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Whitney Wolfe Has Become The Queen Bee

Whitney Wolfe, a graduate of International Studies, is known for her admirable work, whether it be selling charitable handbags, or creating one of the biggest dating apps in the world of technology. Correction: Whitney Wolfe has created numerous top-rated dating and relationship apps. In fact, Whitney Wolfe has been named one of the top 30 women under the age of 30, so clearly her ideas are amazing. Beginning with Tinder, Whitney Wolfe showed off her talent for creating relationship matches.

However, Whitney Wolfe knew she could make something even more buzz-worthy. Specifically, Whitney Wolfe created a female-driven dating app, where the woman in the match was able to (as well as required to) make the first move. Bumble became a hit, but Whitney Wolfe was not finished. While studying technology and its many usages, Wolfe realized that romantic partners weren’t the only thing being sought online; people also wanted to make matches for friendships. With this in mind, Whitney created Bumble BFF. Similar to Bumble, this app allows people to create matches from the comfort of their mobile devices. Both friendship and romantic matches were rising from Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble creations, which inspired her most recent project.


Whitney Wolfe’s latest success is known as the Hive. This bee-inspired (yet very modern) hangout area had an intended use for Bumble match meet-ups. Although, Whitney Wolfe, an educated woman of many strengths and talents, wanted the Hive to be a place of empowerment. The Hive, which is located in New York, has plans of hosting educational courses and business seminars. Of course, tips on dating and relationships will also be presented. A special guest appearance from DryBar will be made, as they will have styling sessions available on a specified date. Great hair, knowledge, and a beautiful yellow hangout spot…how could it get any better? Let’s cross our fingers that Whitney Wolfe and her squad of bees has plans of expanding the Hive, as each state truly deserves such an amazing, innovative, and social experience. Cheers to Bumble and all the friendships and relationships that is has people buzzing (and celebrating) about!

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Eric Lefkofsky – Serial Entrepreneur with Focus on Innovation and Technology

Eric Lefkofsky is the name to reckon with in the field of innovation and technology. Currently, he serves as the chairman of Groupon Inc, a firm he co-founded and is on the board of many other companies that he founded, such as Lightbank Investments, MediaOcean, Echo Global Logistics, Tempus Inc, and Innerworkings. Eric Lefkofsky is also a well-known philanthropist in the United States and has his foundation by the name of Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which he runs along with his wife, Liz Lekfkofsky.Lefkofsky Family Foundation aims at developing and implementing high impact initiatives in the field of education, healthcare, and community welfare. The foundation also donates generously in the area of medical research. Eric Lefkofsky completed his graduation from the University of Michigan and went on to receive Juris Doctor Degree from the same university.

Tempus is one of the most recent ventures of Eric Lefkofsky that deals in aggregating data collected from various medical centers and hospitals for cancer research. Eric Lefkofsky doesn’t belong to the medical field, but he realized that there is a dire need for the use of advanced database management system in the field of medical and cancer research, which can be of immense help to the research scholars and the physicians.Tempus Inc by providing accurate and reliable data and statistics on the clinical and patient outcome results would help the doctors understand why some treatment is effective in some patients, and not on others. Moreover, Tempus Inc correlates the genomic data to ensure that the results put together by technologically are not practically usable as well, and can help make visible progress in the field of cancer research and developing more efficient cancer therapies.

Eric Lefkofsky is also known for his best-selling book named Accelerated Disruption. The book talks about how it is important for the major companies to continue to focus on innovation and going for a makeover in the age of technology. Eric emphasizes on innovation to ensure that the businesses that have been changed maker in the industry do not get overwhelmed by start-ups that aim to change the whole dynamics of how the industry operates. There are times when the start-ups have come with a new idea and innovative technologies, which have completely shape-shifted the entire industry, and it is the reason why companies must focus on continually innovating their products, services, and business machinery.

JHSF: A Scion of High-end Sustainable Property Development and Management

Since its founding in 1972, JHSF has built a strong reputation as one of the leading specialists in developing and managing innovative and sustainable high-end real estate and commercial properties. Even though the company began operating primarily in Sao Paulo, Brazil where it is headquartered, JHSF has expanded its operations to new locations in Miami and New York in the United States. It also develops and manages properties in Uruguay and other cities in Brazil. The company’s strategy saw it list at the local financial market as a publicly traded company. It has also expanded its employee base. Currently, the company has over one thousand employees who are highly qualified and have played a critical role in determining the company’s success over the years. Its exceptional service delivery and commitment to using innovative technologies in high-end sustainable property development has seen the company win several awards. The company’s projects have been lauded and honored by architects for its exceptionally innovative design. Its management portfolio includes luxury hotels, an executive business airport and high-end real estate properties. The company also manages shopping malls.

