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Wen By Chaz Proves to Be Transfomative

As a little girl I always hoped and wished I could have beautiful hair. I didn’t have ugly hair but I didn’t have hair like the girls in the teen magazines that I had secretly read when I thought no one was looking. I just wanted to have hair like the people I had watched growing up but it never seemed possible for a girl like me. I guess it just didn’t seem possible because I never knew what products those people used to get the hair that I had so often dreamed about until I stumbled across this article by Emily McClure. Read more:

Emily McClure is a beauty blogger for Bustle and she wrote an in depth article about how she had decided to take the WEN Hair By Chaz challenge. Wen hair By Chaz was created initially by Chaz Dean. It has been advertised on the sephora beauty market. It was created as a 5 in 1 solution fit for all types of women with all types of hair. Not only was Wen hair transformation but it was also a product that helped us all suddenly believe that having beautiful hair was as simple as 1, 2, 3 and I was elated to find such a jewel.

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