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Get Rid of Your Unwanted Rubbish

Have a collection of rubbish you would love to unload but don’t have the time or means to get rid of it all? Then it’s a good option to go with a rubbish disposal service. They will take your rubbish off of your hands and yo can get back to enjoying your home, office, or yard. Your rubbish removal service will take your rubbish off of your hands for a minimal fee and you will probably save money by not having to haul carloads to the disposal facility. You will also avoid having to pay a fee at the rubbish facility for certain items. When you are looking for a reputable rubbish removal service, be sure to ask questions when you call around. Make sure that the service will accept the type of items you are trying to unload and find out what it will cost your beforehand. Be sure to ask about any promotions as well.


Clearabee has been competitive in the business of rubbish removal since 2013. They do not subcontract their collections and offer their services seven days a week. You can even book with them online 24/7. Clearabee will remove your rubbish during the day, night and even on weekends.


Clearabee is a reputable company that has over 165 employees and 65 vehicles and is convenient and affordable. Clearabee offers many services including a “beebag” service and a Beeloyal program that offers discounts to their customers. They are also the largest man and van rubbish removal service in the UK.

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