Jose AuriemoNeto’s Keen Eye for High-end Properties

Even before taking the leadership mantle at JHSF, Jose AuriemoNeto had already shown that he had a talented in management and a keen eye for building businesses. The current chief executive officer and chairman of the board of directors at JHSF took up entrepreneurship at a significantly young age. At only 17 years, Mr. Neto founded a network of parking lots business, which he managed successfully. He later enrolled to study engineering at FAAP but did not complete his studies; but the experience was good enough to ignite a passion in him for unique properties. His tenure at JHSF has been marked exponential growth in the company’s profile as a specialist in high-end properties. He guided the company towards expansion in various territories including New York and Uruguay where he has visited personally to inspect the progress of the company’s projects. He has also directed the company’s investment in shopping malls such as the Garden City and various luxurious hotels. His expansion initiatives include investment in local projects such as Marginal Pinheros.

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Marc Sparks: A Startup Legend

Marc Sparks is the epitome of success. His life success is a story of inspiration and motivation. Marc attributes his success to his faith in God, tenacity, the ability to see rare opportunity, and the ‘Marc’s speed.’

Marc did not go to college; he completed his education in high school. He has, however, established the over 60 startups proving that with hard work, there is nothing that one can’t do. Most of the startups that he developed were successful, but some were disastrous. He didn’t, however, focus on the failure, he used them to learn and soar to new heights.

Marc is a serial entrepreneur and a venture capitalist. As a venture capitalist, he has managed to support different companies by providing capital.

Over the years, Marc has developed great wisdom which he shared with his employees and also the world. Marc believes that the key to a successful business is to lead by example. He establishes the path for his employees to follow.

The ability to spot good businesses is what has given Marc the success. He takes ideas that people think are risky and creates a business model, goal, and objective. Marc then follows the blueprint until the idea is a successful business.

Marc is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the Timber Creek Capital. Through the Company, he has managed to build a portfolio of successful companies. Not all companies are included in the portfolio.

Mark the Author

Marc has written and published a book ‘They Can’t Eat You.’ Even though it took a little convincing from his friends, Mark said that writing the book was the best thing. In the book, he provides different stories of his failures and triumphs. Marc said that people would learn more from his mistakes than his successes. For instance, he has included the story of how he established Insurance Company, and he lost it in a ninety-day period.

Marc, the philanthropist

Marc believes that ‘to whom much is given, much is required.’ That is the reason why he partnered and supported different organization. His love for humanity has made him partner with the Samaritan Inn in Texas. This is a shelter for the homeless. Through the home, Marc and the rest of the Samaritan Inn provide different programs. The residents of the home stay for five months during which they are equipped with skills and information on financial management.

Marc has also partnered with the Habitat for Humanity. The organization helps to build homes for various families.

Through his organization, Marc has managed to provide laptops to children from low-income households in a bid to end the cycle of poverty.

Outside work Marc loves, fishing, hiking, golfing, and hunting.


John Goullet’s Life and Career Achievements

John Goullet is an IT staffing professional as well as an entrepreneur. He started his career as an IT consultant in 1994. Later on, Mr. Goullet transitioned to an IT staffing professional after gaining intense experience in IT staffing industry. Working as an IT staffing specialist and consultant gave Mr. Goullet a broad perspective in the IT marketplace. John Goullet leveraged his understanding of market trends to establishing his first IT staffing firm, Info Technologies. While at Info Technologies, Mr. Goullet would provide IT staffing solutions and services to Fortune 500 companies across the US. Within five years, Info Technologies’ value grew to over $30 million.

John Goullet at DIVERSANT LLC

As a visionary entrepreneur, Mr. Goullet saw the importance of partnering with others, and therefore merged Info Technologies with DIVERSANT Inc., to form DIVERSANT LLC. Upon the merger, Mr. Goullet became the Principal of the newly formed DIVERSANT LLC. As an enthusiastic leader, Mr. Goullet encourages creativity and upholding ethical behavior. At DIVERSANT LLC, Mr. Goullet is responsible for formulating strategies that help the company conquer and avert challenges in the ever-evolving IT marketplace. As DIVERSANT’s Principal, John Goullet embarks on providing quality IT staffing services and solutions to mid-market and Fortune 500 clients. Under Mr. Goullet’s guidance, DIVERSANT LLC has hired industry leaders to be part of its innovative team.

