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Aloha Construction Meeting Customers’ Tastes

Aloha Construction, Inc. serves Illinois and southern Wisconsin regions. The local company has field supervisors, installers. Inspectors, claim specialists, and office team that works together to deliver the specified services. The family-owned firm has completed over 7,000 local projects and has recorded growth over the years.

Competent Employees

Aloha Construction deals with the general repair of a building. The all-around business offers roofing, gutter, siding, and window replacement services to structures of all sizes. The skilled staffs have completed their training, and they are conversant with the construction job. They work according to the company culture and objectives. All contractors have insurance covers, and in case of an accident, the insurance company caters for the damage.

High-Quality Services

The entity aims at topnotch professionalism levels, honesty, fairness, and integrity in its relationships with contractors, suppliers, and associates. Aloha Construction makes sure that the customers leave satisfied by giving them attention and completing projects within the agreed time. The construction field is among the economic drivers that are currently registering an increased level of employment. Aloha construction is recording a positive trend in providing jobs to the households. The entity specializes in expertise areas to make sure clients receive the best from their professionals.

Aloha is conscious about time management. The experts work on a fixed schedule and deliver the ordered work immediately. Professionals and personnel collaborate to attend and respond to every customer. They are aware of the raised demand for quality output in the construction field and are moving towards the market trend. The team leaves the working site clean making services unique and popular. They always follow up on completed projects to find out if the services matched the preference of the user.

David Farbaky

Dave Farbaky is the operating president and chief executive officer of Aloha Construction, Inc. The 46-year-old strives to take the construction firm towards accomplishing its mission. He leads it to deliver top-quality services at a competitive and reasonable market price.

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How Roberto Santiago Improved Life In Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago is a successful businessman who is a native of Joao Pessoa, Brazil. He is an entrepreneur who established her first company while he was young. This company designed and manufactured cardboard cartons for other businesses. After running this company for a number of years he entered he bought a large plot of land in his hometown and built Manaira Shopping Mall. This mall is the largest in the Paraiba state of Brazil and one of the biggest in the entire country. He opened the mall in 1989 and has added onto it a number of times over the intervening years.

Manaira Shopping Mall took two years to build. Once completed and opened for business it offered a wide variety of shopping, entertainment, and dining experiences. It has both upscale shopping stores as well as more affordable places to buy goods at. It has just about every type of product people shop for including jewelry, clothing, books, furniture, and electronics. The mall also includes a fitness center and a number of banks. Additionally, it is home to Higher Education of Paraiba which is a university. Due to this, there are often a number of students and faculty members in and around the mall. Read more on

Roberto Santiago also included movie theaters in his mall as well as a large gaming area. This gaming area includes a bevy of different arcade machines and also has a bowling alley attached to it. Roberto Santiago has also expanded the food court three times since 1989 adding in many more options that offer both different cuisines as well as different price points. While Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has fast food restaurants it also now houses upscale eateries including Waynes and Capital Steakhouse.

One of the biggest additions that Roberto Santiago made to Manaira Shopping Mall took place in 2009. He installed Domus Hall on the roof of the mall which can accommodate up to 10,000 people. Domus Hall has attracted a number of Brazilian and international musicians who have performed there. The space can also be customized and has served as a place to have plays, weddings, conferences, and art shows. As Domus Hall is air-conditioned it can be used throughout the world. It is a two-story structure with the bottom level having cabins for smaller affairs while the second floor is the concert hall. Visit for more info.

In 2013, Roberto Santiago built a second mall he named Mangeira Shopping Mall. This mall is also located in Joao Pessoa and between the two they offer residents of the area a large variety of shopping and entertainment options. The two malls have also spurred development in the area which has resulted in a number of other businesses moving into the region.

Marc Sparks: A Startup Legend

Marc Sparks is the epitome of success. His life success is a story of inspiration and motivation. Marc attributes his success to his faith in God, tenacity, the ability to see rare opportunity, and the ‘Marc’s speed.’

Marc did not go to college; he completed his education in high school. He has, however, established the over 60 startups proving that with hard work, there is nothing that one can’t do. Most of the startups that he developed were successful, but some were disastrous. He didn’t, however, focus on the failure, he used them to learn and soar to new heights.

Marc is a serial entrepreneur and a venture capitalist. As a venture capitalist, he has managed to support different companies by providing capital.

