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Yeonmi Park Reveals Heartbreaking Defection Story In Her Memoir

The memoir of Yeonmi Park, entitled “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom” has been at the top of bestseller charts on for a number of months after the North Korean defector made her way to safety in South Korea. The details of the life of Yeonmi Park are well known to many people who have seen her deliver speeches at major human rights conferences, write articles in major news media, or appear on talk shows. Despite the many occasions Yeonmi Park has taken to deliver her story to people around the world the story retains its power to shock and enthrall her followers around the world.

The chance to escape North Korea was prompted by events surrounding the father of Yeonmi Park, who was a government official providing a standard of living based in the higher echelons of Korean society. A article reveals that despite the position Yeonmi Park’s father held in the Communist party his family were subject to starvation and famine, which led to the patriarch embarking on a series of events that resulted in his fall from grace and his family living in poverty.

At this time the family decided their best course of acti was to embark on a journey to democratic South Korea on, which would require the family placing their lives in the hands of human traffickers. Yeonmi Park’s mother was subjected to sexual assault as she sacrificed herself to save her daughter from the dangers she saw around her, Park would later reveal her father had died from untreated cancer symptoms on nytlive.nytimes during his refugee journey and had given her sister up for dead after losing contact with her. Yeonmi Park was eventually reunited with her sister after she and her mother arrived in South Korea and began working to help those who remain trapped in the Communist state.

Socialism: Friend or Foe

Fox News recently interviewed Thor Halvorssen of the Human Rights Foundation regarding presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders and his affiliation with socialism. As defined by Fox News, socialism is a violation of basic human rights. Mr. Halvorssen, however, takes another take on Sanders’ democratic socialist ideals.

Halvorssen admits that socialism is an acceptable policy unless it is forced under an authoritarian government. The problem with socialism lies in the possibility of the government to take full control, even ruining the country by basically looting it of it’s resources. Halvorssen’s major objection to socialism is the potential looting of personal property and the government’s ability to set prices, which can result in massive shortages.

Many Sanders supporters don’t understand the meaning of socialist ideals. However, the pros and cons of each candidate must be compared. As such, Halvorssen ( himself made the largest personal contribution possible to the Bernie Sanders campaign. He presents that the current democratic front runner has taken millions from dictatorships for her campaign. Many of these dictatorships are anti-gay, restrict press freedoms and ban holidays such as Christmas. When given the choices presented in the pending election, our best decision as Americans is to have a democratic socialist in the White House rather than a supporter of dictatorships.

Halvorssen’s experience and knowledge is not just from books, but also from personal experience. His father was a political prisoner in Venezuela, his first cousin is currently a prisoner and his mother was shot by the Venezuelan government. Venezuela makes use of a labor government, but intersperses ideas of democratic socialism.

It is Thor Halvorssen’s contention that Democratic socialism can exist when there is a rule of law. The problem arises when that rule is wiped away and the executive party takes complete control. Still, redistribution of wealth is not the solution to end poverty; the solution to end poverty, in his opinion, lies in the usage of free markets and also in the support of Sanders as the next president of the United States.