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Helane Morrison and Compliance Officers Prepared for Change

Changes for Institutional Investors 
CCO groups may be feeling somewhat vulnerable as they brace themselves for additional scrutiny. This also includes an extra amount of possible enforcement in this year of 2016. The role of a chief compliance officer is still intact within the position that they hold in the money management firms. The word that is most used, at this time, is the word “change.”

Possible Changes for Institutional Investors
There may be changes for institutional investors. The changes may be coming about because compliance experts claim that due diligence and closer attention is needed in these institutional investors. The overall tone is changing. The goal is to help direct the way organizations are responding. Risks must be identified. Expectations are being articulated and these expectations must be met. Failures of these will need to be enforced. Institutions will be guided into staying up-to-date on all investment-related regulatory and compliance requirements. The one item that will not change is the role of the compliance officer.

The Chief Compliance Officer and Their Professional Judgment
The chief compliance officer is in the position to provide professional judgment. There must be policies developed and implemented. Actions have been taken that have addressed the concerns of compliance officers. There have been over 8,000 actions of enforcement taken since the year 2003. Action must be enforced if and when they are involving any conduct that may harm an investor along with any involvement in fraudulent activities.

The Competent Helane Morrison 
Helane L. Morrison is highly competent and skilled when it involves compliance. She is a Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She also holds the position of General Counsel, and Managing Director. She has a legal background and is competent in every way. Check her out on LinkedIn to learn more about her lucrative career.