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Rocketship education-The fulfillment it brings to society.

Rocketship education encompasses public elementary chartered schools. The common goal of such institutions is to serve children from low-income neighborhoods. There are limited excellent schools in such places.

This limitation, therefore, creates a perfect environment for rocket ship education. These schools offer transformative education. Also, teachers are empowered, and parents get to be fully engaged in rocket ship education.

Rocketship institutions have universal core values. The four that are common for each school are respect, responsibility, empathy, and persistence.

All rocketeers are expected to live this core values both at school and in their communities. Usually, there are five core values for each school. The four are shared, and the fifth is chosen by parents and teachers. The fifth core value is expected to be one that uniquely identifies an institution.

Rocketship education is aimed at helping children in less privileged neighborhoods to manage toxic stress. Toxic stress has been observed to cause mental instability.

Children may, therefore, be unable to control their emotions. Additionally, conflict resolutions and responses to provocations are very poor among most rocketeers.

Rocketship education is also aimed at providing a consistent and positive school experience to the children. This kind of involvement ensures the development of socio-emotional skills for rocketeers.

The rocketship education curriculum is very friendly to the children. Rocketeers experience socio-emotional learning in the scheduled morning community meetups. Their curricula are entirely different from those of other education programs. The difference serves to suit the needs of rocketeers.

The Kimochis curriculum is adapted for younger grades of rocketeers. It is based on five characters each with unique behaviors. The curriculum aims to give the students the practice of emotion recognition skills.

Rocketeers learn to care for others and live in good positive relationships with them. Also, they can make informed decisions while handling challenges.

As rocketeers grow and single out their strengths and weaknesses, the skills they learn help them to cope. Rocketship education provides upper-grade rocketeers with RULER tools for behavioral tracking.

Their feelings and progress in various periods are recorded in a mood journal. Such data helps instructors to know how they can best handle each rocketeer.

Overall, rocket ship education can be viewed as a gratitude program. This is because it originated from a party that felt the need for the less privileged to express themselves.