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Lori Senecal Nears Retirement

It’s not easy for a high-ranking corporate officer to simply retire. The average person only worries what to do after retirement. For high-ranking corporate officers, there’s the issue of finding a replacement that will continue to uphold the company’s standards. That’s the problem Lori Senecal is facing today.

Lori plans on retiring at the end of this year. She’s worked with CP+B since 2015. While that doesn’t seem like a long time, she’s worked for numerous other companies before CP+B. Even after joining CP+B, she held many high-ranking positions at the company. She began as the company’s President and CEO and was later named Global CEO.

Though she’s only been with the company a few years, she turned CP+B into an internationally known ad agency. She’s an expert at introducing new technology and business strategies that maximize growth. Thanks to her reconstruction of the company’s infrastructure, CP+B is as agile as a startup. You can visit cpbgroup to see more.

The same year she joined the company is the same year she landed the American Airlines account. That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but American Airlines always worked with TM Advertising. For 25 years, the two remained partners until Lori Senecal snagged the account for CP+B.

It’s that kind of exceptional performance that makes Lori Senecal such an indispensable colleague. According to the company’s founder, Chuck Porter, Lori’s made the agency a smarter company. Words like effective and brilliant perfectly describe her leadership. As the end of the year gets closer, CP+B feels the dark clouds above. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Luckily, Lori announced her retirement early enough that it’s giving her and Porter the chance to prepare for it. Though they continue moving the company forward, they’re mostly focused on building the next generation of leadership. It’s important that they pick the right people so that the transition is smooth.

Lori’s paid extra attention to Danielle Aldrich. She helped Lori land the American Airlines account. Aldrich’s performance is earning her a lot of attention. She recently spoke at 3% conference.

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What Clients need to do when Preparing for a Lifeline Screening to get Accurate Results

Lifeline Screening is a famous company that specializes mainly in wellness and prevention. Lifeline Screening can detect ailments and health issues at an early stage thereby offering solutions to prevent the complication from getting worse. A visit to any of Lifeline Screening’s outlets and you meet specialists and technologies ready to diagnose any health concerns and treatment options.

All Lifeline Screening centers have installed modern and state of the art equipment that is technologically advanced. The firm has also employed more than 700 ultrasound technologists who are highly trained and have the expertise to handle many situations. The machines and equipment undergo self-diagnostic checks in addition to the usual maintenance checks carried out by the employees. Therefore, any faulty one is detected promptly and repaired so that results from the machines are accurate.

There are specific things that a client has to do when preparing for a visit to any Lifeline Screening center. The client must observe some regulations for the process’ results to be accurate. Those scheduled for screening at any Lifeline Screening center must arrive at the waiting room at least 30 minutes before time so that they can adequately prepare for the diagnosis. There is paperwork for the client and the specialist and forms to sign before the screening.

Clients coming for screening must wear either loose-fitting clothing or short sleeve garments. The loose fitting cloth is necessary to make the work of the specialist examining you easier. Privacy is of keen interest, and the waiting area is far from the screening rooms, and the client does not have to remove all clothing for screening. At the Lifeline Screening center, you may only have to remove your shoes and socks. The client should not wear lotion, perfumes or even colon on their skin on the day of screening. Besides, clients should leave personal effects like jewelry and other items at home. Female clients should not wear lingerie to the Lifeline center.

The specialists at the Lifeline Screening advise patients to avoid eating any type of food at least twelve hours before the visit for screening. You may only have a half a cup of tea or coffee with a minimal amount of sugar. However, the client is free to take a moderate amount of water at any time. The clients who have diabetes and thus cannot fast are allowed to take their regular diabetic diets. Those who are confined to wheelchairs and are unable to stand on their own will still get services though not all of them.

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American Institute of Architects is the place for Positive Results through the Power of Design

     Architects are one of the most critical individuals when it comes to the construction industry. This is because they are the people who come up with precisely the client wants. There are different architectural firms and American Institute of Architects (AIA) remains to be among the best facilities. They not only advocate for value but administer resources to their architects to deliver quality of work through the power of design.

AIA was founded back in in 1857 by a member group of 13 people. Their main agenda was to foster this profession to become outstanding. Before the founding of AIA, numerous people claimed to be architects even minus intensive training or got training from unlicensed firms, and this is one of the reasons the members saw it as a good idea to establish the Institute in the US. Later, the 13 members invited 16 qualified architects to join in, and that is how their work officially began. Currently, the headquarters of American Institute of Architects is located in Washington; DC has grown tremendously to now a membership of over 90,000 people.

