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Focused Commitment Propels Rally Car Driver, Rodrigo Terpins

Brazilian rally driver, Rodrigo Terpins knows that his success depends on the skill level of his partner. His co-driver and partner for the Prototype Category 1 series is Fabricio Bianchini. Together the team ended up in the 8th position out of 38 competitors. And they grabbed the number five spot in Bull Sertoes Rally Team qualifying. Rodrigo picked rally team racing as his sport of choice, but his competitive blood was initially stroked by his father, Jack Terpins. He grew up watching him play professional basketball and followed in his footsteps in the business world as well. Having an entrepreneur father ignited in Rodrigo a desire for having his own business. It’s this passion and commitment that lead him to rally team racing as a sport.


In just a short amount of time, Rodrigo Terpins has gained a reputation as a talented and gifted driver. As a professional sportsman, rally team takes up a lot of time. But, Rodrigo doesn’t seem to mind, especially since rally driving is a family affair. His brother, Michael is also a professional driver. Not just any driver, but one with outstanding accolades, he’s recognized as one of the best rally car drivers in Brazil. While Rodrigo was developing his interests in the business world, Michael spent the majority of his time repairing rally cars as a youth. His family is known for excellence is sports and business. For more details visit LinKedIn.


When Rodrigo isn’t on the track, he is involved in business endeavors with his company, T5 Participacoes. Rodrigo is the Senior Director and he’s responsible for managing daily executive activities. His business responsibilities however don’t overshadow his love for competitive racing. Obviously, Rodrigo Terpins devotes a tremendous amount of time balancing the two. But, it’s rally car racing where he’s on pace to become a Brazilian legend. Rodrigo has won numerous competitions with Fabricio, including the T1 Prototype Series. But he also races with his brother, Michael. Rodrigo is closing in on becoming a Brazilian rally car driver legend. He’s referred to as, a unique driver, with one-of-a-kind talent. You can visit his Facebook page.