Over the years, Marc has developed great wisdom which he shared with his employees and also the world. Marc believes that the key to a successful business is to lead by example. He establishes the path for his employees to follow.

The ability to spot good businesses is what has given Marc the success. He takes ideas that people think are risky and creates a business model, goal, and objective. Marc then follows the blueprint until the idea is a successful business.

Marc is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the Timber Creek Capital. Through the Company, he has managed to build a portfolio of successful companies. Not all companies are included in the portfolio.

Mark the Author

Marc has written and published a book ‘They Can’t Eat You.’ Even though it took a little convincing from his friends, Mark said that writing the book was the best thing. In the book, he provides different stories of his failures and triumphs. Marc said that people would learn more from his mistakes than his successes. For instance, he has included the story of how he established Insurance Company, and he lost it in a ninety-day period.

Marc, the philanthropist

Marc believes that ‘to whom much is given, much is required.’ That is the reason why he partnered and supported different organization. His love for humanity has made him partner with the Samaritan Inn in Texas. This is a shelter for the homeless. Through the home, Marc and the rest of the Samaritan Inn provide different programs. The residents of the home stay for five months during which they are equipped with skills and information on financial management.

Marc has also partnered with the Habitat for Humanity. The organization helps to build homes for various families.

Through his organization, Marc has managed to provide laptops to children from low-income households in a bid to end the cycle of poverty.

Outside work Marc loves, fishing, hiking, golfing, and hunting.


Why InnovaCare is assured of prospering in the future

Commonly known for providing physician practice services and Medicare Advantage plan, InnovaCare Health is one of the healthcare management firms that always ensure their customers’ needs are met. They do this by putting their clients’ needs first before anything else as their customers are their highest priority. Finding a healthcare firm that can assist you as a customer is one thing, but finding a health company that actually cares and puts your needs first as a client is a whole different scenario. Gradually, InnovaCare has made a name for itself to become one of the best organizations for their Medicare services and Advantage plans.

InnovaCare health has been able to help more than a thousand patients get quality services each year. This is always possible with the aid of their staff and their provider network models. The firm’s staff is dedicated to what they do thus provide services that are of high standard. Some of the major Medicare Advantage Plans provided by the company to its clients, who are mostly Puerto Ricans, include the PMC Medicare and MMH Healthcare Choice. InnovaCare believes that through these medical plans, all their customers are given some of the best services they can ever desire.

Currently, Richard Shinto is the President and CEO of the firm having more than twenty years of experience in the industry. He gained his work experience after working in various positions in different institutions. He was once the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Medical pathways Management Firm. He also had the privilege of working with NAMM California as the Chief Medical Officer. His leadership skills were also sharpened while working in these institutions as he had a team he would manage. Before becoming the President of InnovaCare, Richard Shinto was the CEO and present of Aveta Incorporated for nearly four years as from 2008. He gained his theoretical knowledge from the University of California where he earned his B.S degree. He later received higher degrees from two universities namely the State University of New York and the University of Redlands. Learn more about the company at

Another individual who has helped in developing and leading InnovaCare health is Penelope Kokkinides. Also having more than twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry, Ms. Penelope serves as the Chief Administrative Officer. Before becoming the firm’s Chief Administrative Officer, she once served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Ms. Kokkinides earned her theoretical knowledge from Binghamton University where she received her B.A in classical languages and biological sciences. She later joined Columbia University where she studied issues regarding with public health.

InnovaCare Health is assured of developing and helping more people having the two biggest personalities in the industry working in the firm. Follow Innovacare at LinkedIn

James Dondero Gives Back To Southern Methodist University

Highland Capital Management co-founder James Dondero has been appointed to a board position at Southern Methodist University’s (SMU) prestigious Cox Business School. Highland has established a long partnership with SMU, which encourages academic growth and careers in public policy. Highland Capital Management also supports the George W. Bush Library in Dallas.

“We are pleased to be a part of the Cox Business School and SMU. It is our goal to help students aspire to careers in public policy,” said Dondero.

James Dondero will be part of a 100-member board that provides strategies for the business school. The Cox School has provides tremendous growth and opportunity in the Dallas area. Highland Capital Management Towers Scholar is a yearly endowment for the top business student. Dondero says the scholarship cements Highland’s commitment to the SMU.

James Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the private equity market. Since its inception in 1993, Dondero has built a track record of putting Highland on the map with innovations like Collateral Loan Obligations. The company has offices all over the globe.

