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Marc Sparks: A Startup Legend

Marc Sparks is the epitome of success. His life success is a story of inspiration and motivation. Marc attributes his success to his faith in God, tenacity, the ability to see rare opportunity, and the ‘Marc’s speed.’

Marc did not go to college; he completed his education in high school. He has, however, established the over 60 startups proving that with hard work, there is nothing that one can’t do. Most of the startups that he developed were successful, but some were disastrous. He didn’t, however, focus on the failure, he used them to learn and soar to new heights.

Marc is a serial entrepreneur and a venture capitalist. As a venture capitalist, he has managed to support different companies by providing capital.

Over the years, Marc has developed great wisdom which he shared with his employees and also the world. Marc believes that the key to a successful business is to lead by example. He establishes the path for his employees to follow.

The ability to spot good businesses is what has given Marc the success. He takes ideas that people think are risky and creates a business model, goal, and objective. Marc then follows the blueprint until the idea is a successful business.

Marc is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the Timber Creek Capital. Through the Company, he has managed to build a portfolio of successful companies. Not all companies are included in the portfolio.

Mark the Author

Marc has written and published a book ‘They Can’t Eat You.’ Even though it took a little convincing from his friends, Mark said that writing the book was the best thing. In the book, he provides different stories of his failures and triumphs. Marc said that people would learn more from his mistakes than his successes. For instance, he has included the story of how he established Insurance Company, and he lost it in a ninety-day period.

Marc, the philanthropist

Marc believes that ‘to whom much is given, much is required.’ That is the reason why he partnered and supported different organization. His love for humanity has made him partner with the Samaritan Inn in Texas. This is a shelter for the homeless. Through the home, Marc and the rest of the Samaritan Inn provide different programs. The residents of the home stay for five months during which they are equipped with skills and information on financial management.

Marc has also partnered with the Habitat for Humanity. The organization helps to build homes for various families.

Through his organization, Marc has managed to provide laptops to children from low-income households in a bid to end the cycle of poverty.

Outside work Marc loves, fishing, hiking, golfing, and hunting.


Jason Hopes Vision For The Future

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, technology investor in the healthcare field, a futurist and a philanthropist.

His undergraduate degree is in finances and he received his MBA from Arizona State University. The technology involving mobile communications interested him because it reached so many people. He saw room for both improvements and growth in the field. Jason Hope began by selling services for premium text messages. This is what led to his technological future and his medical research.

His portfolio is filled with technology companies which is what provides most of his income. Originally he founded Jawa. This is a mobile communications firm that eventually became the parent company for numerous profitable partnerships in the industry.

Jason believes societies future rests in the hands of technology. It connects everything throughout the world. This belief was reflected in how he built his company and it made a profit immediately. This was the beginning of his portfolio. Any doubts he has he uses to force himself to think ahead and as fuel for his passions. Jason Hope always knew technology was his future.

Jason is also a firm believer in social media. He believes if you spend the time to use it properly marketing capabilities are easily available. Social media generates a lot of new business, makes connections to keep people connected, and helps individuals find new strategies for marketing their businesses.

Jason has been writing as a guest blogger for a variety of companies. He wants the public to have access to his theories and his thoughts. Technologies future is incredibly important to him since he believes this is what will help him make positive changes in the world. His eyes are always on the future and the potential it has to improve lives. His heart is in his work in philanthropy because he wants to help as many people as he possibly can.

James Dondero Gives Back To Southern Methodist University

Highland Capital Management co-founder James Dondero has been appointed to a board position at Southern Methodist University’s (SMU) prestigious Cox Business School. Highland has established a long partnership with SMU, which encourages academic growth and careers in public policy. Highland Capital Management also supports the George W. Bush Library in Dallas.

“We are pleased to be a part of the Cox Business School and SMU. It is our goal to help students aspire to careers in public policy,” said Dondero.

James Dondero will be part of a 100-member board that provides strategies for the business school. The Cox School has provides tremendous growth and opportunity in the Dallas area. Highland Capital Management Towers Scholar is a yearly endowment for the top business student. Dondero says the scholarship cements Highland’s commitment to the SMU.

James Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the private equity market. Since its inception in 1993, Dondero has built a track record of putting Highland on the map with innovations like Collateral Loan Obligations. The company has offices all over the globe.

