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Jorge Moll: Why Giving is Important

There is a famous saying which states that “it is better to give than to receive.” It turns out that this overused line is scientifically accurate. Jorge Moll, a neuroscientist from Brazil, explained why giving is important and why people should consider giving. According to the studies conducted by Jorge Moll, giving is an act which triggers a positive vibe for an individual. This would result in lower stress levels and proper blood circulation. The research conducted by Jorge Moll involves several other neuroscientists who have experiences in studying the secrets of the human mind. The reason why Jorge Moll is studying the line is that of his will to learn more about the human body and how different chemical changes inside the brain causes us how to react to things happening around us.

Jorge Moll, personally, is also a huge giver. He would think about charities and institutions that would need his money, and he starts to help them out with his cash. Through giving some of his finances, Jorge Moll is expecting that his health would also improve. Today, Jorge Moll is busy doing additional research that would accompany his earlier research about giving. He is working with the assistance from some of his colleagues, and all of them are starting to think about the nature of the study and how it will help them in understanding how a new industry works.


Aside from his experimentation, Jorge Moll is also doing observances, especially to those who have been giving for a very long time. The Brazilian neuroscientist noted that they are more capable of doing work, and they are the ones which produce the best numbers and results (MundoDoMarketing). Jorge Moll encourages everyone to give alms or support to those people who are living in the streets. He also appealed to the public to try giving out some of their finances to institutions which are helping humanity, especially during crises. The study by Jorge Moll is now being reviewed by scientists all around the world. Jorge Moll is expecting that his groundbreaking research will be published in online medical journals or being distributed as a hard copy material.