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William Saito’s Extraordinary Work

William Saito is a Japanese American business man who is very passionate about the work that he does. His family is from Japan and they immigrated to the United States in 1969. This was two years before he was born. He has two siblings and he is the oldest one and this has made him a responsible, caring person. William Saito is very involved in cyber security and he takes his job responsibility serious. Since a very young age he has known what he was passionate about and has worked hard ever since to be able to create and open many opportunities for himself. His internet security journey started off when he was a student in elementary school. He was always curious and wanted to learn more about internet software and internet security. He started getting involved and became interested in the internet security software. At age 10, he took a software course where he learned that this was definitely something that he was passionate about. He was already very passionate in internet software and by high school he was already developing his own business. William Saito was named entrepreneur of the year in 1998. His hard work and dedication at such a young age proved to be inspiring and many looked up to him. His intelligence is immense and his capability to problem solve is one to admire. William Saito takes pride in being an entrepreneur and a leader in the internet security field. His involvement in this are has been able to provide a secure place for other users to navigate the internet. His hard work, perseverance and dedication are all worthy of praise and should all be admired. William Saito has proven to be a hard worker and a successful businessman throughout his years in the business field.

Whitney Wolfe Must Defend Bumble From Tinder’s Lawsuit

Whitney Wolfe is the CEO of Bumble which is a female orientated dating site. This site has about 28 million users and it is the only app where women make the first move. That’s right fellas, you can’t just walk up and talk to a pretty girl on this app. You have to hope that she decides to pick you. This novel approach is what separates Bumble from other dating sites.

However, Bumble has some basic features and mechanics that are similar to other dating sites. As a matter of fact, Tinder is stating that Whitney Wolfe and her company stole some of their patented dating technology. That is the basis of their lawsuit against Herd’s company.

Whitney Wolfe used to be a member of the Tinder dating site as their co-founder. She was around when the site was first started, and she did her part to help get the site up and running. Eventually, she had to leave Tinder because she was apparently being marginalized because of her gender status. She was also sexually harassed while on the job. She had won a previous lawsuit against Tinder as the result of sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

Keep in mind that Bumble is not just a company that promotes online dating. This company is a strong supporter of women’s rights and gender equality. They are linked with various social movements such as the #MeTooMovement and they have linked themselves with the March for Our Lives Protests which stood out against gun violence. As a matter of fact, Whitney Wolfe stopped allowing most users to post pictures with weapons on her site.

Tinder wanted Whitney Wolfe to sell her company to them for $450 million dollars. Whitney Wolfe “swiped left” to this offer because she did not want to sell out her organization. Tinder is now suing her for adopting their patented technology to use on her site. As CEO, Whitney Wolfe states that she did not steal features and site mechanics from Tinder. The two online dating companies are now locked in court battle to determine if Bumble will have to change their site’s format or if Tinder will finally leave Bumble alone. Wolfe, is expecting that the case will be won in her favor and that Bumble will emerge victorious.

Random Acts Of Kindness Brought To You By Skout

According to a new article by Uloop, the company Skout has found that college students are apt to be involved in random acts of kindness. The survey that Skout conducted has produced some quite fantastic and interesting results. The results of the survey indicate that Skout is responsible for networking with individuals who are caring and kind towards strangers. The percentage of the population of the people who were surveyed for Skout’s research on random acts of kindness showed a very high percentage of the survey population is regularly engaged in this type of positive communal behavior.

In fact, the article from Uloop points out that the survey population held a 93 percentile grouping of individuals who have been engaged in a random act of kindness towards a stranger, someone they did not know in their lives. The other statistic indicates that a whopping 51 percent of the survey population is regularly engaged in these types of activities. This makes us wonder who the people are who join in on Skout. Are they generally kind individuals? It seems like these numbers are extremely high, so it would be a worthwhile proposition to make to say that people who join social networks and engage in online dating activities are among the groups of individuals that would commit a random act of kindness.

Skout is no ordinary social media tool or online dating application. In fact, they are among one of the few crossover platforms that allow users to easily network and make friends online without the pressure to go out on romantic encounters. In the world of Skout, users have the option of finding someone to be friends with, or they can find someone to go out on romantic dates with. Also, people on Skout can simply make good online friendships by using the free application.

Skout is available on all devices, and it is incredibly easy to use. It only takes a few moments to set up a Skout account. If you are someone who likes to meet new people and make relationships, then Skout is a worthwhile adventure. Skout is also a great venture for anyone who needs or wants to improve their social skills. They have conducted a number of surveys, and share the results frequently. This past survey was part of the Random Acts Of Kindness Week. If you’d like more information, then read Uloop’s article here.

