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How Communication is Building A New Classroom Culture

When the Edu tech company Class Dojo started in 2011, they noticed that a lot of companies were focusing on curriculum and grades. Is this what teachers need? Sam Chaudhary, the co-founder of Class Dojo went out to the classrooms to find out. What she learned from talking to parents, teachers, and students is that they needed a place to communicate with one another. Working with teachers is one way that Class Dojo is set apart from other Edu tech companies.

Working with teachers didn’t stop with the initial idea. As the app launched 20,000 teachers provided feedback on what they like and what they didn’t. Even know Class Dojo promotes communication with their teachers. They have a facebook page where teachers can post success stories and communicate with other teachers to solve issues.

Class Dojo is a communication app. It allows teachers to take pictures or videos of the children throughout the day and send it to their parents. They can also leave messages and notes to the parents. The teacher can send the note on a field trip, or event directly to the parent. It no longer will be stuffed into the bottom of a backpack to be forgotten. They also can tell a parent exactly how their children are doing in their class. The parents can post their own concerns to the teacher. Students can get involved by contributing through their own portfolios.They can share pictures, journals, and videos about work they are doing at school. This open communication between parent, teacher, and child is creating a great school community.

The opportunity to change the classroom community has become popular in schools. Class Dojo is available in 35 languages. 180 countries use the app. It is in 90 percent of k-12 classes in the United States. The company reaches over 10 million children every day.

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