Dondero graduated with honors from the University of Virginia with a degree in Accounting and Finance. He started his career as an analyst at Morgan Guaranty. He also worked for GIC subsidiary Protective Life, American Express and AUM.

Dondero sits on the board of Banknote, AMC Entertainment, Cornerstone Health and Nexbank. Known for his generous philanthropy, Dondero supports a number of important initiatives to help the veterans and a variety of organizations for the needy.

Dondero currently resides in Dallas.

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Mike Baur Possesses The Finest Mind For Startups

Companies that rise out of seemingly nowhere are known as startups, and they often have quite a bit of value even if they are not very well known. Mike Baur has been known as a guide for startups for quite some time, and this article explains how startups may be led to the richest pond of cash infusion and leadership. Startups require quite a bit of support to survive, and Mike’s Swiss Startup Factory offers such services.

#1: Startups Require Proper Leadership

Proper leadership for startups is required for long-term success, and Mike provides help choosing, attaining and maintaining proper leadership. He is quite the leader himself, but he does not often appear on the boards of his clients. His goal in business is to approach the startup with a gentle hand that will show it the way.

#2: Startups Require Extra Funding

Startups must continue a near-lifelong search for funding that may take years to complete. The funding that helps a startup continue operating must be raised over a period of years, and Mike provides assistance searching for funding options. His own firm provides funding when necessary, and Mike helps his startup clients exit the startup phase with proper planning.

#3: Why Do Clients Choose Swiss Startup Factory?

Clients choose the Swiss Startup Factory because they require a certain level of customer service that is not provided by private investors. Mike Baur offers assistance to his clients that is based on his personal experience. He does not have a vested interest in making quite a bit of money off the client at once, and he uses his unbiased position to help clients uncover helpful financing and management options.

#4: Startups Begin Every Day

A startup may approach Mike at any time for assistance, and their companies may begin at the oddest of times. Mike is prepared to help lead a client through and out of the startup phase at any time. His plans bring more success than a private hunt for angel investors.

Mike is a helpful businessman who has an understanding of the startup process others do not. He lends a hand where other investors only wish to profit.

US Money Reserve’s Commitment to Customer’s Satisfaction

U.S Money Reserve is the largest distributor of government-issued precious metal coins, bullion and bars in United States, headquartered in Austin, Texas.

The company was established by gold market veterans who acknowledged the need to combine expert market knowledge, quality customer service and trustworthy guidance – aspects that are key to purchasing precious metals. The company has served more than 300,000 clients across United States.

U.S. Money Reserve supports philanthropic activities funding various charities that supports child welfare including Brothers Big Sisters of Central Austin, The Austin Children Center, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Boy Scouts of America. U.S Money Reserve also raised money for a number of endowments among them, the Superhero Kids Endowment to help meet non-medical expenses of families of kids undertaking treatment at Dell Children’s for Blood Diseases and cancer.

The Chief Executive Officer of U.S Money Reserve is none other than Philip Diehl, the former President of U.S Mint Directors; a company that principally produce circulating coinage in the United States. In an interview with Entrepreneurial Podcast Network Radio‘s host Eric Dye, Philip Diehl explained how much it costed him to revolutionize U.S Mint Directors into one of United States recognized entrepreneurial enterprise.

According to him, a commitment toward ultimate customer satisfaction was the key to his transformation. Diehl insist that after 6 years of trying to satisfy each and every one of his clients, he eventually matched the very best in American business.

After his appointment as the CEO of U.S Money Reserve, he advanced the same entrepreneurial principles and philosophies of customer satisfaction and for this reason, the company is the largest distributor of both foreign and native government-issued gold coins. The company sells its products online via their e-commerce website live on a competitive pricing. Read more: Buy Gold, Silver, and Platinum and Why Buy Gold

PR Newswire reports that earlier this year, the company unveiled an IRA program that allow their clients and businesses to hold Gold as a representation of their wealth while benefiting from any surge in the prices of Gold. This will serve to protect their client’s wealth against the anticipated financial turmoil already in existence in Asian countries.

Customers can choose from minted silver, platinum or gold as all these precious metals are all tender backed by the U.S government. And as the financial market edge toward volatility, the price of gold is expected to go up.

To stay up to date with the latest information about entrepreneurial activities of Philip Diehl at U.S Money Reserve, you can follow him on Twitter.