As there is in other organization, AIA has a code of ethics that the architects follow. Under no circumstance should they be broken because they are guidelines towards satisfying the client’s needs. The institute serves its members with the highest level of professionalism. They give contracts, advising clients and other resources that are client oriented. Also, one of the reasons that make AIA stand out is the fact that they have a provision for creating awareness to the public on why it is essential to involve an architect when constructing to get quality designs. It is for this reason that the institute has about 260 chapters across the globe. This means that ts work is not only recognized in the US but in the world.

For the success of the organization, it is good to know who spearheads it. Robert Ivy is the CEO of AIA. His architectural background has enabled him to foster the success of the organization continuously. He advocates for public outreach and education to sharpen the minds of both the members and clients. He has been in leadership since 2011, and he aims at making the firm proactive and influential to meet the current and future needs of the society. Robert Ivy has been recognized by the national architecture fraternity, which only means he is good at his work.

Greg Secker Helps People See Their Worth

Greg Secker is the founder of The Greg Secker Foundation and he owns a hedge fund and a brokerage firm. He is a globally well-known philanthropist, entrepreneur, and a motivational speaker. Greg was born in England and became a multi-millionaire in his twenties.

The Greg Secker Foundation helps people learn how to be a successful entrepreneur and achieve financial freedom. In a recent interview, Greg pointed out he has always been a guy who says yes to trying new things and then figuring out the details as he went along.

Greg did not start out in the financial industry. He says he became a computer geek first but decided to attend a job fair where he met employees of the Thomas Cook Financial Services company. They found a mutual interest and offered him a job working on the currency trading floor where he created a virtual trading desk area.

Greg converted traders’ strategies into coding that went into a computer program. Working in this field, he saw how profitable trading could be. He borrowed money and within a year, he more than tripled his investment. Greg said that to be successful in trading, his principle is to remain disciplined, strategy driven, and to stay on the path of your trading plan.

Mr. Secker further outlined his Foundation’s mission which is to empower young people with early life skills so that they never have to look back wondering where their lives took a negative turn. He sponsors Youth Leadership Summit meetings all around the world. In the Philippines, he has helped to rebuild communities that Typhoon Haiyan destroyed in 2013.

Greg Secker has been named to the board of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy in the UK. Becoming a member of the board allows him to talk to businesses about using philanthropy as their core operating model rather than throwing money at. Using philanthropic principles helps businesses operate better because the staff is happier and your business as bigger footprint on the world.

Mr. Greg Secker has placed much of his strategies in his book entitled Financial Freedom Through Forex. The book is an easy guide through the currency markets including strategies to show people how to make money immediately. His other plans for publishing will be about conjoining philanthropic principles into your business and making it a daily model.

Rocketship education-The fulfillment it brings to society.

Rocketship education encompasses public elementary chartered schools. The common goal of such institutions is to serve children from low-income neighborhoods. There are limited excellent schools in such places.

This limitation, therefore, creates a perfect environment for rocket ship education. These schools offer transformative education. Also, teachers are empowered, and parents get to be fully engaged in rocket ship education.

Rocketship institutions have universal core values. The four that are common for each school are respect, responsibility, empathy, and persistence.

All rocketeers are expected to live this core values both at school and in their communities. Usually, there are five core values for each school. The four are shared, and the fifth is chosen by parents and teachers. The fifth core value is expected to be one that uniquely identifies an institution.

Rocketship education is aimed at helping children in less privileged neighborhoods to manage toxic stress. Toxic stress has been observed to cause mental instability.

Children may, therefore, be unable to control their emotions. Additionally, conflict resolutions and responses to provocations are very poor among most rocketeers.

Rocketship education is also aimed at providing a consistent and positive school experience to the children. This kind of involvement ensures the development of socio-emotional skills for rocketeers.

The rocketship education curriculum is very friendly to the children. Rocketeers experience socio-emotional learning in the scheduled morning community meetups. Their curricula are entirely different from those of other education programs. The difference serves to suit the needs of rocketeers.

The Kimochis curriculum is adapted for younger grades of rocketeers. It is based on five characters each with unique behaviors. The curriculum aims to give the students the practice of emotion recognition skills.

Rocketeers learn to care for others and live in good positive relationships with them. Also, they can make informed decisions while handling challenges.

