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George Soros and The Campaign That Will Make The World Better One Step at a Time

Some of us go our whole lives wondering how we can help to make the world a better place or give back to the community. Then there are those who go out of their way to change the world for the better. George Soros loves this world and wants nothing more then to see it do the best that it possibly can. That is just one of the reasons that he gave $2 million to a cause that he deemed worthy. What was the cause that he thought was worthy of donating so much to? There was an organization filled with individuals that sat and watched as Joe Arpaio made appalling moves in the history of law enforcement and they made a decision to make it so that this man would never see another Sheriffs office again. This is the group that George Soros gave the money to. Arpaio works as a sheriff for a department located within Arizona. Ever since he his eyes caught sight of illegal immigration they have not stopped.

Why is it so important for someone not to focus on illegal immigration if they are a sheriff? This would be because that is all he is focusing on and that is endangering lives. As a sheriff his responsibilities require him to keep personal qualms out of the work place so as to help those in need but he is doing the exact opposite of that. George Soros has delegated much time researching the different campaigns he could help and he has found this one to be a most worthy cause and the people of Arizona could not agree more. With a Sheriff like this in office there is no order and without order the system can come under great many disasters.

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Polls and Troubles

Many think of problems as a stepping stone to success. Why is this? If there are no problems then there can be no success because there would be nothing to accomplish. Joe Arpaio has made himself a problem and to make the problem go away he has to loose the race. That is why this race is so important. If he is not defeated then it will be more times of trouble for Arizona and many cases will go unsolved just to keep focus on something that should not be getting as much attention as it is.

If ever there was a cause that needed a lot of coverage to maintain a good chance of winning it is this one. The organization that was given money to by Mr. Soros has put out word advising against him as Sheriff through many different channels. They have even made some ads that were put on TV just so that they could get the word spread further. Of course, these ads were attacked by Joe Arpaio but why wouldn’t they attack the truth when it makes him look so bad.

Being a man of his word George Soros wants to ensure this world gets put right again after the downfall of Jose Arpaio and along with the help of this group he is trying to ensure it goes that way. There are not many who can make many changes to the life we live but Soros can and he plans on putting all of his efforts into doing just that.

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