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Alex Pall is Making Headlines With a New Release

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of the Chainsmokers released their new track “Closer” with ambitions of being a true artist, the song has them well on their way. The pair has been working hard to reveal their true passion and threading intimacy into a needle of a genre that barely has any stitches. Mathias Rosenzweig recently did an interview with the pair and discussed their identity, new track, and what the future holds as their fan base grows.

Alex Pall was a DJ for most of his adolescent years and turned a hobby into a small career in New York City. While working with his same manager, he was introduced to Andrew. The pair immediately gave up everything and started working together. Andrew Taggart was in college listening to dance music where he found a passion for DJing before he met Alex. He went to school in Syracuse and almost moved to L.A. when Alex’s manager told him about the Chainsmokers having an opening because one of the DJ duo’s left, well the rest is history.

When asked about how they knew it would work out after meeting each other? Pall talked about both of them knowing what they brought to the table and their common interest in music while growing up. The two worked 14 hours a day creating their identity as an artist and branding their music that people can relate to on a deeper level. They’re becoming larger than life and are constantly trying new things to keep it interesting.

Pall goes on to say that the new song “Closer” is about a girl he found attractive until they hooked up and he knew right then, why he broke up with her. The band is getting more international recognition in places like South Africa and the Philippines and reaching demographic age groups between 16 to 25 across the spectrum. For Pall and Taggart’s success, it’s all about being on the cutting-edge of music technology and providing their listeners with a better experience.

The Chainsmokers and Halsey Speak In Memorium of Avicii

On April 20, 2018 the DJ Avicii Committed suicide after a long battle with health issues and alcoholism. Avicii -whose actual name is Tim Bergling- was only 28 years old. Avicii was well thought of in the EDM and pop music community for his talent as a DJ music producer. At the Billboard music awards he was remembered by the EDM group the Chainsmokers and the singer Halsey. The three made a speech but the DJ’s unexpected and devastating death while handing out an award.

Their speech consisted of admiration for the late DJ and brought attention to mental illness. Avicii put his life into his music. He toured to a point over his limits even while his health was very poor from his excessive drinking. He likely was suffering from mental illness in part due to his alcoholism. It is fairly common For alcoholics to develop depression and suicidal thoughts/suicidal actions.

The Chainsmokers brought up Avicii again when they excepted an award for top electronic/dance act of 2018. They said he had inspired them both to pursue careers in EDM and he was an inspiration for many others in EDM and pop music. They dedicated their award to Avicii and his memory. The crowd was somber listening to the speeches remembering the late DJ and his contributions to music. Geffen Records announced they may release some of the unreleased projects that Avicii had been working on.

Later in the same night that the Billboard music awards Kelly Clarkson with tasks as a host to call for a moment of silence followed the shooting at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas. Clarkson a native of Texas instead told the audience she’s going to monos action was more appropriate. She said that she felt moments of silence were doing absolutely nothing to solve issues with and violence in schools. The shooting in Texas involved bullying, potential he a mental health issue, and perhaps a gun safety issue that could be solved with new laws. Each of these issues are things the American government, the people, and schools can strive to fix.