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The Growing Health Emergency In Venezuela

The average person in this country probably realizes that there are several functioning hospitals in their local community. In a crisis situation, there is at least one that is available. “Venezuela’s hospitals are in dire straits” says David Osio. The hospitals in the country lack even the most meager necessities that might include soap, water, gloves, and a bed. People are not able to get the medicine that they require to treat their illness. Often, they find it necessary to turn to the Black Market to purchase their drugs. The health crisis in the country is actually quite horrifying.
President Making Changes
The medical and health crisis wages on, without any signs of improvement. However the president of Venezuela is making a few unusual changes to try to improve the economic crisis that people in the country are facing daily. President Nicolás Maduro is encouraging women to stop using electric hair dryers, in an attempt to save electricity. In a report from, he is forcing the state workers to take holidays. Of course, his methods seem a bit unorthodox to people outside of the country. Still, it is an attempt to help the country recover one step at a time. Other problems need to be addressed. Statistics show that the country is facing extremely high inflation rates and low employment figures. Certainly, the country is facing difficult times.