Over the years, Mr. Goullet demonstrates professionalism in steering DIVERSANT LLC. In fact, the firm would experience drastic growth even during the economic hardship. Mr. Goullet’s belief in teamwork has been instrumental to the success of the company. Through his exemplary efforts, DIVERSANT LLC is the leading African-American owned IT staffing firm in the United States. Just recently, DIVERSANT LLC was certified as a Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE).

John Goullet IdeaMensch

Already as a teenager, John Goullet was fascinated with the subject of IT staffing. Mr. Goullet has been in business for the past 22 years; however, 24 years ago he realized that IT staffing was a low-barrier-to-entry venture. Since there are a few IT professionals in the United States, Mr. Goullet looks forward to developing set of IT staffing skills to meet specific customer needs.

Could Kyle Bass Get Revenge on His Accusers By Making Accurate Predictions?


Kyle Bass is always in constant trouble it seems. He has a shady association, does things that are questionable, and yet he still maintains his innocence. He made his money by becoming one of the prominent hedge fund managers for this country. Now, he is making bold declarations and stating that China’s economic struggles are over. Whether the value of the dollar goes up or down will affect what happens next. China could suffer from another setback, or his epic trading position could pay off royally.


Bass has always been known for making big calls that either pan out big or land him flat on his face. The PowerShares U.S. Dollar Index Bullish Fund or UPP shows trends of improvement. The graph shows a rising 15-day movement, which is more than it has done in over a year. However, if the dollar rallies at all, it could cause investors to become leery of making any investments. Despite Bass and his shortcomings, he was able to predict the 2008 crash. People are more apt to listen to him because he is good at predictions.


UsefulStooges reminds us that his big prediction is that the dollar will increase while the Asian currency will deteriorate. Bass doesn’t feel that China will experience Armageddon by any means, but he does feel that there is much cause for alarm. He feels that they will follow the paths of the United States and how they handled the great market crash of 2008. He believes they will drop their deposit rate to zero in an attempt to gather interest. Right now, the entire global outlook is hinging on the dollar.


Some say that this is the “revenge” the Bass needs to get his footing again. However, there are several people just waiting for him to make another mistake. With Bass, it’s like trying to predict the weather. You never knew which way the wind will blow and if a storm is coming. Trying to figure out what Kyle is doing and if there is any truth to his madness is similar.

Jim Hunt and VTA Publications are Using Education to Boost Individual Confidence in Finance

Jim Hunt has created a cemented reputation in the business community due to his expertise and knowledge in finance. Apart from his exceptional skills in finance, Hunt has managed to create an application that will boost the number of people joining the finance sector through raising their confidence level in this particular field.

Hunt came up with this VTA application after realizing that most people fear diving into the finance industry due to lack of adequate knowledge. Individuals gradually gain confidence in this sector as they acquire more information. Individuals, who are referred to as experts, are recognized by such a term due to their level of knowledge regarding a given field or topic.

The Hunt and VTA Publications’ system is capable of eliminating second thoughts from the equation by introducing real variables obtained from actual industry data. Subsequently, any investor will be in a position to identify the expected revenue that he or she will get upon investing in a preferred investment portfolio.

This proves that investment and education are somehow intertwined. Mainly, this is because people can only understand how and why things work as they do when an appropriate training system is put in place

Detailed Information About VTA Publications

Established in 2012, VTA Publications is a private limited company with a registered office situated in Norfolk. It publishes non-fiction material for distance learning courses as well as an event organizer that caters to specialist genres. VTA is driven significantly by the objective of offering clients with revolutionary information. This is done through publishing free courses and articles, which are contained in both physical and digital media. Mostly, the courses and articles revolve around two primary fields, finance and economics.

VTA publications achieves its goals through sourcing for the professionals in their area of specialization in a bid to compile their tradecraft and experience in a manner that its clients can comprehend. Further, it operates as a booking agent for events as well as seminars of a similar nature. Some of its latest articles include Trouble Awaits If You Do This, Beating the Odds and Are You on the Zombie Train?

The Unique Personality and Life of Billionaire Dick Devos

I believe that the Michigan-born Dick DeVos is a very special kind of individual. He participated in a couple of different studies for executive training. His father, Richard Devos, was the co-founder of Amway so it is not surprising that he also became affiliated with Amway Corporation in 1974 and did enormously well in the company. So well that in 1984 he was appointed vice president of Amway International and helped lead it to worldwide growth. Dick DeVos later launched into several other very exciting and profitable business opportunities, but returned to Amway in 1993 as its president. He served Amway in this position of leadership until 2002.

