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Perry Mandera; a commited philanthropist

Perry Mandera has been awarded Bishop Sheil Award and citizen of the year in 2010 and 2011 respectively by Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC). The organization is nonprofit and works with the Police Athletic League to reduce crime and juvenile delinquencies.

Founder of The Custom Companies, Inc. which is a logistics and transportation provider, Perry Mandera and his company provides online services to their customers such as Bill of Lading which is an important legal document used for shipping purposes. The document is used as a proof of a contract between the recipient and the cargo sender.

Perry took his studies from Chicago public high school in 1975. He then started his career at the United States Marine Corps where he served for years before finally becoming a civilian. This is where his passion for transportation started after learning how to drive a truck. He has an Honorable Discharge while returning to civilian life from the service unit.

Perry has worked in the political field as a committeeman for the Republican Ward in 1984-1998 ( He served as the youngest elected person of his time.

He is passionate about sports and he has worked as a youths’ sports trainer. He has helped them to be able to train and compete at the tournament levels.

Acting as a board member of the Jesse White Tumblers, Perry has helped in creating a positive environment for boys and girls from inner cities to learn and grow. For one to enroll in the tumbling program, they should be studying in a school or home-based. This ensures that the children keep focused on their studies and at the same time sharpen their tumbling skills.

As a philanthropist, Perry Mandera has found Custom Cares Charities as a dedication to his church, family and the community at large to help people who are in need and to promote sporting activities. In addition, he has donated to many charitable organizations to help in reaching out to places he cannot be able to attend to.

Most importantly, Mandera is a husband and a father of two children. He is an active member of the family and offers full support to his family.