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Securus Technologies – A Story of Success

Securus Technologies has paved the way in the corrections communication field over the past 25 years. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus serves over 3,400 correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and public safety organizations all over the North American continent.


Securus utilizes the latest in state-of-the-art equipment and communications techniques to ensure that capabilities are always ready to operate at full capacity in all conditions. Having a steady and trusted resource means a lot to a population of inmates and their families because they know that staying in touch is a precious gift which would be sorely missed if it were not available.


Securus offers several plans of phone usage that includes the ability to utilize Apple and Andriod packages for smartphones, tablets, PCs and regular landline phones. The payment arrangements include a debit plan where inmates pay their way with their money, direct billing to families, collect calls and prepaid calling plans.


One of the favorite pieces of this technology is the video phone service where each party is visible on a call via the technology of webcams on each end of the call. It is just like being there on a personal visitation, even though it is not always convenient to make a trip to make a personal visit. It is always good to “see” one another on calls as we gain much by that.


There is also email, jail voicemail, and chat that is available for the times when we are on the go, and our schedules don’t always mesh as we would like. Just like in the real world, digital technology must be brought to bear at times.


The ability to communicate with inmates while they are incarcerated keeps the relationships alive and helps to provide information about the outside world. It is easier to relate when an inmate comes back into society at the end of their term, as they stay in touch with family.


Christmas Video Visit from a TEEN using Securus Technologies

I am writing this article with the permission of my mom and dad. They got signed up with a program called Securus Technologies Video Visitation. While I wasn’t there during the process of them getting hooked up, it was a miracle for me. I don’t know how they were able to do it. They made a deal with Securus Technologies Video Visitation and I was able to see my brother for the first time.I have been so hurt that he went to prison over something stupid.And I know he feels even worse. He will be out soon, but I still miss him a whole lot. We write each other every week. But then my parents came home from a visit with this good news. I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high. But with the help of the Securus Technologies Video Visitation program, they pulled it off. I was able to actually see my brother. I could hear his voice. I could see his front and back. He has gained weight in his face. He must be eating real good up in there. I couldn’t stop crying.I could see through my tears that he was holding back his tears. This felt so good. Securus Technologies Video Visitation made this the best Christmas ever for me.


My mom and dad usually go visit him alone. They didn’t want me to have any type of prison experience, even to visit my big brother. Things were bad all around. I understood their concern, but I just wanted to see my brother and touch him for myself. Now at least I can see him and hear his voice.And very soon, when he gets out, I will be able to touch my brother again. I just might hold him and never let him go.Thank you Securus Technologies Video Visitation for making this possible for me.


Securus Steps Up To Plate, Hits Grand Slam On BBB Accreditation

It seems that every company in America is trying to scam you. You can get locked into a cell phone plans that don’t serve your best interest. People slinging time shares are trying to get you into something you don’t need. And it seems just about every product that you order does not come as advertised. That’s why the public has the Better Business Bureau.


The BBB tries to safeguard the public from unethical companies looking to scam their customers, and they do a really good job of it. In fact, the next time you get scammed, just threaten to call the BBB and see what the company does. They’ll probably try to appease you right there on the spot.


The point is that people care about what the Better Business Bureau thinks. And that’s why I was surprised to see that Securus Technologies has gone through the rigorous process of getting accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Accreditation is an exhaustive process in which the BBB analyzes every aspect of a company. They hold the company up to an eight point checklist and the company must meet all requirements in order to get accredited.


Securus isn’t the kind of company that needs favor from the Better Business Bureau. They provide communication services to prisons and jails with a customer base that is literally locked up. And not many people will come to the aid of complaining prisoners if their customer service isn’t that good.


But Securus went ahead and got accredited anyway. They received high marks for trustworthiness, integrity, transparency, the honoring of promises, a commitment to privacy, and the ability to tell the truth. It seems that some companies can use the BBB to promote their image just like Securus has done. I wish more companies would step up to the plate like this.