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The Lovaganza Celebrations

The Lovaganza will officially be opened in 2018. The planning and branding protocols are currently organized in two separate structures. The first is known as Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise and is mostly geared to providing international entertainment that inspires the audience and at the same time brings wonders to the world by covering all nations and cultures on earth. The second part is the non- profit entity, known as The Lovaganza Foundation, and it focuses on relying on the success and the visibility of the first entity to provide a positive impact and also support international and regional initiatives from different parts of the globe.

The Lovaganza foundation bohemian adventure celebration is expected to take place in the recent future. The event is supposed to showcase different cultures on earth using bedazzling and groundbreaking entertainment such as motion pictures, exhibitions, and attractions.

According to news released just recently, the celebrations will be inspired by the present, the past and future of each nation of the world. The organizers of the event say that it will take place in May to September 2020 in at least eight locations in the globe. The event will be named embarking on the Bohemian adventure around the planet.

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Before this announcement, the Lovaganza celebrations were scheduled to take place in 2015. However, the organizers decided to push the dates to 2020. This will ensure that they have enough time to organize and use the emerging and latest technologies in the preparations. These organizers will also incorporate the latest concepts and also have enough time to discover the different cultures in the globe. The celebrations will be taking place in Africa, Europe, America, Oceania, Asia and the Middle East.

Before the official celebrations, the organizers will have a traveling show that will hit the road by 2017. The main aim of the traveling show will be to promote the holidays, the goals and missions that are attached to it and also present the cinematic 3D glasses from Lovaganza.

After the traveling show, the three most important motion pictures will be released, ramping up to the year 2020, and they will be showcased through the new glasses of the 3D technology. Moreover, the film trilogy will be shown to the world during the road shows creating a cinematic experience that has never been felt before. There will be different organizations to exhibit the leading technology in screens. People from all parts of the world will be able to enjoy the celebrations.

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