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Fast Company looks at the Fast Growth of EOS

Some companies have the ability to grow faster than others. That is the case with EOS. This company has managed to grow at an alarming rate because the executives have mastered three things very well. The things are product marketing, product placement and product design.

The idea to market the EOS lip balm product specifically to women was a genius idea. Men can still buy the product, but realistically women have always been the ones to buy products for chapped lips. Some men have never made a purchase of any type of lip balm in their lives. So this shows that the Evolution of Smooth has the leaders that looked at the road less traveled and decided to capture the attention of the consumers that were actually buying these products. A lot of other lip balm companies have tried to get the attention of everyone. The founders of the Evolution of Smooth did the research and realized that valuable time was being wasted with marketing to people that did not even buy lip balm products.

Another thing that the EOS executives Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky had managed to do well is place the product in stores. It was at Walgreens that the EOS products came to life early. This was a great place to market the products. This is a smaller store than a Wal-Mart. People would get lost in a super Wal-Mart, but the products can be found easily in ULTA because these are smaller stores with fewer items.

The product design would then aid people in finding these products when they went to stores. The colorful product cannot help but stand out. These colorful spheres that represent different lip balm flavors can even attract impulse buyers that may have never even considered these products.

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