Today Dick and his wife Betsy have been married for more than 30. Betsy has had a very successful career of her own. Hers has been in the political arena. In 1989, the launched the charitable Dick & Betsy Devos Family Foundation. The Lauderdale Yacht Club hosted its annual races in March of 2016. Dick DeVos led a racing team that included Mark Menelbatt, Scott Nixon, Sam Rogers, Drew Weirda, Peter Kinney, Erika Reineke, and Mike Hill. Devos acknowledged that there were some truly superb teams racing such as Argo, Stormvogel, Vitamina Amerikana, and Quest. However, Dick DeVos expressed great pride in his top-notch crew who he believed were more than up for the challenge. This team competed with great results in other competitions throughout the year. I am thoroughly impressed that this very successful businessman and benefactor is not only a world-class sail champion, but also a licensed jet plane and helicopter pilot.

Both Dick and his wife are not finished being productive. They continue to be active in community events, charities, and the investment firm, The WindQuest Group. Dick DeVos also continues to sit on the board of several different companies. His long career and immense hard work have paid off enormously. In 2012, Dick Devos was listed as the 67th richest person in the U.S. with an estimated worth of about $5.1 billion. Considering that he and Betsy are still active, his worth will probably keep growing.

Nashville Real Estate Is Hotter Than A Miranda Lambert Song

Twenty years ago the sleepy city of Nashville, Tennessee was off the radar for anyone that didn’t like country music or country ham. Nashville was all about country music, pickup trucks, and cowboy boots. Anyone that didn’t connect with those things was still a “Yankee” in the minds of the down-home citizens.
The Nashville real estate market was undervalued in those days. People from Michigan and California would visit Nashville and realize they could live in or around the city for thousands of dollars less a year. People began to move to Nashville by the thousands, and now Nashville has become a big medium size city with all the challenges of a city that was hit by unprecedented growth. Even the traffic in Nashville can drive some of the new transplants to drink, but the property value increases are giving them a buzz they won’t forget. Nashville property values are skyrocketing according to Scott Lumley of Resolve Financials.
Lumley is the energetic real estate developer that operates out of his offices in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. Lumley is currently developing a colorful stripe center in the center of the quaint town of Mt. Juliet, and he says he is going to keep the integrity of the old building. Mt. Juliet’s Mayor Ed Hagerty has nothing but good things to say about Lumley and his company. The mayor thinks the upgrade is just what the city needs to stay up with the developments in downtown Nashville.
Scott Lumley is an entrepreneur that has investments in several different businesses. According to Lumley, nothing last forever in retail because consumers won’t allow it. The marketplace set the bar high and Lumley has accepted the challenge to transform Nashville into one of the top cities in the country. Lumley has been focused on Nashville since 2005, and he has certainly made a mark in the city especially in real estate development.
Some folks want the old Nashville back. They want the days when a person could cross town in 20 minutes or go to a restaurant and never wait for a table. But those days are over.

Business Leaders In Chicago Are Connected

Business leaders in Chicago are some of the most connected people in the world, and their connections cross the globe. These connections bring together money from countries that want to invest in America, and the American businessmen who invest global cash are creating a new world for American hedge funds. Some of the largest funds in America are located in Chicago, and the Chicago market is growing even more than the market on Wall Street.

#1: Majeed Ekbal Works The Middle East

Majeed is a powerplayer who has connections to many middle eastern investors. The investors Majeed has brought to Chicago are funneling millions of dollars at a time for investment opportunities, and funds are growing because of his incredible eye. There are many investors itching to come to America, and these investors are working almost exclusively with Majeed Ekbal.

#2: Why Is The Middle Eastern Market Important?

The middle eastern market is flush with cash, and the cash that comes from the middle east is practically impossible to spend in its entirety. The oil-rich countries in the middle east are generating billions of dollars a day, and some of those dollars find their way to America with Majeed’s help. Majeed makes deals with the oil markets in the world every day, and his deals increase the net worth of large funds in Chicago.

#3: Chicago Has A Different Feel

Chicago feels different from other cities in the world, and the city moves at a slightly slower pace than the people who are working Wall Street. There are amazing funds on Wall Street, but the Chicago market is a different place altogether. People who are investing in the Chicago area are creating new business in the city, and Chicago is becoming a more popular location for people to live when they want to work in the banking industry.

The banking world has outgrown the typical markets in New York, and Chicago has become the home of the newest business leaders in the world. Business leaders who are fighting to make the world a better place are creating more generous funds in the city, and these business leaders are looking outside the most traditional markets in the world. There are many people who simply do not want to work in the New York market, but Chicago and its leaders are drawing in new talent every day with their vision and innovation.