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No Sagging No Bagging Clothes Maiden Unveils Spring & Summer Fabletics Line


Clothes Maiden’s spring and summer line of gym-wear has just come out. It features Fabletics, which are not meant to be boring and drab, but rather inspiring. They are not meant to be see-through either. Active-wear is always popular, especially now that winter is over. This particular brand of high fashion gym-wear is modeled by co-founder Kate Hudson. Her passion is to encourage women to remain active and physically fit throughout their lives. The Fabletics clothing line is the brainchild of Hudson, who is the daughter of Goldie Hawn. Both mother and daughter are actresses.


The Spring & Summer Collection of colorful yoga pants and tops are great for running, working out, playing with the kids, or laying on the couch contemplating the universe, with maybe a little TV on the side. Although Fabletics is not really marketed as loungewear that may well be its most popular function. Because for some people, anything that feels as comfortable as pajamas is like a couch magnet.


From lounge around to high-intensity workouts, or what have you, Fabletics has new outfits every month. Expensive and cute fitness apparel is at hand. Since 2013, Fabletics has been making a name for itself as a quality purveyor of yoga outfits. The prices are reasonable and the outfits flattering.


There is a special VIP Program for the workout enthusiast. With an automatic monthly payment of $50, one of several outfits can be chosen by the pay date. If no choice is made or no cancellation is issued for the month by the payment date, then there is a charge for the month which can be used as a credit. The VIP Program can be cancelled one month at a time or on a more permanent basis. The very first outfit is $25 if the VIP route is taken.