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Lime Crime Exceeds 2.5M on Instagram to Their Followers’ Delight

A recent news announcement highlighted the fact that makeup brand, Lime Crime, has exceeded two million followers on Instagram. As today’s consumer wants to interact and stay up to date with their favorite brands in real time, exceeding a follower base of that threshold on Instagram often is a massive indicator of brand success.

Lime Crime is known for radical lipstick shades that break the mold of the traditional colors. The colors have inspired a cult-like following, especially among social media influencers and their Instagram followers @limecrimemakeup. Although the brand is best-known for their inspired products, they have pioneered several new avenues in the world of makeup. Lime Crime introduced the world to its signature “on lip” swatch of lipstick. By showcasing not just the lipstick or a swatch on white, but how the lipstick looks on an actual person, Lime Crime CEO & Founder, Doe Deere allows buyers to feel more confident in their purchase decision from an online retailer.

The makeup company is known for being revolutionary in the joining of product and social media. Lime Crime has pioneered this convergence in its revolutionary website capability to actually shop the product in fan pictures. By using user-generated content to showcase their products and allowing site visitors to make purchases directly from that user-generated content, Lime Crime has not only further converged social media and product integration, but has spurred a wave of extremely loyal social media brand advocates for their products. The article details how Lime Crime, instead of focusing on promoting its own products, showcases a majority of Instagram posts that are submitted by actual fans using the hashtag #limecrime on Tumblr. Pictures range from skilled, almost artisanal nail designs, to creative uses of varying products. These photos are also hosted live on Lime Crime’s website, feeling almost like a tribute to their extremely loyal fanbase.