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IAP Worldwide Boosts the Air Traffic Control System in Afghanistan

IAP Worldwide, a leading provider of global-scale facilities management services and logistics has once again made the impossible possible in developing Afghanistan’s air traffic control system earlier in July 2016. This development comes as stakeholders and interested parties seek to bring stability in the country, which has been affected by war, through the Operation Enduring Freedom.

Through its division known as Readiness Management Support(RMS), IAP Worldwide played an integral role in the development of the new system as the main contractor of the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program in Afghanistan. The division was tasked with renovating and offering solutions to the Kabul Air Control Center to ensure it provides optimized non-radar and positive control services within the city’s flight information region.

The division’s exemplary work could have not been so successful without partnership with US Air Force to discover new airways within the city and maintain the control equipment. There were also subcontractors who were part and parcel of the development. One was Midwest ATC Services, who supplied the air traffic control equipment. The other one was ManTech Telecommunication, who was in charge of communication system design.

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IAP Worldwide has a good history as a service provider, especially in the military and other establishments controlled by the government. It has won many contracts and subcontracts including the five-year NATO deal under its Maintenance and Supply Agency division. IAP Worldwide has also provided management and maintenance services in hundreds of locations across the Southwest Asia for the US Air forces, especially the Central Command wing.

According to the company’s CEO Al Neffgen, IAP is devoted to providing high-quality services designed to meet all the needs of their clients including the US military on To make this possible, it has assembled a team of well-trained employees with survival tactics to endure any hostile environment.

The company’s leadership has been instrumental in selling its agenda and responsibility to the corporate world on They are driven by the desire to create good relationships characterized by ingenuity, honesty and purpose. At the top of its leadership is Douglas Kitani, the CEO and Director. He is supported at the flanks by Terry Rosa, the company’s Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Others include Robert Hargis, Rick Nohmer and Michael Bozeman. Its main headquarters are located in Cape Canaveral in Florida. About 5,000 people constitute its workforce, which is spread in 100 locations across the world.