resources

As one of the organizers of the Ubuntu Education Fund gala dinner in London, Andrew Rolfe was instrumental in ensuring that the 300 guests were comfortable. He ensured that they were provided with a variety of cuisines and good music. During the event, the Fund was expecting to raise £600,000. At the end of the night, they had surpassed their initial target.

Some of the attendees included Jacob Lief, who is the chief executive of the Ubuntu Education Fund, and Sinesipho Rabidyani, a proud beneficiary of the Fund. Jacob posited that for 20 years, he has supported hundreds of disadvantaged children. When they were starting their operations, they thought that education was the only problem affecting these needy children. However, they came to learn that for these children to grow up; they need to have better health, nutrition and jobs. To this end, they started providing them with additional care. Over the years, the Ubuntu Fund has benefited many children who would otherwise have not completed their education.

Sinesipho stole the show by sharing her inspiring story. She said that when she was young, she dreaded going home given that her father was abusive owing to his drinking habits. Because of such challenges, she decided to redouble her efforts at school. To this end, she excelled well in her studies. This way, she qualified for the Ubuntu Educational Fund’s scholarship. Sinesipho is presently pursuing law at the university. She also said that her mother managed to accept to listen to her advice of moving away from their abusive father.

The management of the Ubuntu Fund posited that the money would be used in expanding the entity’s school campus, thus enhancing the student capacity. In addition, they will construct a modern pediatric clinic at the Port Elizabeth-based school campus.

Andrew Rolfe

The chairperson of the Ubuntu Fund served as the president of The Gap’s international division. At the San Francisco-based company, Rolfe was in charge of overseeing the company’s stores that were based in Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

In addition, Andrew worked for a London-based food retailer, Pret A Manger, as the chief executive officer and chairman of the board. The executive rendered his services for PepsiCo Restaurants International as the vice president in charge of the company’s operations in Europe.


Jason Hope Offers Insight on His Success in Technology

Jason Hope has spent his whole expert life seeking after his enthusiasm for innovation, which he accepts is the main impetus behind change on the planet. He is anxious to share his encounters building innovation, figuring out how to showcase it and getting to those outside of the innovation group to share new advancements in the field.

Maybe, one of the most astounding things about Hope is his blend of ability and skill in the innovation segment and the business canny to take his undertakings and investments to another level. It is very certain Jason has the entrepreneurial soul and is glad to share his contemplations on business innovation with anybody intrigued.

Jason dependably had a solid enthusiasm for mobile communications since he considered it as a standout amongst the most progressive approaches to reach the biggest number of the audience around the globe. After getting his business degree, he began exploring different avenues regarding mobile innovation and the developing Jawa, which is a mobile communication firm. Jawa is presently a parent organization of numerous other tech backups and besides different associations with pioneers in the tech business to learn more: click here.

In his personal experience view, beginning in the tech business, Jason knew know significant it is for growing business visionaries to get business funding and get their ideas & plans off the ground. Jason is thankful that he has been sufficiently effective to come up with a grant program to creative scholars with ideas that Jason believes can turn the world around. He reviews submissions from his site before devoting an extensive time to exploring the best ones to put resources into.

As a futurist, Jason is also excited to view the way the IoT (Internet of Things) is changing our society. For instance, when new gadgets are propelled into the market, they are progressively worked with connective abilities, so they add the broadness and profundity of our communications. According to Jason, the Internet of Things has the capability of revolutionizing the manner in which we interact and live with each other. For instance, it will have a big effect on medical development and streamlining the manner in which to do day-to-day activities.

End Citizens United Makes Big Waves Across America

End Citizens United is an organization that has managed to make considerable progress in working towards establishing a better government in the United States. The organization has received widespread support from numerous people all over the country who want to bring about change and help towards it. The organization has managed to raise a right amount, which is all used for their fight against these unjust people and policies. Within the first three months of the organization opening up to the public, the group collected approximately four million dollars. The organization aims to be able to have a total of thirty-five million dollars by the mid point of the 2018 elections.


End Citizens United is an organization that was built to change the current state of the government in the United States. The organization was formed with the aim of working towards undoing the damage that was caused to the American Society when the act of Citizens United was passed. Passed by the Supreme Court, independent parties and business owners could not invest into political groups, without having to account for the expenditure. This ruling naturally gave way to some corrupt practices within the political parties. For starters, political parties became a sort of money laundering and tax evasion system, whereby companies could give them their money, and not have to pay tax on it. In addition, it also led to some companies investing into these political parties either for favors or for positions in the party itself.


The effect of the ruling can be seen among certain leaders of the Republican Party who are now in positions of power, after donating large sums of money to the party. These people may not have the qualification to be in these posts in the government, but Citizens United has enabled them to do so without being questioned and without having to disclose their donations to the public.


End Citizens United was founded by a group of grassroots level entrepreneurs who wanted to give people a medium through which they could voice their opinions and bring about change. With the way the government currently works, a lot of people believe that their needs will not be met with unless they have a lot of money or are already in a position of power. The organization is working to establish transparency between the people and the governments so that the people can once again have a say in the way the country functions.


