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The Unique Personality and Life of Billionaire Dick Devos

I believe that the Michigan-born Dick DeVos is a very special kind of individual. He participated in a couple of different studies for executive training. His father, Richard Devos, was the co-founder of Amway so it is not surprising that he also became affiliated with Amway Corporation in 1974 and did enormously well in the company. So well that in 1984 he was appointed vice president of Amway International and helped lead it to worldwide growth. Dick DeVos later launched into several other very exciting and profitable business opportunities, but returned to Amway in 1993 as its president. He served Amway in this position of leadership until 2002.

Today Dick and his wife Betsy have been married for more than 30. Betsy has had a very successful career of her own. Hers has been in the political arena. In 1989, the launched the charitable Dick & Betsy Devos Family Foundation. The Lauderdale Yacht Club hosted its annual races in March of 2016. Dick DeVos led a racing team that included Mark Menelbatt, Scott Nixon, Sam Rogers, Drew Weirda, Peter Kinney, Erika Reineke, and Mike Hill. Devos acknowledged that there were some truly superb teams racing such as Argo, Stormvogel, Vitamina Amerikana, and Quest. However, Dick DeVos expressed great pride in his top-notch crew who he believed were more than up for the challenge. This team competed with great results in other competitions throughout the year. I am thoroughly impressed that this very successful businessman and benefactor is not only a world-class sail champion, but also a licensed jet plane and helicopter pilot.

Both Dick and his wife are not finished being productive. They continue to be active in community events, charities, and the investment firm, The WindQuest Group. Dick DeVos also continues to sit on the board of several different companies. His long career and immense hard work have paid off enormously. In 2012, Dick Devos was listed as the 67th richest person in the U.S. with an estimated worth of about $5.1 billion. Considering that he and Betsy are still active, his worth will probably keep growing.

Sanjay Shah Adds Two New Members To The Autism Rocks Board Of Trustees


Sanjay Shah has recently added two new people to the board of trustees at Autism Rocks. Pete and Will Best are friends of Shah that have known since their time at university, and Sanjay believes these two men will add a new perspective to the charity. This article covers a recent press release from The Sunday Times that talks about the appointment. Improving Autism Rocks will help research on the autism spectrum, and Sanjay has plans to expand his charity even further.

#1: Will And Pete Best Bring Quite A Lot Of Business Acumen

Will and Pete Best are friends of Sanjay, and they bring a new perspective on business to the table. Sanjay wants to get as many new ideas for the charity as he can find, and announcing these two appointments allows the charity to change the ways it raises money. There are always new ways to raise cash, and Sanjay wants to get input from Will and Pete before makes any changes.

#2: How Does Autism Rocks Work?

Autism Rocks put on concert events according to, that are attended by exclusive guests. Everyone pays handsomely to attend each event, and the events are played by acts like Joss Stone. Sanjay works hard to invite as many wonderful guests as possible, and all the money raised by the charity is used to fund autism spectrum research. These private concert events are some of the best parties ever given, and Sanjay wants to continue to prove the offerings at every event.

#3: Why Must The Board Offer New Ideas?

Charities must test and change their ideas over the years, and Sanjay Shah believes in running his charity like a business. He wants to have as many people on the board as possible with differing views. Differing views help propel the charity forward, and Sanjay’s friends in Pete and Will Best will help change the way these events are produced. Will and Pete are just two voices on a large board, but these voices are important if Autism Rocks wants to improve.

#4: How Did Autism Rocks Start?

Sanjay Shah started in the business world by founding Solo Capital. Many successful years in the business world offered Sanjay enough money to start his own charity, and he began working with musicians to schedule concert events. He invests all the money made by Autism Rocks through Solo Capital, and Sanjay continues to schedule new musicians he has met personally.

The mission of Autism Rocks is to raise money for research, and adding Will and Pete Best to the board improves the chances of the charity raising a lot of money. The charity is poised to have a banner year with the Best brothers onboard.