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George Soros Does Good In Spite Of Glenn Beck’s Ranting

It is fortunate for the world that world-class reformers and activists often prove so resilient. George Soros is one example of a major activist that refuses to stop working tirelessly for change. This in spite of relentless rhetorical pressure from the Tea Party fringe of the Republican Party. This right-wing clique of extremists briefly achieved public prominence in 2010. That year, Republican electoral successes roughly coincided with the rise of Glenn Beck. Having forged his reputation with a combative AM radio program, Glenn Beck achieved a wider audience when he was awarded a rabble-rousing show on Fox News.

Unbelievable as it may seem today, Glenn Beck was at one point on the verge achieving tremendous political power. Fortunately, years of paranoid ranting have eroded the public’s trust in Beck’s right-wing polemics. As the years go by, Beck loses more and more of his audience. Simply put, extremism cannot long hide as moderation under the public’s stern eye. Solid figures like George Soros evolve to meet the challenges of today. Meantime, right-wing extremists seem stuck in time as they cruelly rephrase the hateful tropes of yesterday. Beck habitually reuses a sensationalistic style of theorizing uncannily similar to the paranoid style of 20th century dictators. Indeed, it isn’t difficult to imagine the likes of Pol Pot or Hussein repeating the charge that a wealthy Jewish man secretly controls the world’s destiny.

Fortunately, Beck’s attempts to smear Soros are so transparently wrongheaded that they have little real effect. Twisting every piece of evidence to mirror his own bigoted notions, Beck has uncovered nothing worse in Soros than a concerned global citizen. Time and time again, George Soros has worked tirelessly to promote democratic change.

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Glenn Beck is only the latest popular figure to offer new paranoia with the familiar tinges of anti-Semitism. Throughout history, angry public figures have promoted fear of a shadowy, all-powerful Judaic threat. Notably, none of these figures have offered anything in the way of substantive proof for their theories. Though Beck seems sincere in his hatred of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi movement, his rhetoric concerning public figures hovers dangerously close to fanatical, even fascist.

Whether he knows it or not, Glenn Beck’s Soros comments used many details reminiscent of a famous 19th century forgery: “The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion.” In lurid prose, this document purported to lay bare the agenda of a shadowy group of Jewish conspirators. As Glenn Beck rants and raves on the airwaves, real anti-Semitism and extremism cause harm to ordinary Americans.

Beck used any means to cruelly, vindictively target George Soros. Through his Open Society Foundations, Soros rises above the fray to present real hope for millions. Entitled “The Puppet Master,” Glenn Beck’s three-part television series on Soros is full of misinformation. Coming in the wake of President Obama’s success at the polls, this ridiculous propaganda ultimately fell flat. Today, Beck only retains a shadow of his former influence. Meanwhile, Soros and his achievements continue to impress the world.

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