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Bernardo Chua: A Star In The Multi-Level Marketing Industry

Bernardo Chua is a very successful executive in the multi-level marketing industry. The Philippines native began his career working with Gano Excel. He was responsible for helping the company to expand first to Hong Kong and then to Canada and the United States within his first three years with the company.

Eventually he moved to the United States and was made Gano Excel U.S.A.’s president. Chua is known for creating and marketing teas, coffee capsules and other food products containing ganoderma, a mushroom popular in Asia for its healing properties.

In 2008 Bernardo Chua founded a company called ORGANO GOLD. The company also had a group of subsidiaries including Coffee Connoisseur under which it sold healthy bioactive coffee products which contained the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom.

Chua marketed the products through the distribution network he established. He sold the products wholesale to his marketing agents who in turn sold it retail to their clients. The products were a big hit and ORGANO GOLD soon had a marketing workforce of millions of independent sales representatives. The company changed its name to ORGANO in 2015 and continue to sell consumables to a growing market.

Chua had learned about garnoderma from his Chinese grandparents as a child. The mushroom has been used throughout Asia for centuries. Chua was among the first to market products with ganoderma infused consumable products outside of Asia.

The company has made Chua one of the Pacific Rim’s most successful business people. His vision that multi-level marketing was the best way to sell the products proved to be correct and has made millions of dollars for everyone involved in selling them. The company has was many awards including “Direct Sales Company of the Year” five times.

Even with all of his success Bernardo Chua continues to work with the world’s best organic farmers to improve the quality of the ganoderma in his company’s products. He has also funded research that has led to new discoveries and breakthroughs. This has helped Organo Gold to defeat its competition because it allows the company to offer the consumer higher quality at affordable prices.