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Glen Wakeman: Building Lives By Building Their Businesses Through Leadership and Advice

Glen is an advisor to start-up businessmen and also mentors many C-level executives. Glen’s passion in life is about innovation, growth, and executive development. Because of his work, where he takes ideas and becomes the investor and advisor on how to proceed to make them a reality, Glen Wakeman has his digital in many different projects that went forward and are successful today.


Glen R. Wakeman has acquired his business acumen through his travels and experiences. Glen Wakeman has lived in several countries, more than five of them with different speaking languages, and experienced working in 32 different nations, a record that few entrepreneurs actually afford to do. Over the years, he has accumulated 21 years of a management role in the company GE Capital in P&L, the corporation, and the business development capacity.

Today, Glen Wakeman is one of the most successful investor, business owner, executive mentor, board member, financial services executive, and public company CEO. GE Capital’ Board of Directors recognized Glen as a Growth Leadership Role Model (


Before his traveling days and the dozens of weeks working with businesses and developing the ideas of other people, he grew his knowledge in the world of finances at student’s age.


When Glen Wakeman went to the University of Chicago, where he got an MBA and improved his knowledge in the school of Economics, and his BS in Finances, he also studied at the University of Scranton and graduated from Economics.


Glen is engaged in building and improving the businesses of companies and individuals, by the application of the modern but proven methodology. He currently the LaunchPad Holdings LCC’s CEO and co-founder. This SAAS firm provides online business planning services to entrepreneurs in their early stages in order to increase their success rate. This is Glen’s passion in life. To develop lives by developing their businesses. Glen also frequently blogs about global affairs, business transformation, and emerging markets in order to share his knowledge with the world for free.


Right now, Glen Wakeman continues to develop businesses and to improve his knowledge in financial administration. Wakeman surely knows how to transform innovations into reality.