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A Record Of Success Helps The Lung Institute Shift Opinions On Stem Cells

When it comes to chronic diseases like pulmonary fibrosis, the main issue faced by medical providers and patients is quality of life. A man named Joseph in Tampa, FL enlisted the help of The Lung Institute to start a radical adult stem cell therapy regimen. According to, the results of this treatment astonished his doctors.

Joseph was learning to live with an exceptionally poor quality of life due to his pulmonary fibrosis. All normal daily activities were a struggle, and led to nothing but overwhelming physical and emotional fatigue. He was on constant oxygen for levels no higher than the 80s, and his mobility was decreasing.

After stem cell therapy, a follow-up investigational CT Scan revealed that Joseph’s inflamed lung condition had nearly disappeared. Though he is still categorized as having pulmonary fibrosis, he no longer has a need to use an oxygen machine. His stable oxygen levels have returned to the 90s, which vastly improved his ability to live a vital life.

The Lung Institute’s research and experimental stem cell therapies are gradually and convincingly changing the opinions of medical professionals. It’s procedures using stem cells to repair and replace damaged lung tissues have an unbelievable record of success in a field full of pre-stem cell use skepticism. This includes over 2,000 successful regenerative cellular procedures.

Several factors separate the Lung Institute’s approach to stem cell utilization from other advanced facilities. According to the PR Web, these include constantly relying on third party contributions to stem cell advancement and refining. They also have a policy of wide public and professional oversight on research and treatment of specific chronic conditions.

The success that the Lung Institute ( has experienced in adult stem cell therapies is gaining the attention of national level legislators. The vast public need for experimental stem cell therapy to treat conditions like COPD and pulmonary fibrosis has put the Lung Institute in an influential position. Positive evolution in the law affecting FDA regulations regarding stem cells could quickly make therapies more affordable and available. Over 140,000 people each year in the US are diagnosed with diseases that the Lung Institute has demonstrated could be reversed using stem cell technology. Success stories posted on Facebook like Joseph in Tampa are clearing the way for a medical sector revolution.