As rocketeers grow and single out their strengths and weaknesses, the skills they learn help them to cope. Rocketship education provides upper-grade rocketeers with RULER tools for behavioral tracking.

Their feelings and progress in various periods are recorded in a mood journal. Such data helps instructors to know how they can best handle each rocketeer.

Overall, rocket ship education can be viewed as a gratitude program. This is because it originated from a party that felt the need for the less privileged to express themselves.

Crime Prevention With Securus Technologies

The industry of crime prevention is perhaps the most challenging to work in. From tracking fishy and suspicious phone calls, to establishing the source of incriminating information, Securus Technologies has managed to succeed in providing high-tech communication gadgets for most correctional facilities in America. Behind the brainy efforts that have developed some of the most admired and upheld gadgets for communication is a company that was built to reach out to the society through crime prevention techniques. Securus Technologies understands that the safety of a community is linked to curbing crime suspects and punishing wrong doers.




Securus Technologies has been working with over 1,200 correctional agencies since its establishment. To highlight its input in the society, Securus Technologies released some of the most vital messages that came in the form of customer feedback concerning the services offered by the company. The following points could not be ignored:


  • A client from a correctional agency was glad to write to Securus with regards to the services offered. The client stated that Securus has enabled the management to arrest a crime suspect because through a powerful gadget, the company tracked suspicious conversation, an aspect that promoted the crime.


  • In another statement, a client was pleased to inform Securus Technologies that it has been possible to keep track of inmate’s activities in regards to mischief as the communications gadget made it easy.


Performance indicator


Securus Technologies continues to pride itself on being able to track most alarming behaviors within the society. The company has been serving public safety and correctional agencies for decades. The main agenda for Securus Technologies , has always been coming up with new gadgets that can be used for providing safety in the society. Securus Technologies thrives on the fact that it is one of the best in this industry. Coupled with the leadership of Rick Smith, the company is set to soar higher.

OSI Group’s Continual Growth & Domination in the Meat Processing Industry

OSI Group is a privately owned, meat processing company based in Aurora, Illinois, a suburb outside of Chicago. It was found in 1909 as a family meat market located in Oak Park, Illinois, another suburb outside of Chicago. Its founder was named Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant. And now with around 20,000 employees, this company has offices worldwide. Furthermore, the CEO of the company is named Sheldon Lavin.

OSI Group’s enormous growth esteemed from great product and services and great strategic moves throughout the 20th century and in this century. They provide a broad array of high-quality meat products, including beef patties, hot dogs, and fish. And the following includes a timeline of strategic milestones they accomplished, so far:

• 1917- the expansion of the wholesale meat trade and relocation to another Chicago suburb, Maywood
• 1928- business name changed to Otto & Sons
• 1955- teamed up with McDonald’s to provide them with beef patties
• 1973- OSI Group launched its first meat plant in West Chicago
• 1999- they made a licensed agreement with the Best Chicago Meat Co., LLC for utilizing their Glenmark brand
• 2011- listed in Forbes of an annual revenue amount of $3 billion and being America’s 136th biggest private company
• 12/2011- Best Chicago Meat totally acquired the Glenmark brand from them
• 2016- listed in Forbes as the number 58th place of the biggest private company and being worth $6.1 billion

These accomplishments contributed to this organization’s success for 100+ years it’s been in business.

In Recent News

In addition to their overall success, OSI has recently completed two more milestones: They added Baho Food to business operation, and they bought Tyson Foods plant in south Chicago. Baho Food has a collection of a high-quality brand of food that compliments and allows for a broader OSI’s presence in Europe. Baho Food includes five subsidiaries with processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany, including Q Smart Life, Bakx Foods, Henri van de Bilt, Vital Convenience, and Gelderland Frischwaren. And another meat processing plant, Tyson Foods, was purchased for $7.4M.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Joins Allscripts and NantHealth to Launch Oncological Treatment Platform

PR Newswire recently published an article by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America called, “Cancer Treatment Centers of America Partners with Allscripts and NantHealth to Launch Clinical Pathways, a Comprehensive and Custom Oncological Treatment Platform”. The article discusses a platform that will use an integration of platforms to provide treatment regiments for patients.

Clinical Pathways is a new program that will help improve the entire journey of cancer treatment. The direct interface will allow hundreds of specialists in the nation to add input and data while continuously improving the knowledge of cancer data.

The platform will reveal all of the different treatment options that are relevant for the patient, eliminating guesswork for the oncologists who are constantly inundated with data and research. They wanted to create a system of treatment options that will be customized for the patients, allowing them to choose the safest and most efficient treatment plan.

Clinical Pathways provides a variety of information to improve treatment with the latest research and therapies. This creates a list through the Allscripts Sunrise HER, providing different protocols at the different points of treatment.

Allscripts, NantHealth, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America began working on the project in 2016 to provide a solution for both providers and patients. They were able to find a solution that improves the chemotherapy selection and ordering. By integrating the Evidence Based Medicine Library, which houses more than 2,700 studies of evidence based treatment regimens for the different kinds of cancers, it will provide a regimen for the patients. Each option reveals all the variables such as the expected outcomes, the toxicities, treatment costs, and other information.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of hospitals across the U.S. focused on serving patients who are in the battle against cancer. CTCA provides an innovative approach to care that houses the team under one roof. Through treatment with precision medicine and genome testing, they are able to take the fight down to the molecular level.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America also provides chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, immunotherapy and other evidence based therapies to help patients throughout the tumultuous process of cancer treatment.

Ricardo Tosto, the guru in all matters around litigation

Ricardo Tosto is a Latin lawyer who specializes in litigation cases at Leite, Tosto, and Barros. Through his outstanding performance, he has managed to create an admirable reputation for Leite, Tosto, and Barros. Some of the largest international companies rank Leite, Tosto, and Barros highly in their litigation lists. Laite, Tosto, and Barros was one of the first law firms to offer their clients the mass action model. Other law firms have continued to adopt this strategy due to the rising demand from their clients.

Ricardo Tosto is perceived as the market leader when it comes to litigation cases. Through his commitment to providing unrivaled services to clients, he has created a name for himself throughout the industry. His key characteristics include dedication, efficiency, skilled techniques, and agility. The whole Brazilian Financial Sector holds Leite, Tosto, and Barros in high regards due to their focus on providing helpful information when it comes to business opportunities and credit recovery strategies, all thanks to Ricardo Tosto.

Ricardo Tosto has been endorsed by LACCA Approved. This organization, through its members, only recommends top counsel lawyers in Latin America who have consistently provided good counsel and are trustworthy.

Given that Ricardo Tosto is widely known in the litigation market, Leite, Tosto, and Barros have managed to represent people in high international cases. The company is widely known to advocate for compliance. One perfect example is the money laundering case that is currently ongoing at the Supreme Court. The company wants the court to annul citing that the evidence brought forward by the Swiss authorities violates the co-operation agreement of persecution.

Since Brazil is a country with stiff and inconsistent environmental laws, there is a high demand when it comes to litigation lawyers. Leite, Tosto, and Barros recently won a case against the civil public action that wanted a hydroelectric company to seize its operations. To date, the company is still in operation. The Union wanted the company to stop their construction citing incomplete environment assessment tests.

Labor cases are also Ricardo Tosto’s specialty. He has successfully taken over cases that have saved companies large sums of money. For about the last 35 years the company has been in existence, they have also provided pro bono serves to promote new members through mentorship.


3 Qualities of a Good Investment Institution

Managing of funds in a firm is not easy. However, all highland capital management firms can do it. They deal with credit tactics of several types and also loans. It also gives other kinds of financing. Its differentiated customer sources are retirement strategies, endowments among others. Below are some of the qualities of an excellent investment institution.


Qualified Employees


One of the things that makes highland capital management institutions the best is the fact that they have qualified workers. Their works can invest in their home areas and cities thus making the turnover of the company huge. Therefore, these firms have grown and have spread in many countries outside Dallas, TX. It is this way that they have a lot of clients who are ready to invest in their companies.


Readily Available


A client may need to talk to an investment firm at any time of the day; thus, highland capital management firms are always ready to talk to their customers. They are available on all social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. In this way, they keep their clients updated on how the company handles different kinds of credits and loans.




A qualified financial institution is open to many types of markets. Highland capital management organizations deal with different types of businesses including that of energy, real estate, and others. They make a lot of profit by the time they are through with any partnership.


The above are the qualities of a good investment firm. Highland capital management in Singapore, New York, London and other places out of Dallas, TX are doing very well in financing. They never let down their clients and partners in work. Thus, anyone looking for an investment firm either for credit or loans should try one of the highland capital management institutions. In case of more information, their social media accounts are active thus making their customers know everything that they need to know. Again, their workers never let them down, and they invest all over where they live making highland capital management institutions be one of the most successful investment company.