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College Help Wanted

You have made it! At last you are in the university of your dreams. No more sharing a bedroom with your little sister. You have your own apartment, a job and loads friends. You also have a ton of homework, little free time and a home that is a wreck! Someone spilled something sticky on your kitchen floor. The stove has accumulated grease and grime. And the bathroom- yikes! It’s time to post a sign that says ‘College Help Wanted’ on the school’s memo board.

Before you just pack everything up and move out, consider calling Handy Home Cleaning Services. This business knows that you are a busy college student. You barely have time to reheat cold pizza and gulp it down, much less to interview a house cleaner. So allow them to go through the process of interviewing, checking references and handling the background checks.

You can go the lectures while someone else cleans the toilet and tile floors in your bathroom. A cleaner who knows how to disinfect your toilet and get your tub shiny will be wonderful. All through class you can imagine going home and finding a spotless kitchen waiting for you. Maybe you can even make that gourmet pasta recipe tonight. When friends come over to study with you, they will walk into a clean-smelling apartment. They will wonder where you found the time to do all of the housework while also going to classes and working. Are you Super Woman? No, you are just smart.

Professional cleaners in and around your university town will be able to use their computer or smartphone to see your listing. With the swipe of a finger, a cleaner can see how many rooms you need to be cleaned and what time you need the job started. They can see the area and decide if your job fits their schedule and desired neighborhood.

Payment is a breeze for both parties. Handy Home Cleaning Services keeps your credit card on file. When a cleaner finishes up your home, they simply swipe their phone app and the money is there, ready for them to use. You don’t have to worry about catching up to them between classes and handing them cash. The cleaner doesn’t have to worry about not getting paid, or having to wait indefinitely for their payment. Everyone wins.

Try Handy Home Cleaning Services today and remove the ‘College Help Wanted’ sign from the memo board.