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The Sales of Premium Dog Food Are Doing Amazingly Well

Dogs must eat a healthy diet in order for their overall wellness to be maintained. Low-grade dog food might be cheap and serves as an okay source of calories for a pet, but the nutrients in marginal quality selections are going to be lacking. Premium dog food is packed with nutrients. Healthier ingredients is among the selling points premium brands promote. The Daily Herald now gives the curious a glimpse into how premium dog food is produced. After reading the article, pet owners are going to be left with a very positive impression about premium dog food. Such brands really do intend to give a dog better dietary options. One item not found in any premium foods is a preservative. While preservatives keep foods on the shelf longer, they are not exactly natural. During the production phase of creating premium dog food, the manufacturers only use the highest of quality meats, fish, poultry, fruits, and vegetables. Nothing else is added. Yes, fruits and vegetables are used in the ingredient mix. Look at the ingredients found in Beneful food choices. Carrots, spinach, wild rice, barley, and tomatoes are all found in Beneful wet foods. The poultry, fish, and meat are also going to be appealing to pets as they are not loaded with any of the aforementioned preservatives. The Daily Herald article reveals that the extra special work that goes into producing this type of pet food is reaping major rewards. Sales are through the proverbial roof. The growth of premium dog foods is surprising industry experts. The overall sales figures on pet food is well north of $23 billion. Sales have increased by roughly 45%, an outstanding figure. The growth did not occur overnight. figures have moved steadily upwards since 2009. As more consumers have learned of the positive traits associated with premium dog foods, their sales improved. Beneful is now available is some of the major supermarkets and retail stores. Now, the brand is on shelves side-by-side with parent company Purina’s other foods. With the wind at the back of gourmet dog food, look for Beneful to do even better in the future.

Pets best Chow

If you are a pet owner like myself then you know that having the best food for your animal is beyond important. However for most of us this simple task is actually harder then what it should be. The reason why is because most of the better foods available to the general public is more expensive then we would like. So the question you should be asking is there a brand with the quality without the massive dent in your wallet? The answer is yes my friends and their name is Beneful dog food.

Beneful dog foods on multivu being the company that offers you premium food for your pet with low prices how could you not enjoy their sweet service. But for those wondering where did this company make its bones well no worry because they have you covered. With the food being made by the proud men of nestle Purina pet care based out of the deep south of the great state of Missouri. They are also a subsidiary of nestle the guys who make your chocolate and all of the other stuff you can buy at Walmart.

Now that we know who owns the food lets talk about the quality that you as the pet owner need without question. The mean who work for the company are not only hard workers but experience farmers who take the time to make sure the food is used with the most stable and safe products allowed by the FDA. Unlike the other brands that just use the bare minimal for their products that increase the danger to the pets of the people who bought the sub standard food. Brneful foods are pack with massive amounts of nutrients that will support the function of your pet while giving it the taste of fine art like it deserves. With theses resources now in your pets system they will less likely have the problems that they would have without proper diet.

Now that you know Beneful is the right guys to buy your food for your animals without having to break your wallet. I hope the next time you go shopping you make the right choice for your purchase. Well i enjoy this review i wish you do to my friends have fun getting your pet the food he needs. Have a great day everyone and remember shop for Beneful my fellow pet owners. Peace