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FreedomPop Reveals Amazing Budget Service

Mobile services need to be reliable and inexpensive in order for a certain niche of would-be patrons to become actual customers. Even those who are truly sold on a particular service might be unwilling or unable to sign up simply do to costs. A person cannot pay for something he or she is not able to afford. FreedomPop has caught the eye of millions of these types of customers. The Los Angeles startup has created a worldwide phenomenon thanks to debuting a very innovative concept. FreedomPop presents a basic amount of free phone, text, and data to those customers who sign up for the company’s service. There are no gimmicks attached with FreedomPop’s plans.


FreedomPop has drawn in several million customers for its mobile phone service in both the United States and in Europe. The company does not even employ a strong advertising campaign. Relying more on word of mouth and social media buzz has helped the startup keep its costs low. A massive infusion of millions of dollars in venture capital funds has only aided the company’s growth and development.


FreedomPop does not only offer free service. Those who wish to expand the amount of service accessible to them can pay extra for added minutes, data, and text. For just $19.99 per month, totally unlimited service is available. That is an incredibly cheap price to pay for reliable and extensive service.


FreedomPop’s growing popularity has infused enthusiasm at the company to come up with new products and services. The availability of 3G and 4G networks allows the company to provide extremely inexpensive home internet services. A portable modem for travel is also an option for consumers and subscribers. FreedomPop knows there is a budget niche out there. The company has done a solid job targeting this niche.


Also popular in both the United States and across the world is Wi-Fi access hotspots. FreedomPop has crafted excellent Wi-Fi subscription options for those who would be interested in such a plan. Costs are, as always, low. Singing up for a Wi-Fi hotspot plan is a solid cost-saving alternative to standard mobile service.


FreedomPop truly offers a great option for those who don’t want to pay big money to mobile service providers. Even those who are not completely worried about saving money may be drawn to the company. The quality of service is solid, which is something that should never be overlooked.