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Jon Urbana Launches Second Fundraiser, This Time for Earth Force

We’re suckers for cats, which is why we chose to give a special shout out to Jon Urbana when he decided to run a nonprofit campaign for cats to benefit ARAS. And now he’s decided to double up his efforts with a new little video plus a GoFundMe website to help a local charity called Earth Force. Each of these videos offers up some more info on the cause and what you can do to help one of our favorite nonprofits in the country.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.


Jon Urbana Achieves Philanthropic Goals with Crowdrise Fundraisers Online Fund

He has taken his enthusiasm for sports and channeled it into a winning effort for saving and protecting pets through fundraising. There are millions searching for a way to make things better but Jon Urbana is already on the job. If you are looking for a way to help things get better, join Jon Urbana on Crowdrise.

Jon Urbana, a member of the FAA’s Airmen Certification Database and former lacrosse player, is quite familiar with the power of a team effort. Not only is he helping local charities on Crowdrise, but he’s also running a campaign for Earth Force on GoFundMe. On the Crowdrise site, he brings people together to change circumstances for helpless animals, offering everyone a chance to assist in helping this wonderful cause. Go to his Crowdrise Fundraiser account and donate to his GoFundMe drive to help him preserve Denver’s natural beauty, and champion this worthy goal of saving beautiful animals from euthanasia.

Jon Urbana is leading this heart-felt activity, and a personal video he made on Vimeo goes into his reasons for creating this drive. He gives his energy to the, “Animal Rescue and Adoption Society,” promoting kindness to animals. Primarily taking care of cats, he offers all profits from his Crowdrise Fundraiser account to taking care of these helpless creatures.

Also a key member of the Ellipse USA team, Urbana is no stranger to new ventures. In fact, he also owns a lacrosse camp that becomes more popular by the year.

Worthy people are able to live their dreams with the help of people from around the world. Medical bills, travel adventures, student needs, weddings, birthday and volunteer request are sponsored through Crowdrise Fundraiser efforts. Jon Urbana offers those sitting on the sofa, searching for a way to help others find a way. You can also contact Urbana through his website if you’d like to learner about ways to help. He knows there is no reason to carry the struggle alone. Millions want to take part in financing a campaign to save animals. Jon Urbana, through his Crowdrise Fundraiser, may be the answer. Keep up with him on Twitter at @jonurbana1 to find out what he’s up to.

A Crowdrise Fundraiser allows groups or individuals to raise funds. Visit Crowdrise and assist Jon Urbana in his challenge. Begin the quest today, and read his story. The millions waiting to help can, each supporter can choose a different level to donate, from as low as $50. Tell the community what you want to donate. People see things they can correct in places around the world each day. Some require a little money, others, much more. Help Jon Urbana reach his goal.

Update: a second fundraiser was announced very recently. Things are going really well for Crowdrise so I guess Jon was inspired to support another cause. Read more about it here on our latest post.