Dondero graduated with honors from the University of Virginia with a degree in Accounting and Finance. He started his career as an analyst at Morgan Guaranty. He also worked for GIC subsidiary Protective Life, American Express and AUM.

Dondero sits on the board of Banknote, AMC Entertainment, Cornerstone Health and Nexbank. Known for his generous philanthropy, Dondero supports a number of important initiatives to help the veterans and a variety of organizations for the needy.

Dondero currently resides in Dallas.

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Kenneth Goodgame’s Outstanding Marketing Methods

If you are looking for a management leader, Kenneth Goodgame is your man. If you are looking for an innovative marketer, Kenneth Goodgame is also your man. He has worked at reputable companies and excelled. He is a force to be reckoned with in the world of marketing. He has turned around the fortune of companies, increased their profits and maximized their outputs. His ability to navigate market shifts and his eye for detail are contributory factors to his impeccable success at the places he has worked. He specializes in creating million and billion- dollar Original Equipment Manufacturer excellence through smart business strategies and corporate alignment.

Goodgame graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Marketing Finance. He isn’t just a marketing and finance guru, he is also a public speaker, talking about the smart business ideas he has applied which have led to his success in finance industry. He boasts of skills such as management, merchandising, purchasing and sales and marketing. He has an impressive track record which spans more than two decades.

He has worked at the Ace Hardware Corporation Illinois where he held the position of General Manager Merchandising from 2010 to 2013. And also at the True Value Hardware Corporation, a company that specializes in the production of home improvement products such as paint and paint applicators, as the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer from 2013 to 2015 where he rebuilt the merchandising team and re-engineered talent acquisition. He also worked at The Home Depot from 1994 to 2002 and was the Senior Global Product Merchant from 2001 to 2003.

As President and General manager of Rubber Maid Cleaning from 2002 to 2004,he turned around the failing $170M consumer cleaning business in his first year alone within 120 days of hire, he secured an annual contract worth about $30M. Goodgame also very recently launched a new website where he interacts and talks with professionals in the marketing industry. Goodgame calls Chicago his home.

Kenneth Goodgame is evidently a business guru and continues to distinguish himself beyond mere talk. He continues to prove that his methods when applied to business will always yield possible outcome. He is worthy of emulating.

John Goullet and His Mastery of the Entrepreneurial World

John Goullet seemed destined to make his mark in the entrepreneurial world and against some pretty stiff odds, he has. Everything has a beginning and most of the best ideas have one thing in common, they all start from scratch in one way or another. The trick to entrepreneurial success is the ability to start with nothing and end up with it all as John has on more than one occasion. Anyone with the desire to do the same can learn a lot from watching a man like him in action.

After a recent merger of John Goullet’s company Info Technologies with Diversant he has now been named as the Principle of Diversant LLC. In the world of technology, this is major news but not surprising to anyone who knows him or has worked with John in the past. He is one of those people who has had to earn every “break” he’s ever gotten in life and wouldn’t have it any other way. To his way of thinking, what you earn for yourself, you get to keep.

Diversant LLC is a good example of what John and his keen understanding of entrepreneurial principles has been able to accomplish. The company motto “Empowered by Difference” has a ring to it that makes a person think. It’s okay to be different, and very satisfying indeed when one can take that difference and surprise the world with what they do with it. Diversant will thrive under Goullet’s guidance, and anyone working with them will know that IT consultants have the cutting edge knowledge needed for success in any venture.

One thing that’s made John Goullet so successful is he fully understands that winning isn’t always a “solo” effort. It can be of course, but when you work as a team like John and his office mates at Diversant do, the goal of perfection and efficiency every time is much more likely than not. The ability and ambition to drive oneself to a goal are common enough in the business world, it’s doing so while hanging onto your sense of what’s right that sets men like John apart from too many others who don’t operate that way.

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Davos Real Estate Group Now Has A Proprietary Ap

David Osio is the founder of the Davos Financial Group, a conglomerate of investment botique companies that comprise a whole network run by Osio and his executive team. The firm specializes in wealth management and putting forth plans on where to place investment funds. Osio and his executives have tailored their company both towards large corporate investments and major mergers, and private individual funds. Davos Financial Group uses advanced analysis of market trends to make sure their key areas of portfolio consolidation, risk tolerance, and diversifying strategies are properly formulated to meet expectations.

Recently, Osio was proud to announce that his child company, the Davos Real Estate Group (REG) had come up with its own CAP calculator. This is an app that’s designed to benefit mobile users and tap into a whole new clientele of real estate investors. Davos REG partnered with Teknolution to develop the CAP calculator, and what this does is take all the data from a real estate investment, calculate all the expenses such as mortgage, property taxes, and assess income such as rent charged to tenants, and calculate what the value of the land will be in the future. This app is part of a series of apps being put out by Davos REG that gives clients a better feel for a return on investment in real estate purchases.

David Osio has been in the financial sector now for over 30 years and counting. He got his first degrees in economics and financial law from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas. For a time, he served as a lawyer for the MGO Firm, in which he advised big corporations on legal procedures and regulatory compliance for a number of years. He would go on to complete his masters degrees at Instituto de Estudios Superiores Administrativos, and the Financial Institute of New York. He was the head of a commercial bank division of a major Latin American-based bank in Miami for about 5 years, until he started his own company the Davos Financial Group in 1993. The Davos Financial Group has offices around the globe from native Venezuela, to Lisbon, Geneva, and many other places. David Osio is also a philanthropist who loves music and arts, as he’s contributed to orchestras and museums in Miami, and even donated to the Wayuu Taya Foundation, dedicated to preserving indigenous native American culture.

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Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley Resort

Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Resort is finally seeing some relief from the incorporation battle that he has been facing recently. Not only that, but they have also been faced with the effects of a drought in the last few years which as most people would assume it to be hard for a ski resort to operate if mother nature isn’t cooperating. Luckily, the weather has changed direction for them and has produced a nice winter storm that has flooded the area with snow and cold temperatures. This has increased traffic for the resort and lead them to open early to accommodate the outdoor enthusiasts. The political incorporation has posed threats and division between the two parties. Andy Wirth has stood his ground and raised his opposition for their beliefs as well as their efforts. The political incorporation recently announced that they have withdrawn their efforts to incorporate Olympic Valley, which has created a lot of relief for CEO, Andy Wirth. Although there has been some division and words spoken, he hopes that they can both heal from this situation and move forward into the future by doing what is best for the community.

Andy Wirth is originally from Germany, and moved to Colorado to attend college. He graduated from Colorado State University and moved to Steamboat where he started his career. He has always had experience with historic parks and recreation, as his family members were always involved in the business, so it was a natural step for him to take when he decided on his career. He eventually moved from Steamboat and took over the Squaw Valley Resort.

The Squaw Valley Resort is located in the Olympic mountains of Lake Tahoe. It’s a beautiful, scenic place to visit, and the ski resort is located in the heart of it all. Many people from all over the world come to visit and take place in the outdoor recreational activities. It is linked to another ski resort, which work in correspondence to each other. Wirth is actually working on a gondola that will connect the two ski resorts, making it easier for skier’s to get form one resort to the other. It will become a great asset because many skiers can easily take part in participating in the winter activities included at both ski resorts. They will park their vehicles at one, but be able to utilize the bother of them. The project is set to take place soon and should become a very valuable part of attracting visitors and tourists. Wirth has worked very hard to maintain the resort and continue with the historical beauty that it carries, as well as provide a delicate service to many of the outdoor enthusiasts.
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George Soros: Another Billionaire Turned into Political Man

George Soros was born in 1930 to a Jewish family in Hungary. When the Nazis took over this country on, the young boy had to struggle for survival. After, Soros went to the United Kingdom where he graduated from a prestigious London School of Economics.

But Britain wasn’t his final destination: the United States were. This is where he eventually got to acquire a vast fortune (estimated to be around $25 billion), making him one of the richest people in the world. The money was made by financial investing, often on a speculative side. George Soros on theatlantic became known as the man who can take advantage of financial crises of various sorts.

His finest day was back in 1992 when George Soros made between one and two billion dollars in a single day on a bet against the British Pound. Since then, he’s been called as “the man who broke the Bank of England.” Overall, Soros’ investment performance is considered to be among the best in history. He’s listed with the likes of Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch as one of the greatest investors.

