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Revolutionizing Lip Balm

In just seven years EOS has managed to revolutionize the lip balm market and has captured a significant portion of the industry sales. EOS lip balm now sells one million units of lip balm per week and continues to expand into other personal care product lines further grog their business. How they were able to get such traction is an amazing story that is now captured in an article in Fast Money which outlined the Company’s growth.

The founders of EOS identified the lip balm industry as being ripe for a new player given that the products sold now were the same that had sold for generations. In other words, modern tastes were not being met and the product was not differentiated enough which left room for a new competitor who could emerge and capture a segment of the market for lip balm. This is exactly what EOS did.

EOS noticed that the largest segment of the lip balm market, women, were not enthralled with the lip balm products that they were buying. They viewed them with a sense of bland utilitarianism. Lip balm, in other words, got the job done but did not excite buyers in any sense.

To change this, EOS began to design lip balms to meet the fem segment of the market. New colorful application cases were designed to appeal to women customers. Interesting flavors were added to their product lineup which intrigued customers and led to additional sales when they tried to sample a variety of new flavors. Finally, higher quality products and ingredients were used by EOS in their products including better quality oils like Shea butter which were organic and all-natural and organic and which provide for a longer lasting product.

While the changes EOS made to their lip balm led to them needing to charge a premium price of around $3 for each lip balm orb on, their exponential growth shows that there was clearly a need that EOS identified and were able to meet for their customers, thereby driving their growth and financial success.

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Are You Making Mistakes With Your Haircare Maintenance

Haircare may seem to easy as long as you wash and condition our hair. This notion is right and wrong at the same time and this is why. Yes, we all have to take care of our hair by washing it as well as moisturizing it. Did you know that many conditioners ad shampoo are full of sulfates? Sulfates are basically chemicals that can destroy your hair and health with overuse. In most circumstances, too much of anything can be bad so don’t stress over it. Even the very water people use to wash their hair contains chemicals such as fluoride. Fluoride helps kill germs in water, but too much of it can literally kill your hair.

The climate in which you live gives you a heavy dose of “Oh My God.” Very humid climates will give you an afro with plenty of frizz action. Hot temperatures can literally bake the color out of hair and the sun’s exposure can make it become fragile. Winter weather is no exception either as this time of year, with it’s cooler temperatures, can make your hair lose it’s shine and bounce. We can’t really do much about mother nature, but we can find an understanding on how to lessen the effects.

WEN by Chaz is the solution to all of your haircare needs no matter the color of your skin or the content of your character. Long, short, black, or brown; (WEN) has you covered with a full line exclusive products such as:

  • Lavender Re-Moist Treatment
  • Amazon Sweet Almond Mint Re-Moist Hair Treatment
  • Styling Creme
  • Anti-Frizz Styling Cream
  • Almod Mint Defyning Paste

This only scratches the surface of what (WEN) can do for you and with the finest of organic ingredients, it will bring your hair back to life. Need Wen? visit

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Effortlessly Trendy: Modern Men’s Shoes Have Both Style and Substance

Fashion choices for men have seen quite an evolution over the years, offering the modern man new options to amp up his sense of style from head to toe. Trendy choices in footwear are no exception with a focus on style married with simplicity from dressy lace-ups to everyday casual leather shoes. A polished, effortless look is found in hand-crafted shoes with luxurious details drawing focus to the elegant shape and fine craftsmanship. While casual footwear offers flair and performance for comfort and fashion. Check out these examples of the latest trends on the fashion scene in men’s footwear.

Buckle and Boot
A key fashion accessory in today’s footwear is the bold buckle, and Paul Evans is on trend with The Poitier Double Monk Strap featuring two buckles on the side of this full-grain Italian calfskin leather dress shoe with matching leather sole. Another updated look is an old classic with a modern twist. What was once a workman’s friend is now a modern trend, the leather dress boot. Paul Evans Dean Chelsea Boots are a versatile choice to compliment anything from jeans to a suit. Having scoured the globe for top quality leather and superior craftsmanship, Paul Evans doesn’t choose style over substance. They know how to blend both in classic footwear.

Sneakers and Suede
Here’s a crazy thought. You don’t have to choose between the two because a high-end sneaker equals fashion-forward footwear. A traditional lace-up sneaker in a rich shade of suede amps up the style quotient with a fun pop of color. Taking a cue from the Brits, another trendy option is the Plimsoll, combining canvas or suede in a thin-soled sporty style for a sleeker look. These comfortable sneaker choices are all about style and substance, pairing perfectly with anything from casual to business attire.

Simple and Smooth
Dress shoes should be a staple in any man’s closet, and the modern trend is simple, smooth, and comfortable. The classic oxford with a thicker sole is the very definition of the trend because of the basic design and smooth leather. The lace-up style is the foundation of the oxford, but by adding a cap-toe or perforated detailing it dials up the personality while keeping it comfortable with a solid, rubber sole.

The modern man doesn’t have to work hard to look really good, whether in a pair of jeans and a sweater or in a 3-piece suit. Today’s footwear offers both style and substance with effortless versatility, making them workhorses with flair. Dress them up or dress them down. Either way, they can be comfortable, stylish and on trend all at the same time.