The organization identifies with the Democratic party and sees them as a better political party to be in power. The organization sees eye to eye with certain ideologies that the Democratic party puts forward which is why it has been in support of them since the very beginning.


How Roberto Santiago Improved Life In Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago is a successful businessman who is a native of Joao Pessoa, Brazil. He is an entrepreneur who established her first company while he was young. This company designed and manufactured cardboard cartons for other businesses. After running this company for a number of years he entered he bought a large plot of land in his hometown and built Manaira Shopping Mall. This mall is the largest in the Paraiba state of Brazil and one of the biggest in the entire country. He opened the mall in 1989 and has added onto it a number of times over the intervening years.

Manaira Shopping Mall took two years to build. Once completed and opened for business it offered a wide variety of shopping, entertainment, and dining experiences. It has both upscale shopping stores as well as more affordable places to buy goods at. It has just about every type of product people shop for including jewelry, clothing, books, furniture, and electronics. The mall also includes a fitness center and a number of banks. Additionally, it is home to Higher Education of Paraiba which is a university. Due to this, there are often a number of students and faculty members in and around the mall. Read more on

Roberto Santiago also included movie theaters in his mall as well as a large gaming area. This gaming area includes a bevy of different arcade machines and also has a bowling alley attached to it. Roberto Santiago has also expanded the food court three times since 1989 adding in many more options that offer both different cuisines as well as different price points. While Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has fast food restaurants it also now houses upscale eateries including Waynes and Capital Steakhouse.

One of the biggest additions that Roberto Santiago made to Manaira Shopping Mall took place in 2009. He installed Domus Hall on the roof of the mall which can accommodate up to 10,000 people. Domus Hall has attracted a number of Brazilian and international musicians who have performed there. The space can also be customized and has served as a place to have plays, weddings, conferences, and art shows. As Domus Hall is air-conditioned it can be used throughout the world. It is a two-story structure with the bottom level having cabins for smaller affairs while the second floor is the concert hall. Visit for more info.

In 2013, Roberto Santiago built a second mall he named Mangeira Shopping Mall. This mall is also located in Joao Pessoa and between the two they offer residents of the area a large variety of shopping and entertainment options. The two malls have also spurred development in the area which has resulted in a number of other businesses moving into the region.

Whitney Wolfe Has Become The Queen Bee

Whitney Wolfe, a graduate of International Studies, is known for her admirable work, whether it be selling charitable handbags, or creating one of the biggest dating apps in the world of technology. Correction: Whitney Wolfe has created numerous top-rated dating and relationship apps. In fact, Whitney Wolfe has been named one of the top 30 women under the age of 30, so clearly her ideas are amazing. Beginning with Tinder, Whitney Wolfe showed off her talent for creating relationship matches.

However, Whitney Wolfe knew she could make something even more buzz-worthy. Specifically, Whitney Wolfe created a female-driven dating app, where the woman in the match was able to (as well as required to) make the first move. Bumble became a hit, but Whitney Wolfe was not finished. While studying technology and its many usages, Wolfe realized that romantic partners weren’t the only thing being sought online; people also wanted to make matches for friendships. With this in mind, Whitney created Bumble BFF. Similar to Bumble, this app allows people to create matches from the comfort of their mobile devices. Both friendship and romantic matches were rising from Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble creations, which inspired her most recent project.


Whitney Wolfe’s latest success is known as the Hive. This bee-inspired (yet very modern) hangout area had an intended use for Bumble match meet-ups. Although, Whitney Wolfe, an educated woman of many strengths and talents, wanted the Hive to be a place of empowerment. The Hive, which is located in New York, has plans of hosting educational courses and business seminars. Of course, tips on dating and relationships will also be presented. A special guest appearance from DryBar will be made, as they will have styling sessions available on a specified date. Great hair, knowledge, and a beautiful yellow hangout spot…how could it get any better? Let’s cross our fingers that Whitney Wolfe and her squad of bees has plans of expanding the Hive, as each state truly deserves such an amazing, innovative, and social experience. Cheers to Bumble and all the friendships and relationships that is has people buzzing (and celebrating) about!

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Avi Weisfogel sees new possibilities for dental practices

Traditionally, dentists have been restricted to just working on oral disease. This has been true since the earliest dental practices in the United States were established. While some dentists, such as the famed Doc Holliday, had other professional interests, such as gun-slinging and gambling, the practice of dentistry in the United States tended to remain within fairly narrow bounds.