After tremendous financial success on NY Times and with vast wealth, Soros decided to turn into political activism. He started by providing scholarships to black South African students during apartheid era. And, he established Open Society Foundation with the aim of promoting human rights and government accountability in multiple countries.

Open Society Foundation, however, has been criticized by some as a foreign-sponsored organization that often contradicts the sovereign governments. Indeed, recently it has been banned in Russia, while its books were burned by a couple of Russian universities.

Lately, George Soros on marketwatch caused even more controversy by telling the European nations to accept at least a million Middle Eastern migrants per year, for as long as needed, and to pay them- all amidst the current migrant crisis.

He’s also a nemesis of the current Presidential candidate, Donald Trump. To fight the real estate tycoon, George Soros is donating millions of dollars, mostly going to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, although it’s possible that some funds will be thrown into anti-Trump campaign.

That has brought much more criticism. Yet, Soros continues to pursue his agenda. After all, he got much money and little time left to do what he wishes to.

Talk Fusion Transforms the Communication Industry

There are some people who do not like to appear in video calls. According to them, they do not have the best looks, or sometimes, some of their features make them shy. When it comes to video communication, these people are always uncomfortable, and they prefer communicating with emails and letters because they can easily and comfortably hide their faces.

However, there is some good news for this people. Talk Fusion, one of the leading communication companies in the world will be providing a new type of video communication where people do not have to show their faces. This news has been received quite well especially in the business world, and investors can now communicate efficiently and grow their businesses well.

Since it was started several years ago, Talk Fusion has transformed the lives of people in the world. People from any part of the world can communicate effectively using the latest technology, and everyone can live all their dreams.

The company has received a very good audience from many parts of the world, and many people even consider it one of the best communication app. In the year 2007, the company started by introducing a Video Email, and through hard work from the president of the institution, Bob Reina, it has managed to introduce more apps. Using the platform provided by the company, individuals can have live video chats, conferencing solutions, live meeting and so much more. The company offers most of the services that are required by many businesses, and this is why it has managed to do very well.

The company was founded by one of the people who have all the knowledge in the industry, Bob Reina. He has a lot of expertise and knowledge in the communication technology, and he has always had the dream of owning a powerful company. Reina has worked for more than two decades in the industry, and he is also believed to have natural and entrepreneurship spirit that is required for the job.

Bob Reina is also experienced in marketing experiences, and he is also a good leader. This explains why he has managed to lead his team of professionals to manage such a powerful empire.

Coriant – Innovative Network Solutions

A multi-level powerful connected experience is followed by a company called Coriant. They are responsible for providing innovative networking solutions for a rapid changing and cloud enabled business industry. They reduce the complexity of operations issues by examining and providing leading edge software and hardware solutions for everyday business needs. As a leading network operator in over 100 countries, they offer services for all mobile end users and their devices along with utility companies and government entities. They also cover all other types of business infrastructures and provide an optimal experience for all clients to meet satisfaction. Coriant has been merged and branched off from some of the highest networking companies in the industry, and the staff some of the best experts in the industry. The offer over thirty five years of experience to the industry, and work very hard to ensure the networking solutions are met every hour upon the hour for all businesses and their transactions. They understand that when a network is down, the company at stake is losing money and being able to function properly. Their staff works around the clock to ensure that the end user has the supple amount of energy needed to transport networks and maximize the value at hand.

The man who is responsible for many of the business transactions as well as the smooth process of connectivity is Shaygan Kheradpir. He studied electrical engineering quite exclusively and received his bachelor’s and master’s degree from Cornell University. He began his career at an early age and has been in the technology industry for almost three decades. He received his doctorate degree as well, and went on to become the CEO of many prominent companies such as Verizon and Juniper. He took over Coriant when it branched off and merged with another company in 2014. He oversees the daily operations of all telecommunication transactions and all networking solutions, ensuring that the networks are flowing at a high rate.

Coriant’s connectivity and innovation along with their quality compliance produce many resources for the market place and businesses. They rely on technology and the need things to work, and Coriant understands how important that is. With a reputation that can be trusted and years of experience behind their belt, companies across the world can rely on Coriant to provide the fastest, most reliable networking infrastructure on the planet. They will find that networking for their business is the last of their worries.

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