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Neurocore Training and Treatment On Another Next Level

Isn’t it the most interesting and thought provoking thing becoming lost in a great book or a movie? The brain’s natural ability to shut out surrounding influences is amazing. It’s not like willing ourselves to only focus on one thing. It’s about letting the brain settle into a easy, and less reactive place so it can perform any task at it’s optimum level. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

This introduces the well known notion of Muscle memory; which is a skill attained through repeated action of specific motor tasks, such as, shooting a basket ball. It is procedural memories that are embedded in the subconscious mind. Similar to riding a bicycle, or dancing, when you got to do it you are surprised to find that you still got it. Just getting back on the activity triggers the brain to access those memories, and the skill will surface to reach its proficiency.

Theoretically, achieving an optimum state assures continual success. And success will always build on itself, same as defeat can break focus. The process acknowledges that stress deserves is mainly the blame for low performance because it affects physical and mental health when it is not relieved. Ultimately, the special state-of-mind required to win a game, demands more than simply relaxing the body. It also demands good quality sleep; putting the brain into a more comfortable position which in turn assures restorative sleep.


In optimizing the Neurocore brain it ensures that each working system will function at their maximized levels. For example, you’re attempting to shoot a basketball into a hoop; You envision your stance, and remember that you also must flick your wrist when you release, now vision the arc of the ball as it goes in the net. There’s a solid chance that it will either go in or not depending on your mental state, and your surroundings.

If you let muscle memory take over from practice time, your chances of hitting each time will go up. Many players use warm ups to really get into the zone; then at the free throw line, it’s not abnormal for a player to bounce the ball a a few times before taking the shot. Read more about Neurocore at