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A New Way to a Clean, Soft and Manageable Hair

Cleansing conditioners are a new addition to the long line of hair care products designed to clean the hair and give it softness and enhanced manageability.

Before, shampoo was the way to wash away the grime and impurities from combined hair oil and dust from the environment. The main concern was that shampoos were too harsh on the hair. Yes, they leave the hair squeaky clean, but they also leave the hair crackling dry and dull. The solution presented was the use of conditioners after shampooing, which provided some help in moisturizing, but adds to the cost of keeping the hair clean and manageable.

There seemed to be no foreseeable solution to dry, damaged hair, until the introduction of the cleansing conditioners.

Benefits of Using Cleansing Conditioners

The idea of a cleansing conditioner product was presented to the consumers to solve this hair problem, and it was immediately a big hit!

Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Cleansing conditioners clean the hair and leave it smelling good!
  1. After shampooing, hair feels soft, bouncy, healthy and very manageable!
  1. Cleansing conditioners are rich with moisturizers, they moisturize as they clean.
  1. Using cleansing conditioners cut down the time of washing hair by half! No more shampooing then conditioning!
  1. Using cleansing conditioners cut down the cost of washing hair by half, because only one hair product is used! It took the place of the shampoo and the conditioner.
  1. After using cleansing conditioners, there is no more need for a ‘blow dry’ because the hair falls naturally wavy and well-controlled.

No wonder women have changed their hair care regimen. They have eliminated shampooing and conditioning all together and switched to cleansing conditioners.


WEN Hair is a cleansing conditioner that really delivers what it promised – body and shine after just one use! It cleanses the hair, conditions and detangles it without drying it out.

All of a sudden their hair is soft and manageable after shampooing! Some women were obsessed! No wonder it is always #1 in the cleansing conditioner surveys. No other cleansing conditioner leaves the hair strands healthier, stronger, soft, shiny and very easy to care for like WEN. It is now every woman’s hair care companion! Buy a bottle of WEN and try it out yourself today!

Hair is an important asset. A good all natural hair care product that provides great results will always be appreciated by most people. Cleansing conditioners were really innovative products that most people have been waiting for, and they were worth the wait.

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