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Skout, the App to Meet New People

Recently in news, the National Multimedia has come up with an article that concerns what people can and cannot download. Among this is the GoPro app which has been named the fastest way that people can download, share, and create short video clips directly from any type of GoPro and onto social media. Social media examples include Instagram, Facebook, and much more. To make this even more interesting, one can also adjust all camera settings using a live preview. Key moments with the GoPro App can be tagged by updating the camera to the latest software.

In addition to this Amazon Video is a great interactive feature to download. Amazon even includes tens of thousands of titles that can be watched off of Amazon Prime. Videos that can be download include some of the award-winning Amazon videos like the comedy Transparent and the children’s series, Tumble Leaf. The videos that were just mentioned can be downloaded to anything whether it be an iPhone or an iPad.

Among important things to download on a mobile device is the Skout App. This particular app has been designed to help people meet each other around the world. People can talk whether there is a one hour time difference, a five hour time difference, or even a 12 hour time difference. Currently this feature is being used by millions per day. This is a safe and stress free app that emphasizes getting to know people and their cultures around the world. This particular app has the mission of letting people interact anytime, anywhere, and for any different reason.

Skout has been declared the leading app that helps and individual find new people. This app is well-known for helping people expand their social circle. Skout is currently available in 14 different languages that can be downloaded on any type of mobile device. This includes an iOS, an Android, as well as various Windows devices. This company, though headquartered in San Francisco, will continue to expand the business to other countries around the world.

One example of how interactive Skout is, is the fact that this company recently also named the top ten friendliest college towns in America. This survey that was conducted was done so with the benefit of showing the public how interactive Skout the app can really be and how effective the app is at finding similar people with similar interests.

This particular survey that was conducted by Skout was conducted using students who were between the ages of 18 and 24. The friendliest towns were chosen based upon the cities and towns where young adults engage most frequently with new friends. Some of the finding included San Fransisco, Chicago, Boulder, as well as Dallas as being some of the friendliest towns and cities in the United States. The survey was not only a campaign to promote the app, but also a campaign to bring awareness of the importance of being friendly to one another. Skout is becoming one of the most popular apps with only 8 years of experience in the app industry.

Skout: Online Dating and Networking With A Difference

Every memorable era of our time has had a time defining and life changing event or major phenomenal. From the age of the great inventors, the wars, renaissance and the industrialization eras, the world has come a long way. When the term ‘global village’ was coined, no one ever thought it was a defining moment for another era; the internet age. It’s here with us and we have embraced it whole heartedly. Being social beings and offered such a great networking platform, what is a man to do?! Many foresighted people have greatly exploited the opportunity presented, if the number of social networking and online dating platforms available is anything to go by.

Dating and having global social networks as it was a century ago has tremendously changed. Previously a preserve of travelers and business merchants, the whole world is now just a click away. Online dating is what has been borne out of the internet. Numerous phone applications sprout everyday, in a bid to capitalize on our social aspect. The social media, as it is known, has given rise to building of previously unfathomable, social networks. The global village is here with us in a huge way; nowadays, anything can be done online. Companies are reportedly making more sales online but the one thing that has really changed is the way people interact. All our social problems are being solved on social networking problem.

One application that has really caught global attention is Skout. The App has gradually succeeded in changing our travel experiences. As most of you already know, through experience or otherwise, traveling to a place for a first time can be quite a daunting task. This is especially so, if you have no contacts in your area of desired travel. The mobile application was initially started to help users make new friends in different cities. Another reason was to enable a user establish contacts in a desired destination. The company has been greatly successful with both of its goals. It has received global acclaim, with over 200 million people using the Skout and Instagram mobile application. This is set to keep increasing, with a rising interest in people, especially young adults, to travel and see the world.

However, with every great revolution, there’s a flipside to it. The rise in online dating and social networking platforms have led to a fast paced societal moral decay. It is happening in such a big way that there’s no option left but to accept it as the new way of life. Stripping naked and posting negative images on the social media is no longer a big deal. Even worse, trolling and stalking victims are on the rise. Suicides have been reported in every major city in the world, as a consequence of these practices. It’s a great sigh of relief for a company of global repute as Skout, to totally disallow some bad practices, even though popular. A case in hand is the company’s announcement to bring down and disallow any nude pictures posted, especially in bath areas.