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Stream Energy Empowering Women in the Industry

Founded in 2004, multilevel marketer, Stream Energy has already demonstrated that they hold an excellent beginning for the 2018 fiscal year. One advancement being credited with the company’s impressive growth includes their most recent Women in the Industry Conference held in Dallas, TX (Indeed). Secondly, the company’s ability to seamlessly connect technology with evolving energy services has landed them a niche they’ve been able to creatively excel in, for now, nearly 14 years.


Stream Energy’s reputation for retaining and promoting marketing and sales professionals is exceptional for two reasons. First, that company leadership requires it, and second, the more successful their sales teams are, the more successful the corporate team. Stream Energy recognizes that women-experts, and their ever-expanding roles in both the electrical and technology industries, are continuing to grow exponentially. The ability for any company to optimize and adapt is paramount for creating uniform professionals. Company and product branding, not the least of which must be recognizable, but the business must also allow employees to finesse their personal strengths in order to achieve major profits.


Accomplishing an appropriate, annual “new vision”, while implementing a smooth corporate-pivot, continues to be done best by Stream Energy. It seems to be a trick of the trade for them, yet in such an endearing and welcoming way, you just can’t help yourself wanting to be a part of it. On the external side, Stream Energy’s customers routinely provide feedback that services alone are well-worth their business. It is, however, hands-down, the company’s culture that truly sets them in front of their competition.


As a commonplace, American, provider of wireless, security and energy resources, Stream Energy’s company headquarters remain in Dallas. The demographic is conducive to product-bundling advancements that continue to be optimized according to industry regulations ( Overall, Stream Energy’s strength is connecting people with a multitude of affordable energy products and usage options. With approximately 8 billion dollars in total corporate revenue, Stream Energy is paving the way for more women-leadership roles and setting the stage for an ideal and complete workforce.