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Michael Zomber Is One Of The World’s Experts On Japanese Armor And Swords

The Japanese people today are heirs to an ancient culture. The nation of Japan has existed in some form for many hundreds of years. Japanese history is rich and varied. While many periods of time in Japan retain fascination for the Japanese people and others, it is the Samurai period that continues to bring people back again and again. This is where historian, film maker and antique arms expert Michael Zomber has chosen to focus his attention. His expertise is one that has helped him demonstrate to others just how much the craft of metal working was developed in Japan at this time. Zomber has spent a great deal of time learning as much as possible about the work that went into these items.

A Burning Passion

It was at an early age that Zomber began to realize just how much he found a home in the world of the Samurai and ancient Japan. He was astonished to realize at the time that this period of time had people who were able to create objects that are both beautiful and extremely useful as well. As he points in out in a recent article, people today are still rightfully awed by the use of such objects. Today, Zomber makes it clear on Facebook he enjoys the opportunity to speak out about the use of such items to audiences who share his passion all over the globe. He is someone who is devoted to helping people learn to appreciate antique Japanese body armor and their swords.

His Many Outlets

Zomber has spent the last few decades working hard to increase his own understanding of this time as well as the ways that Japanese sword experts were able to use them in battle when necessary. Many people all over the globe have happily listened to him as he has helped them explore the world of the Samurai and the creation of such items. He has walked viewers through the history of this time on television, written books about the period and helped provide his many clients with accurate advice about the quality of a given item of Japanese metal.  Read more about Michael on CrunchBase.