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Naomi Campbell Is The Supermodel That Every Model Wants To Be

When people mention music, everyone knows who Michael Jackson is. When people mention modeling, everyone knows exactly who Naomi Campbell is. It’s also fitting to mention that Naomi Campbell was in one of Michael Jackson’s videos many years ago named “Keep It In The Closet,” and it definitely helped her to become more of a household name, especially since the video was incredibly popular at the time. Naomi was constantly being talked about because of her dancing skills in the video, which was one of her rare performances, outside of modeling.

Naomi Campbell has done everything in the world, including modeling, acting, working with great fashion lines, and mentoring. Naomi is well known for her modeling talents because she was a model first but became so much more over time. After doing almost everything a person can possibly do in a lifetime, the only thing left for Naomi to do is to travel to outer space because she has really conquered the world. Naomi has even managed to be on not just one but two of the hottest shows that were ever produced by the Fox network, including the current show “Empire.”

With the show Empire becoming so popular and highly rated with an average of 9 million viewers, Naomi Campbell became even more popular amongst the younger demographics that watched the show on a regular basis. Naomi has even created an amazing book recently that only had a few prints, which means they were bound to sell quickly and would be treasured by those who bought them. The outline of the front of the book has Naomi’s curves, which made the book a visual success as well as a commercial success.

Naomi has been on so many talk shows that they can’t all be mentioned, and she has solidified herself as one of the best supermodels to ever walk the runway. With the long history that Naomi has in Hollywood and beyond, anyone who wants something done correctly, whether it’s acting, modeling, or anything to do with fashion, they would call on Naomi Campbell.

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