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Venezuela’s Bonds Deliver Possible Windfall To Foreign Investors

The economic situation in Venezuela does not exactly have many people looking towards the country as venue for investing. The words of economic expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez “failed state” are being used to describe the country. Such a description is not made out of a salacious attempt to garner views from curious readers. The description is true as evidenced by Venezuela’s bonds. Their worth is not exactly very high. Ironically, foreign investors are earning huge returns on Venezuelan bonds. The bonds are returning a massive interest rate of 14+%.
The normal worry here for Gonzalez is that Venezuela would default on its bonds. Investors are not worried because Venezuela has massive oil reserves. One day, when the price of oil rises again, Venezuela will be able to make payments on those bonds. Purchasing the bonds now and holding onto them for long-term investments might be a wise strategy for foreign investors. Granted, this whole strategy is a risky one. No one knows what the future hold for Venezuela and its bonds. Five or ten years is a long time and many things can happen – good or bad – over the course of those years.

Stunningly, all the foreign investment into Venezuelan bonds have reaped $3.5 billion in interest for investors. This does not mean the bonds have been cashed out. The bonds’ current worth has increased and would pay high interest if cashed out now. Could Venezuela cash out those bonds now? Considering the state of the economy, the answer is no. In ten years, the answer is maybe.


Kyle Bass Shows Lack Of Consideration For His Disciples

Kyle Bass has long been someone who likes to get as much attention as he can, and he is doing that to this day while he talks about problems in China. He says that people should be avoiding China if they want to make money on their investments, but the cold hard facts indicate that he is just talking. Kyle Bass has let his hedge fund go to waste, and he is picking up on any small thing that will be able to turn heads. He is turning heads with his China prediction, but it is only half right.

The Chinese government is looking for ways that it will be able to improve its growth, but the government is not in a position where it has to make a change today. Kyle Bass is telling people to avoid China because he thinks that that sounds good when people are listening to him. The truth is that volume in China will help keep the country going, and his opinion only looks at half the facts.

Useful Stooges reports that Kyle Bass has also been known to make other crazy predictions just because he thought they sounded good. He did predict the 2008 financial crisis, and he should be commended for that. The problem is that he has not done anything of merit since. He has not earned the trust of investors, and he has not earned the respect of analysts who are looking in on the industry. He is screaming in the wind to anyone who will listen, and that usually happens on TV. He is hoping that people will take him seriously because he is rich, but he is not considering the average people who will take his advice.

The average person who takes advice from Kyle Bass could stand to lose a lot of money, and every one of those people is going to be in a bad situation because they chose to listen to someone who is too rich for their own good. Kyle Bass is not to be trusted because he is showing that he is making decisions that are not good for the masses. He has also told people to fight drug companies on patents, to wait for the collapse of the US economy, and to bet on stocks that are not worth the money. He is gambling with money he has in great supply, but it is money that other people do not have.

QNet Backs Indian Water Campaign In Southern India

Qnet is a well known direct selling company, but the company has also grown a reputation as one of the top backers of philanthropy on the Asian continent to coincide with the rising levels of success seen for QNet. The India Education Diary reports the Indian government has recently been seeking the best ways of improving the standard of living for students across the country, which includes finding better ways of raising awareness about safe drinking water and hygiene levels.

QNet has been a major supporter of many philanthropic activities across Asia in its bid to maintain the success of communities across Asia that will benefit from the continued success of QNet. The company has always looked to give back to community groups who the company remains active within; much of the success of the group is located within the RYTHM foundation that is based upon the principles followed by QNet founders Joseph Bismark and Vijay Eswaran. QNet has been based in Hong Kong since its inception in 1998 following a period of research and education by founder Eswaran to make sure he was ready to take on his role as the leader of a multi-national corporation, Wikipdeia reports.

The group has often sought out the best partners in any area of the world it is located in to make sure the philanthropic enterprises it is seeking to begin; in the Southern India region of Hyderabad the Lions Club is already active in the bid to improve hygiene for all residents of the area. In terms of the latest program operated by the Lions Club and QNet the aim is to provide safe water storage for 800 students at the Sriram Nagar government school in the region. Success for both QNet and the Lions Club will not be limited to the provision of safe water, but also to establish continuing programs to ensure all students and staff are aware of the benefits good hygiene can provide.