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Business Looks Inward to Fix Damaged Reputation

The need to manage your company’s reputation is paramount in today’s world of five-star ratings and Yelp reviews. Many businesses look to companies focused solely on reputation management to keep everything in check. What happens when a company whose purpose is to manage online reputation, gets some bad press of its own? They look internally and solve the problem from the inside out.

Status Labs, hired around the world by Fortune 100 companies and public figures to manage their reputation, experienced a windfall of bad press. For a company typically hired to fix reputations, this shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but things are different as an outside observer. Known for some great reputation tactics, Status Labs faltered when their reputation was on the line. Finding themselves at a bit of a crossroads they only had one good option: Find the root of the problem, dig it up, and plant a new tree, a tree with positivity leaves and maybe a tire swing for the employees. Something needed to change, no bandaids, no quick fixes, just a critical look at the inner workings of a company designed to look at other companies.

From an outsider’s perspective it seems obvious; take care of your employees, and they will take care of you. For a leader within an organization, it is not always so easy. Bothered employees will put on a happy face when the boss is roaming the halls, say everything is fine while they look for another job at their desk. It takes real vision for leadership to recognize a problem within, and even more to take action. Currently, as an employee at Status Labs, your dog is welcome, you have great stock options, work is a positive environment, and you have a leadership team you have fun with on company KAYAKING trips. They go on KAYAKING trips at this place, if that doesn’t scream happy employee, what does? The company now invests time in local communities, volunteering hours and resources to areas where employees live and play. Rather than working to mask the company’s issues, Status took action, changing its ways and consequently, their image to staff and the public alike.

Status Labs is an online reputation management company; they make everything look nice for you or your business online. They are huge, managing over 1500 clients out of three major cities, all over the globe. For a reputation company to effectively manage and come out of a crisis of its own, and do so by actively looking to change and be better within, speaks to the value they can bring their clients.

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