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Bruno Fagali: Brilliant, Ethical and Committed Towards the Advancement of Justice

Bruno Fagali is a young but qualified and accomplished Brazilian lawyer. His high competence as a lawyer stems from his illustrious academic background. He currently holds a law degree from the Pontiace Catholic University. Further, he attended graduate school at the University of Sao Paulo, graduating with a master’s degree in Law of the State in 2017. A strong believer in the concept that one can never have too much knowledge, Bruno Fagali has furthered his academic qualifications with a number of certificates touching on various areas of Brazilian law.,da7796c2023b08e3ba5b3e4207d580dffb81cxb8.html

Corporate Integrity Management

Bruno Fagali has had a number of enviable stops throughout his professional journey. However, while he has had the pleasure of working in a number of Brazilian law firms, his most prestigious position while in employment has been serving as a corporate integrity manager at Nova/sb. As one of the largest advertising firms in the country, a considerable portion of the contracts Nova/sb gets into are with government bodies and agencies. Consequently, the advertiser is exposed to the many litigation risks associated with working with the government. For the last few years, Bruno Fagali has been working towards minimizing this risk by developing and maintaining a corporate integrity plan for the insurer.

Fagali Advocacy

In addition to working at Nova/sb, Bruno Fagali also owns his own law firm, Fagali Advocacy. He founded the firm with the genuine vision of advancing the law and justice. While still relatively young, the firm has grown to become one of the most sought after in the areas of compliance law, ethics, anticorruption law and administrative law. The law firm has in the past also taken on collective action cases. If it continues on its current trajectory, there is no doubt that Fagali Advocacy could become one of the largest, yet ethical law firms in the country.

How To Find A Competent Business Law Attorney

Looking for a reputable business or corporate law attorney in Brazil? Do you want to choose a good law firm or lawyer who has great experience and skill in business or commercial litigation? Don’t select someone just because they happen to be first on the list when you have found some prospects. Make sure the lawyer certainly offers the type of service you are searching for.

Choosing a litigation lawyer, whether you are a business owner or have been named as a defendant in a corporate law suit, is a very important step that you absolutely must take carefully. Many excellent resources are available to guide and help you make a smart and informed decision, from word-of-mouth referrals from relatives, friends and colleagues to Bar Associations and Attorney directories. Generally, the more research you perform before hiring a litigation lawyer or law firm, the more likely you’ll be to select the most suitable lawyer for your situation.

Determine the particular jurisdiction in which your case, or the lawsuit against you, has been brought. You will want a to find a good lawyer who practices in the area in which the dispute or conflict occurred. Talk to colleagues and friends whose judgment you trust whether they can recommend a competent lawyer who is well experienced in your particular type of injury case.

Many people in Brazil are always raving about the quality of service provided by Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Ricardo Tosto is considered one of Brazil’s best litigation attorneys and he has been rendering legal representation for over 22 years. Ricardo Tosto represents a remarkable client roster, including large corporations and multinational commercial and investment establishments.

Mr Tosto provides top notch services in the area of business and corporate litigation, and his credibility as a lawyer has grown over the years. He is a competent attorney who ensures that his clients are extremely satisfied with his representation and the outcome in their cases. Mr Ricardo Tosto has personally mentored many of his associates and he has successful firms in Brazil.