But Avi Weisfogel, one of New Jersey’s most prominent dentists, thought that the practice of dentistry in the United States could be expanded to include the diagnosis of other conditions. Dr. Weisfogel reasoned that dentists were in a propitious spot for the diagnosis and even treatment of many diseases that go without noticing by either the patient or, even in some cases, their primary care physicians. But what Dr. Weisfogel knew well was that many patients see dentists far more frequently than they see their physicians. This is due to the nature of dental problems. While somebody may be able to effectively put off a yearly physical or a colonoscopy indefinitely, rationalizing that they’ll go in six months or another year, to do so with dental conditions is often completely out of the question. Someone who would attempt to procrastinate on seeing a dentist regarding an actively infected third molar would quickly get an exercise in the limits of human pain tolerance. Likewise, somebody with a cavity or a chipped tooth in the front of their mouth has little choice but to attend a dentist, that is, if they don’t want to be derided for their obviously flawed appearance.

With this insight, Dr. Weisfogel set out to find a disease that would be amenable to diagnosis by dentists and that also could significantly improve the patient experience, adding value by recognizing a disease that would save the patient from suffering and possibly even from death.

Dr. Weisfogel found this disease in sleep apnea, a silent killer that afflicts millions of Americans each year. He founded Dental Sleep Masters, the first program dedicated to training dentists how to diagnose and treat sleep apnea. It has been a resounding success, with dentists all over America incorporating sleep apnea treatment into their practices.

Sujit Choudhry; Professor and Scholar

Sujit Choudhry is the founding director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. He was profiled in the CEOCFO Magazine. Sujit has worked as a constitutional advisor for many years. He observed that there was a lack of significant knowledge to answer the questions posed during this process. He found out that the data was outdated, missing, incomplete, and lacking in certain areas. This hindered them from doing adequate research in the end. It made some of the advice ineffective. Choudhry decided to found the Center for Constitutional Transitions to address this problem.

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Sujit said that he would start an organization that compiles constitutional case law from different places if he was given access to unlimited resources. The organization will organize the data and host it in different languages. One of his proudest accomplishments is bringing together experts from all over to form a global network of knowledge. Choudhry mentioned that these networks were valuable because they would be able to last even after the project was completed. Choudhry stated that the biggest lesson that he has learned has been to embrace imperfection. He explained how he would insist that projects be done in a fixed way and not any other way. Choudhry had dropped this notion in favor of embracing new ideas and coming up with something better.  Hit and read an article about Sujit and his work.

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Sujit Choudhry is one of the foremost experts on constitutional law. He is currently a law professor at the School of Law of the University of California, Berkeley. Choudhry acted as the dean of the school for two years. He was the Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law at New York University before that. He is a scholar and has law degrees from the University of Oxford and the University of Toronto. Choudhry earned his Juris Doctor at Harvard Law School. He served as a law clerk to the Chief Justice of Canada at the Supreme Court for one year. Choudhry has acted as a constitutional advisor to many countries including South Africa, Nepal, Tunisia, and Ukraine. For more of his service info, click   He has given talks on constitutional law at many institutions around the world.  Head over to and read insight from Sujit on a current issue.

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The Business Insider Communication; featuring Christopher Burch

The Business Insider is a communication magazine that dwells mostly on business news. It gives information ranging from investments, entertainment, and entrepreneurship. You will get stories of the most successful personalities and prominent companies. It is one of the markets leading business magazines. The idea of putting business information on paper is very much adored by one of the business founders, a CEO and an investor his name is Christopher Bruch. He is a Business Speaker in Investment and entrepreneurship. He speaks mostly on investment and creating of value. In March 29th, the magazine carried a headline about Mr. Christopher Burch. The magazine stated that fashion Tycoon Chris Burch put up a five- star resort on a far-off Indonesian Island and it is formally the finest in globally.  Check this.

Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch creative capital. He has a wealth of experience from various industries in his forty years in business entrepreneurship. His experience ranges from fashion, technology, and real estate industries. Christopher started his career in 1976 as an undergraduate at Ithaca College. He studied Business education in college. Together with his brother Bob; they decided to start an Apparel company. They called it the Eagle eye apparel. Before they decided to sell it to Swire group, they had grown it from an investment of $ 2,000 to $ 165,000. More to read on

After selling the Eagle Eye Company, Christopher Burch decided to go into diverse Investment ventures. In real estate, he has developed luxury homes in Nantucket, Palm Beach, New York, Florida, and Southampton among others. In the year 2011, he decided to start an apparel accessories and home Decor Company which he called the C. Wonder. In 2014 Burch partnered with Ellen Degeneres, an entertainer to launch her lifestyle brand which they called ED by Ellen Degeneres.   Check  In the same year, he launched the Cocoon9, luxury homes with sophisticated finishing. He also runs a hospitality sourcing business among others. In one of his tweets, he said that he was excited to be speaking at this year’s @ C 2montreal. He also said that he was looking forward to being part of the important event.

Christopher‘s success is seen in the contribution he has made in companies. His business experience and creativity have seen him participate in the improvement of over 50 companies. He has demonstrated an insight of understanding of the consumer behavior and has built consumer and source networking connectivity through his innovative ideas. His creativity has seen his entrepreneurship rise to the top. For an update on Burch timeline activities, hit

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