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Doe Deere Encourages Female Leaders

Leading entrepreneur Doe Deere is in the game to share her moving
childhood principles with aspiring female professionals
worldwide. Throughout the 1990s, she cultivated her fashion passion by
composing unique outfits encompassing a variety of clothes and makeup.
Moreover, her beauty creativity ultimately encouraged her to launch
Lime Crime, which is a prominent makeup company specializing in
whimsical and cruelty-free products. Remarkably, with many years of
business experience, her expertise has guided women in their career
pursuits. Most prominently, her rapid success in the competitive
beauty industry has greatly influenced her distinguished recognition
as one of America’s most powerful female entrepreneurs.

In recent years, Deere was endowed the title of one of the “Top
Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs” by SELF-MADE magazine. This
acknowledgement was the result of her community involvement in
which she frequently supports women-owned corporations. Through many
outlets such as her blog (Doe Deere Blogazine), the press, and
speaking engagements, Deere frequently shares her inspiring childhood
story on with eager audiences. Because she was raised in New York City
with limited financial resources, she quickly understood the value of
hard work and determination in order to accomplish future goals.
During the 1980s, her parents migrated to the United States from
Russia, and although they decided to relocate to the Northeast, they
often resided in community homeless shelters. With perseverance,
charitable kindness, and positive thinking, her family eventually
provided a stable living arrangement for their daughter.

Along with motivating inexperienced female professionals, Deere is
most acknowledged for her success as an influential entrepreneur. In
her early twenties, this renowned figure sought to create wild and
super intense makeup combinations that would encourage women to
explore their adventurous and fun loving personality. Essentially, she
strongly believes in manufacturing bright and bold colors versus
subdued or natural undertones. In 2004, she started selling her
handcrafted cosmetic products on Ebay, and as the company quickly
grew, she launched in order to increase her beauty
enhancements offerings. Remarkably, her unusual palette assortment
concept propelled Lime Crime to unprecedented levels of expansion and
prosperity. Today, her brand is available on many websites and stores
in the United States, Brazil, Russia, and Mexico.

Notably, Deere’s rapid success led to her appearances in many media
platforms. She was featured in the November issue of Nylon Magazine as
well as on hundreds of online beauty blogs. Many individuals love Lime
Crime’s extensive collection of crazy colors that are available in eye
shadows/liners, lip sticks/gloss, and nail polish. These fun products
are uniquely packaged in pink and glittery unicorn designs, which
greatly add to a customer’s appeal. Because Deere is an internet
phenomenon, she understands the value of marketing her brand to
targeted online audiences who enjoy super intense pigments and bright

In addition to her professional pursuits, Deere is an avid writer and
artist. She also enjoys learning new languages as well as creating fun
wardrobes. She is currently married and lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three cats.