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A Frightening Picture Of Modern Society Painted In ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’

It seems like Sean Penn is walking away from his acting career to establish himself as an author. The actor who has won the Academy Awards for Best Actor two times published his debut novel ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.’ The book has prompted mixed reviews from critics and readers and Sean Penn compared this to how some people like him and others don’t in an interview with CBS. Sean is also a humanitarian who provides relief and rescue services to people affected by disasters like the Haiti Earthquake. He is also known for interviewing El Chapo the infamous Mexican drug lord and Hugo Chavez, former president of Venezuela.

Vogue spoke to Penn about ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ and asked him how he felt about stepping away from the acting scene. He said that he was happy about his book and had decided to dedicate more of his time to writing because he enjoyed it. He also hinted at publishing more books soon. Sean Penn revealed that he used dictation to compose ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ because he has minimal expertise in typing and he finds that it slows him down.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ takes us through the world of an undercover government contracted killer who also works as a marketer to maintain his cover. The book uses styles like metaphors and satire to tell the stories about Bob Honey the main character. It also includes poems and rantings. It’s a mind-opening book that may reveal some truths that are related to modern-day society if read with keenness as some meaning is hidden in metaphors.

Sean Penn’s concern for society propelled him to paint an unpleasant picture of a society that is entangled with social issues which the government handles with folly. Issues like the civil unrest in Yemen, school shootings, MeToo movement, and mental sickness are some of the problems the author is passionate about in ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.’ The author is angry at the government and criticizes it in the book.

Sean Penn portrays his gentle nature in ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ when he recreates a fictitious hurricane. Bob Honey is involved in providing humanitarian aid to victims of a catastrophic tornado in the United States. Penn illustrates that values like social responsibility are essential to him as an individual. It appears like the humanitarian concepts in the book are inspired by his life experiences.

Disrupting the Political Order: George Soros

George Soros may be one of the most influential visionaries, entrepreneurs, and businessmen in the world today. With a philanthropic view, the businessman turned author is a man of many talents, and many faces, but is always focused on a single goal: To change the political and social interactions as we know them today. Since he arrived in the United States, he has done nothing but disrupts the political order of what has been previously established in the last century. With his Open Society Foundation, he is making history, and he is changing many lives in the process.

Who Is George Soros?

Hungarian by birth and born under the name Gyorgy Schwartz, he lived until adolescence in this country of Europe, until the Wehrmacht invaded Hungary in 1944 to collaborate with the Nazis, delivering Jews to transfer them to concentration camps, Help steal and catalog their properties. He was only 14 years old. After the Soviet victory against the Nazis in 1945, Soros went to London to study economics in the mid-1950s. There he met the philosopher Karl Popper, who would influence his libertarian view of politics and would become his inspiration.

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Becoming The Open Society

In 1993 he founded the Open Society Institute, where the funding system became a global structure and was named Open Society Foundations. The open society took the form of a financial movement, aimed to change the world of politics and pushing excessive capitalism to the side. Soros suggests that the United States, the European Union, and many other parts of the world come close to classifying themselves as open societies and that the concepts of open society and market economy are intimately connected, and global capitalism has given us the closest thing to an open global society. The ideal open society is open to change and improvement. More than an idealist, he is a revolutionary. Read more on Snopes about George Soros.

An open society is a form of social organization based on recognition that no one has a monopoly on truth, that different people have different views and interests, and that there is a need for institutions to protect the rights of all people to enable them to live together in peace, and harmoniously interact with a single system. It promotes social organization from governmental institutions or NGOs, protected by the rule of law and transparent, as an ideal form of welfare state. Read more on

In the past few years, George Soros has increased his donations to causes of human rights and equal democracy for all. He will surely keep on using his influence to make the world a better and more democratic place for everyone. He is a man who came from nothing and built a great empire.

QNet Backs Indian Water Campaign In Southern India

Qnet is a well known direct selling company, but the company has also grown a reputation as one of the top backers of philanthropy on the Asian continent to coincide with the rising levels of success seen for QNet. The India Education Diary reports the Indian government has recently been seeking the best ways of improving the standard of living for students across the country, which includes finding better ways of raising awareness about safe drinking water and hygiene levels.

QNet has been a major supporter of many philanthropic activities across Asia in its bid to maintain the success of communities across Asia that will benefit from the continued success of QNet. The company has always looked to give back to community groups who the company remains active within; much of the success of the group is located within the RYTHM foundation that is based upon the principles followed by QNet founders Joseph Bismark and Vijay Eswaran. QNet has been based in Hong Kong since its inception in 1998 following a period of research and education by founder Eswaran to make sure he was ready to take on his role as the leader of a multi-national corporation, Wikipdeia reports.

The group has often sought out the best partners in any area of the world it is located in to make sure the philanthropic enterprises it is seeking to begin; in the Southern India region of Hyderabad the Lions Club is already active in the bid to improve hygiene for all residents of the area. In terms of the latest program operated by the Lions Club and QNet the aim is to provide safe water storage for 800 students at the Sriram Nagar government school in the region. Success for both QNet and the Lions Club will not be limited to the provision of safe water, but also to establish continuing programs to ensure all students and staff are aware of the benefits good hygiene can provide.

Founder Of Human Rights Foundation Using Viral Video Clip Interview With Fox News To Become The Face Of Human Rights Advocacy

Thor Halvorssen has been doing it big lately. This crazy smart guy is using pop culture and social media to make human rights issues more visible, and it’s working. Media has changed and the founder of the Human Rights Foundation knows this. The HRF does big things around the world. They expose the atrocities and corruption of authoritarian dictators no matter where they reign on the globe. The group also helps the afflicted, the victims of authoritarian rule. So Thor Halvorssen was a little confused on an interview with Fox News recently.

Presumably, the newly born social media star, was there to talk about authoritarian dictators and their atrocities, but the interview started with something quite different. It seems the news anchor was bent on smearing presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and his democratic socialist ideas. The stunned Thor Halvorssen had then explained to the anchor that democratic socialism is not a problem. He even threw successful democratic socialist governments at the anchor as evidence, like as Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Authoritarianism, unilateral and unchecked power is the enemy, he says, not socialism.

But the Fox News anchor kept at, insisting that socialism itself was a violation of basic human rights. The cool-headed Thor Halvorssen then reached a tipping point, hitting the anchor with stunning information — he supports the compassionate platform of Sen. Bernie Sanders and denigrates the platform of Hillary Clinton and all Republican presidential candidates. The Republicans, he says, publicly support strong-armed authoritarians such as Vladimir Putin of Russia and that is unacceptable. Hillary Clinton, the human rights rockstar continues, is even worse. He believes that she has taken large campaign contributions from dictators and authoritarians from outside the United States. He fears what a Clinton presidency would look like if Hillary turned a blind eye on the actions of dictators throughout the world in a quid pro quo response to their large contributions.

He expressed that he believes free-market capitalism is a way to fight dictators and that he does not agree with everything Bernie Sanders says, but he is not in the pockets of authoritarian dictators. The contentious interview turned into a clip shared on social media, making Thor Halvorssen an Internet sensation.