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The career path of Dr. Mark McKenna that has led to him opening OVME

While completing his medical degree at Tulane Medical School, Dr. Mark McKenna realized that it would be difficult to make a sufficient income as a physician. As a result, he looked to go on to another field shortly after completing medical school. In 1999, Dr. Mark McKenna looked to build a real estate business so that he can establish long term wealth. Due to Hurricane Katrina, his business lost millions of dollars and he therefore had to rebuild his fortune. He would achieve this by investing in low priced homes and renting them out. Mark then moved to Atlanta, Georgia and opened up a business called ShapeMed which offered a number of cosmetic treatments such as Botox injections, laser hair removal and nutrition counseling. In 2015, Mark sold off the business and eventually started up a new venture known as OVME. This is an application that allows individuals to contact freelance Botox practitioners to provide injections on demand. It is known as the Uber of Botox treatment.

Dr. Mark McKenna decided to go on to business after medical school because he saw how his father was dealing with medical billing and reimbursement. Mark realized that his father was having difficulty collecting income in a timely manner and his practice was being negatively affected as a result. Due to this factor, Mark decided to invest in real estate during medical school.

In order to afford to invest in real estate as a student, Dr. Mark McKenna would work at prisons conducting physicals for a wage of $50 per hour. With the income he made at this, he would then use all of his income to acquire properties and take in the profits.

After completing medical school, Dr. Mark McKenna would work at his father’s general practice for five years. During this time, he would invest in more real estate and build a fortune. Real estate gave Mark a more fulfilling career because it allowed him to engage other parts of his brain and thinking.

Dr, McKenna would eventually start up OVME which would allow Botox patients a more convenient way of getting injections. The OVME venture would allow patients to contact OVME providers and then get their needed injections. This business venture has so far been a huge success for Mark.

Dr. Saad Saad Reaches out to the Needy Patients

Dr. Saad, his Education, Career Path and Activities



Apart from being a blessing to the Eatontown community in New Jersey, Dr. Saad has reached out to the children of the Palestinian region and Israel. In fact, he has been behind several medical missions in Jerusalem. He has been among a team of experts that perform free surgeries on needy children. Dr. Saad has two patents to his name and a host of pediatric surgical procedures that are used across the globe in major hospitals. In one of the recent interviews, Dr. Saad was asked what inspired him to join the medical profession. Dr. Saad Saad says that he attended school in Kuwait. He observes that although he wanted to become an engineer like his older brothers at first, he was turned away from such a prospect because he thought that owing to the extreme heat conditions his brothers were not exactly comfortable doing their job. So he figured out that if he studied medicine and specialized in surgery, he could work indoors in air-conditioned rooms. He says that owing to the heat in Kuwait, he wanted Surgery. Dr. Saad Saad went to Cairo University where he studied medicine. He was, notably, a gifted student. He was the second-best in his class at Cairo University where he graduated with Honors. Of course, Cairo University was and is still known for its rigorous study programs that few Universities can match.



His Contributions



Dr. Saad stands out prominently among his peers because he combines his medical skills and a flair for engineering to improve medical practice. He has developed several useful inventions and innovations that are already in use in operating theatres across the globe. As mentioned earlier, he also has his heart with needy children he recalls the struggles that he passed through to become a surgeon and says that he does not wish others to pass through the same. Owing to his activities to improve the lives of poor people by attending to their health problems, Dr. Saad has received several awards from agencies and governments across the globe. He was even been awarded by the Palestinian Ministry of Health for his contributions in the region. Learn more: